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A motion adopted by the House of Representatives gives the cabinet instructed to restrict limits. In addition, there was a vote on keeping the old slogan or entering the new slogan for lotteries. The old slogan, "Play consciously 18+", was preferred to the new slogan, "What does gambling cost you?" Stop on time. 18+ ". Thirdly, it was voted before Van Nispen's motion for stricter rules for advertisements about gambling.

In December 2021 a motion by Van Nispen was adopted for a ban on gambling advertisements. SP'er van Nispen was unhappy that no export has been given to this. He applied for an interpellation debate. The House of Representatives held this debate on 11 February 2022. During the debate, three motions were submitted that the House of Representatives voted on 15 February 2022.

Motion prohibition gambling advertisements

The first of the three motions in the debate was about the ban on gambling advertisements. That motion by Van Nispen was the reason drill the entire debate. The minister is instructed to "implement the assisted motion as soon as possible through a ban on unfair commercials for risky games of chance".

As expected, the Van Nispen motion was accepted in the vote. Minister Frank Weerwind of D66 is called action.

All stakeholders are being heard by the Ministry at the moment. The minister is supposed to present his plans to the House in a letter at the end of March.

Motion tightening limits at online casinos

In the debate, MPs complained about the self -set limits with online gambling. The rules that are at a distance gambling on this are as follows:

Players must set limits with regard to:

  • The amount on the account above which is automatically paid to the player;
  • The maximum playing time per day, week or month;
  • The maximum amount to be deposited per day, week or month.

Many online gambling companies offer the possibility to set all the above unlimited limits. You can deposit 100,000 euros a month and set the playing time at a maximum of 24 hours a day, without being paid.

Van Nispen and PvdA member Nijboer were by no means satisfied with those limits without real limitation. In a motion, they asked the government to "ensure that the self -limiting measures also work self -limiting".

That motion took on the House of Representatives. Now it is waiting if the online gambling companies Get started yourself, or that the Ministry is taking measures. Fair Play Online is a provider of online gambling that is a shining example. In the maximum 8 hours that one can play per day, no more than 2,000 euros can be deposited. The weekly and monthly limit is 10,000 euros.

The reason that Fair Play can work online with a time limit of 8 hours is the lack of verticals. This concerns poker tournaments and sports betting. In both cases it is very normal to play or be online for longer than 8 hours a day. Sports competitions are spread over the day and gamblers can follow the matches live. With poker tournaments, which often last longer than 8 hours, both beginners and pros regularly play longer than that.

Motion slogan for lotteries

The May Li Vos amendment from 2016 stipulated that the slogan "Play consciously 18+" would be adjusted. The slogan “What does gambling cost you? Stop on time. 18+ "won the favorite of the online gambling companies" Avoid regret, stop on time. 18+ ”. Although the new slogan can already be seen in some places, they are only obliged to do so on April 1, 2022.

Lotteries, a less risky variant of gambling, must now also use this slogan. Vos's amendment seemed to focus more on the gambling companies where players are more at risk.

Rutger Heerema, who is in the Lower House for VVD, already indicated that he does not agree with this. In December 2021, the House voted over a motion he had submitted. His intention was to let lotteries continue with the old slogan. However, the majority of the Chamber, including the ChristenUnie government party, voted against.

Heerema returned to the case in the debate of 11 February 2022. His new motion asked the cabinet to "allow lotteries because of their risk-poor range of game to use the current warning text in their recruitment and advertising activities".

The House of Representatives now voted before the motion of Heerema. There must now be a change in the law to arrange this. The motion also forces that the operation of the old slogan should continue to be investigated. The results of the monitoring thereof must be involved in evaluating the remote gambling.