Money laundering casino visitor from Rotterdam is sentenced to imprisonment

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Home News Money laundering casino visitor from Rotterdam is sentenced to imprisonment

A man was sentenced to 12 months in prison at the Rotterdam court for money laundering. Over the years he said he had won $ 455,030 in the Diamond Palace Casino. However, the judge did not agree with this explanation.

The decision fell on December 23, 2021 by the court in Rotterdam. The man in question indicated that he could play the slots winning at the gambling facilities in the Maasstad.

Unpairable profits

The court investigated the period from January 1 to November 21, 2018 and the judge thought it was unlikely that the suspect was able to win such a large amount Slots. The fact that the man had no legal income during this period did not make his case any better.

Without income or savings, the suspect did issue large amounts of money. He renovated his house for $ 32,000 and collapsed $ 244,650 into his account. He also bought expensive cars such as an Audi RS3, a BMW 330D, and an Audi Q5. He paid this in cash for an amount of a total of just under 130,000 euros. After the arrest, more than 32,000 euros was found at the man's house.

The research

Since the vouchers were handed over from payouts at the casino, the FIOD started a conversation with employees of the Diamond Casino. These indicated that such a big profit was impossible to achieve with playing the slots in their branch. The coupons contained payouts but that is something different than profit. You can of course put 500 euros in a slot machine and then have it paid out.

Also buy the trick of sheets at a roulette table in a American casino and then exchange at the cash register, the collaboration of the Legal American casinos and the tax authorities are being seen.

The pronounciation

The court considers it unlikely that the suspect has achieved structural profits on slots for years. In the absence of a adequate statement regarding the origin of the amounts of money, the court from Rotterdam therefore comes to the conclusion that it is only possible that the amounts and the purchased cars and other purchases come from money that has been earned illegally. The court also comes to the conclusion that the suspect knew that.