Multiple accounts at an online casino: allowed or not?

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You may think with multiple accounts for an online casino, I can achieve much more benefits when it comes to promotions and bonuses. Yet the answer to the question is whether it is allowed very simple. No it is not allowed.

You can only create 1 account at every online casino. It is even not recommended to make several. This is mainly because online casinos take hard measures if they find out that you have multiple accounts.

If you have multiple accounts and have put money on it or have won with it, you can wave your money if the casino finds out. Your accounts will then be closed immediately and the money on it is you lost.

Multiple accounts are prohibited

As mentioned, it's up Online casinos forbidden to create multiple accounts. You may not have registered multiple accounts on 1 IP address, in 1 household or at 1 address. It is of course quite difficult to change all this and it is all checked by the online casinos.

The reason that people want multiple accounts is as mentioned earlier, because welcome bonuses are often offered. You may think that you can use these bonuses twice by making 2 accounts, but this is not the intention.

With the payment, an online casino checks whether it is all true. If it turns out that you have multiple accounts, you will have lost all your money won and this is of course a shame.

Forgotten information

It may just be that you have had an account at an online casino in the past and no longer know exactly what your login details are. Even then it is not wise to create a new account immediately. It is then better to request the data at the online casino. Often you need your name, address and date of birth to access your account again.

Keep an eye on that online casinos realize that there is tampering with accounts, or at least that people try this. For example, you do not have to arrive with the fact that you did not know that this was not allowed or that you no longer knew your data and therefore requested a new account.

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If you live at an address where only you have an account at an online casino, you will not get into trouble when applying for an account. If several people want to request or already have an account at 1 address or 1 IP address, this can be a problem.

If you would like to request an account, it is best to the online casino in question. By indicating how your situation is in advance, you can easily prevent problems with the online casino.

With a reliable casino you will simply be able to create an account regardless of the fact that more people play via your IP address. Prevention is better than cure is the case here.

Do not use VPN To mask multiple accounts

Maybe you have heard of VPN. This is a way to shield your IP address and so can surf anonymously on the net. It is not wise to do this at an online casino to create multiple accounts.

If you play with a VPN connection and an online casino finds out, your account will be closed. The online casino keeps an eye on everything and always looks at where the payouts are going. If the address and your IP address do not match, the casino will also block your account.

It is therefore very simple, use only 1 account and do not try to create 2 accounts via detours. This can cause you a lot of problems.

Choose a reliable casino

Furthermore, it is important to only create an account with a Legal American Casino. If you choose to create an account at an unreliable online casino, there is a chance that you will have problems with the payouts of your profits.

These payouts can take a long time, precisely because this type of casinos always comes up with things not to have to pay. In such a case it is ideal for an unreliable online casino if you use VPN or have multiple accounts at 1 address.

They can then use this as a reason to close your account and you do not have to pay the money won. A reliable casino normally does not use this kind of practices.

How do online casinos check?

When you create an account at an online casino, it will check your IP address. This IP address is unique for every address since this is a number that is linked to the connection you have.

All devices that you connect to the same internet network will therefore have the same IP address. It is therefore of no use to create an account on different devices to play in an online casino. This is something that a casino immediately has.

It is best to an online casino if you live at an address with multiple accounts but are worked on the same internet connection. This is the simplest way to ensure that you just get your money and can continue to play.

An account at different casinos

The message is therefore fairly simple, only create 1 account per online casino and take advantage of the Welcome bonuses And promotions. If you want to enjoy multiple welcome bonuses and promotions, you can turn to various online casinos.

This way you have several ways to take advantage of this, but you don't have to request multiple accounts at 1 casino with all associated risks. You may think you are smarter than the online casinos. Ultimately, they will realize it exactly if you create multiple accounts.

It is a shame if you lose your won money because your account is closed. You can request an account at multiple casinos. That is no problem and then you can enjoy multiple welcome bonuses or promotions.