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Slots do not offer the same profit frequency as casino games such as Baccarat or Blackjack. In fact, you will lose more often on slots than with almost any other casino game.

Slots are extremely volatile, because they have such a huge degree of payouts. For example, they can only pay you $ 0.10 with a deployment of $ 1 or in other cases with the same deployment yield thousands of euros.

Since the hit frequency of Slots In any case, it is low, many advise you not to play on the very volatile slots. In this article we go deeper into that advice and we look at whether it is good or very bad advice.

What is a volatile slot machine?

Before you read about whether or not to play volatile slots, first an explanation about what this term means. Volatility refers to how closely short -term results relate to a statistical average.

People often confuse volatility with the term variance. However, variance is about the coherence of results and a statistical average without involved time parameters. That is why volatility is more relevant to slots. After all, who now cares about the results of a slot machine seen over many years. You are more interested in the short -term results.

Very volatile slots have wild variations in results compared to the statistical average. Here is an example of a volatile game:

  • A lock offers a progressive jackpot of 1 million;
  • It also contains free spins, random wild symbols and multipliers;
  • The profit frequency is 18%.

There is no exact definition for a volatile slot machine. However, many developers of online slots give their games a volatility classification of 1-5 or 1-10. You can trust these reviews when you try to determine how often you can win.

Why would you want to play volatile slots?

Maybe you are a bit afraid of fleeting slot machines, because you never exactly when your next win will be coming. Yet for the following reasons you should consider playing these games:

Large payments
The online gaming industry offers a number of huge progressive jackpots. Certain slots, including Microgaming Mega Moolah, consistently offer a jackpot worth millions of dollars.

However, the same games have an amazing volatility. They cannot pay so often, because the developer has to earn back part of the such large jackpot.

Chances are that you will not win a payment of millions of dollars. But if you still want to dream big, you should definitely play in volatile progressive games.

Many extra features
You don't have to search long for slots with low volatility. Numerous online and physical casinos offer games with three roles without too many features. Standard machines with three roles were once the norm in casinos. However, the world of slots has changed considerably compared to, for example, 20 years ago.

Today's gambling machines are bursting with extra features, ranging from random wilds to unlimited multipliers. These features give you the opportunity to receive large payouts with every turn.

These features increase the volatility of a slot machine. You usually have to sacrifice a high profit frequency to be able to enjoy the largest and best features.

Fast sessions
Maybe you are someone who doesn't like to run the roles for hours. Instead, you just want to play a fast session of 10 or 20 minutes and seize your chances of big prizes.

Volatile slots offer you this opportunity. They have the features and jackpots that can quickly yield very large payments. However, these slots can also quickly absorb your entire bankroll. But that may not make you much difference if you like fast action.


There are plenty of advantages to take a gamble on a volatile slot machine. However, you will certainly also want to take the disadvantages into account.

Big attack on your bankroll
The main reason why some people discourage the playing of volatile slots is because your bankroll evaporates very quickly. Volatile slots can really absorb your money. This is done by, for example, an extremely low profit frequency or due to losses disguised as profits (LDWs).

If you hardly get any profitable combinations, you will have a lot harder to maintain your bankroll until there is a big price.

An LDW refers to when you win an amount that is worth less than your original bet. A profit of $ 0.30 on a bet of $ 2 is actually no profit at all.

Nevertheless, casinos are doing well to mask LDWs through entertaining animations and special sound effects. Volatile slots are notorious because of LDWs or low win frequency.

More lost sessions
Of course you hope for playing on a volatile slot machine that you will activate many special features. But in practice, however, that is often very disappointing. Part of the excitement behind these types of slots is that you never know what will happen. The most likely scenario, however, is that you lose a session after you have already lost earlier session.

The reason for the high volatility of slots is that casinos cannot afford to pay yourself consistently. They would go bankrupt quickly.

As long as you are willing to accept the high degree of lost sessions, you should not be afraid of volatile slots. But if you hate to leave the casino time and time again as a loser, then it is better not to play them.

Less entertainment
Many players use slots as a way to escape from reality and have fun. They don't necessarily expect to win much or even make a profit.

Assuming you also fall into this category, you certainly want to be wary of volatile slots. After all, they can quickly evaporate your bankroll.

Volatile slots are not ideal as entertainment. You better play on slots that are less volatile.

When should you play on less volatile slots?

Despite their disadvantages, volatile slots are nowadays a true craze in casinos. But maybe you prefer to play the more safer slots. These are slots that are equipped with small jackpots and fewer features. There are a number of reasons why you can choose these types of slots:

You have a small bankroll
Not everyone has $ 500 or more to play on slots. Some players have to deal with a bankroll between $ 20 and $ 100. The same gamblers will lose their bankroll in a few minutes when they play on a very volatile slot machine. Those who have a small bankroll are of course not waiting for that.

But games with low volatility give you a better chance of slowly increasing your bankroll.

Social gambling
Many people visit the casino together with friends. During these trips you can enjoy all kinds of games together. You can do both on table games and BlackJack play on slots. In that case you naturally want to do with your money as long as possible.

Choosing slots without bonuses and with smaller jackpots help you achieve that goal. With a bankroll of $ 100 you can enjoy your casino visits with your friends for hours.

You prefer to often like small prices
Baccarat, blackjack, roulette And certain Craps bets offer the best opportunities to win consistent in casinos. But that does not mean that you must necessarily avoid slots.

Slots with a high profit frequency can also be very fun and maintain your bankroll. This applies in particular when they have no abundance of LDWs. On slots is always the profit frequency in the payment table. You can use this information in combination with the volatility assessment to find out how often Jeu will win.


Slots have become increasingly volatile over the years. This trend shows that players prefer large jackpots and features than consistent winnings.

You can like that or not. However, anyone who has the goal to win a lot, is certainly considering playing a very volatile slot machine.

The fact is that casinos cannot offer you the best of both worlds with countless bonuses and a high profit frequency. You have to sacrifice consistent profits to enjoy explosive functions and very big prizes.