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We have known online gambling through your laptop or desktop for over twenty years. But in recent years, the use of the smartphone to gamble online has risen explosively. That is not strange, because the technology is now so good that it is easy to play at an online casino.

The smartphone is also ideal for people who play poker online via a poker platform or betting on sports competitions.

In the future, more and more people will use their smartphone to gamble online. In this article you can read how mobile gambling originated and what will change in the future.

The history of mobile gambling

Until the mid -2000s, people could only use their PC or Mac to gamble online. However, the increasing use of mobile phones on this point offered players a different option.

Although the player could use their smartphone, they still preferred the desktop or laptop. After all, computers offered a much better gambling experience at that time. Due to the improved telephone technology, mobile gambling became more attractive over time. But the telephones of the past still did not offer the kind Casino games And associated effects such as desktop computers or laptops.

The blackberry, who is now degraded, was the gold standard for mobile devices in the mid -1920s. However, the problem is that it was aimed at companies and not on consumers.

Greater Online casinosBlackberry apps offered poker sites and bookmakers. However, they did not have the same large mobile audience that smartphones have nowadays.

When did mobile gambling become popular?

In 2007, Apple launched the first iPhone. This moment was not only revolutionary for the future of mobile gambling, but also for internet use abroad. At that time, consumers did not realize how user -friendly a smartphone could be. They could also not have predicted how smartphones would influence their lives.

iPhone passed the sale of Blackberry within a few years after the launch. The regular release of updated iPhones by Apple helped their devices to remain relevant and to surpass Blackberry in all respects.

Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy, have jointly become even more popular than Apple's iOS devices. Now Android and iOS devices (Apple) form almost 100% of the mobile gambling market.

They give people the opportunity to bet with crystal clear graphics. Smartphones also offer opportunities that influence people's lives much further than just gambling.

More and more users of smartphones

Most people nowadays gamble through their Android, iPhone or iPad instead of their laptop or Mac. That does not mean that they still think that a laptop or desktop is just a bit easier. However, that appreciation will decrease further and further in the coming years. Mobile gambling also becomes even more popular in the years that are for us than it already. It is expected that the number of smartphone users worldwide will exceed 3.8 billion in 2021.

The number of smartphone users was 3 billion in 2018. It is estimated that the total number of users will increase on average 270 million per year. With 3.8 billion current users, more than 4 billion people remain who do not use a smartphone. And with that enormous growth opportunities.

The number of 4 million people who do not yet have a smartphone is an important reason for growth in the coming years. However, there are even more reasons why this sector will be much larger in the coming years.

Sites will continue to focus more on mobile players

Until the mid -2000s, people could only use their PC or Mac to gamble online. However, the increasing use of mobile phones on this point offered players a different option.

However, gambling sites have focused primarily on mobile players in the last ten years. Now that the majority of people are gambling through their smartphones, sites will only increase their focus on mobile players.

This does not mean that Mac and PC users are completely forgotten. But gambling sites realize very well that the majority of the cake is in the mobile department.

Almost half of the world still has no smartphone

At the time of writing, around 3.5 billion people have a smartphone. This number does not even represent half the world!

Before the end of next year, it is expected that 3.8 billion people will have a smartphone. This figure still leaves half the world without a telephone.

That said, the number of smartphone owners will see a steady increase in the near future. The online gambling will certainly benefit from this increase.

Mobile casino games will only improve

Internet casinos, poker rooms and gambling sites have adapted perfectly to the mobile world. They have improved the graphics and navigation for smartphone and tablet users.

But again, they have only been concentrating on this target group for ten years. The gambling industry will continue to improve its mobile experience to satisfy them.

You can expect a refined gambling experience on your smartphone that will fully optimize the casino / poker images and the sports betting.

The PC market continues to fall

Computers still have a place in the world of modern technology. However, their appeal has fallen sharply in recent years.

Most people now perform most of their online functions via a smartphone. Part of the same audience saves money by not buying a PC.

A computer naturally offers a larger screen for gambling purposes. But the average person is willing to sacrifice the screen size for a more convenient, all-in-one device.

How can you optimally enjoy gambling on a smartphone

If you are an online gambler, chances are that you are already gambling via a smartphone or tablet. But you can further optimize your experience with the following tips.

  • Search for gambling sites with a lot of variation
    The online gambling world contains thousands of sites. You will find countless casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms. But not all these sites offer a huge range of game. Some only contain the basic games.

An online casino that, for example, only about 100 Slots And has a dozen table games, is nothing special. The better one American online casinos Often count more than 1,000 slots and 100+ table games (including live dealer games).

A very large range of game ensures that you do not waste time when registering and pouring with all kinds of gambling sites. You could make your house casino so to speak of the casino.

  • Choose a casino with simple navigation
    Most mobile gambling sites ensure that their navigation speaks easily and for themselves. After all, they don't want you to leave the site again immediately at a first glance.

Unfortunately, not every casino follows this almost universal rule. Some contain too many promotions on their front page or extensive and confusing menus.

View the site you are considering first for a few minutes. Then you immediately notice whether or not you can easily find your way in the casino.

  • Bonuses
    If you are going to gamble online, you can almost always get a bonus. Most casinos offer different types of bonuses.

For example, mobile betting offices give you a free bet. This deal gives you the chance to recover losses if you lose your first bet. Casino and poker sites offer deposit bonuses. A deposit bonus corresponds to a percentage of your deposit amount (eg 100% to, for example, $ 500).

Always look beyond the welcome bonus. After all, you want you to be able to use bonuses as soon as you play regularly.

  • Buy a modern smartphone
    You really don't have to count ridiculously high amounts for a smartphone. But make sure you have a fast and modern. A smartphone that meets the requirements of today and not last year.

An updated iPhone or Samsung Galaxy offers more in the field of gaming graphics and daily use. It will not only improve your gambling sessions, but of course also all kinds of other tasks that you perform on your smartphone.


Mobile gambling yields the industry around $ 70 billion a year. In the future, that amount will only increase. More people will have a smartphone and a large part of them will find their way to the casino.

It is expected that in the coming years against 106 billion will be used via mobile gambling sites. That will of course give the gambling world even more stimulus with new features and offers. You can think of huge bonuses and an even greater variety of casino games and types of sports betting.