Former TBS'er recruited children to raid casino

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Home News Former TBS'er recruited children to raid casino

In the summer of 2021, the Play World Casino in Made was startled by a robbery. Two young men threatened the casino staff with bread knives. The perpetrators managed to capture an amount of 40,000 euros during the robbery.

Later it turned out that the two young men were still minor children, aged 14 and 17. There were also two more adults men involved in the robbery.

The adult men in question are 26-year-old Jordy F. from Hooge Zwaluwe and his 19-year-old cousin from Oisterwijk. Jordy F. is said to have recruited the children and viewed the robbery from a distance from his car. In his youth, Jordy F. TBS was imposed, and the man was described by experts as a person with a narcissistic disorder.

Lawsuit with bizarre revelations

During the court case on the robbery, a two -year prison sentence and TBS with compulsory treatment against Jordy F. The two minor boys would have been threatened and saw no other way out than working on the robbery.

The suspect former TBS person came during the court case with a bizarre unveiling. He also claimed to be threatened to commit the robbery. The judge and the officer were inadmissible for the statement of Jordy F., partly due to the fact that the suspect could not give any further explanation about the threat.

Involvement of the employee of the casino

The suspect still had a bizarre explanation, namely that one of the employees of the Legal Casino would have been involved in the robbery. The employee would also get part of the loot for her share.

The employee in question denies that she has been involved in the robbery. The woman's lawyer announced that there was an investigation into possible involvement. The investigation showed that the employee is not a suspect.

The robbery has had a major emotional impact on the employees. One of the victims described the casino robbery as the "worst 20 minutes of my life". Another thought that the robbers had not only stealed money but also taken her life. The judge in this case follows on 17 May 2022. The children and the 19-year-old cousin of Jordy F. must also answer to the judge soon.

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