Migrant in Belgium wins $ 250,000 with scratch card, but cannot claim price

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Home News Migrant in Belgium wins $ 250,000 with scratch card, but cannot claim price

A migrant in Belgium has won a considerable price with a scratch card, but cannot claim his price. The migrant of African descent was en route to Great Britain and recently won the amount.

The scratch card was bought in the Spar in the Flemish town of Zeebrugge on March 23, 2022. The man also reported to the desk of this supermarket as the winner to claim his prize. But due to the size of the amount, the price could not be paid in cash. The Spar employees advised the man to the National Lottery for paying out his prize. In the meantime, the winner of the amount of money disappeared to surface again a few weeks later.

Quite little is known about the identity of this migrant. Only that he comes from Africa, that he has no Belgian residence permit. He also did not request an asylum in the country. There are only a few images from the man from the supermarket security camera. There is also a photo taken by a pastor. The local Belgian media therefore argue that it will be difficult to pay the prize to the man because he does not have valid residence papers and has no bank account.

Where is fate?

The winning fate is currently in the safe of the police in Bruges. The migrant seems to have gone to the police station at a later date with a lawyer to report there. It is currently being investigated how the winner can come into possession of his prize. The National Lottery of Belgium has already announced that the migrant is entitled to his prize, whether he was legally staying in Belgium or not.

The popularity of scratch cards

Scratch cards are popular games of chance where the scratching or stripes of numbers or boxes can yield a prize. There are physical scratch cards that can be purchased at a supermarket or a cigar shop and online scratch cards, the digital variant of a scratch card. Digital scratch cards work exactly the same as the usual scratch cards. The only difference is that something does not have to be scratched away physically.

Online scratch cards Become increasingly popular because you don't have to have a lot of game knowledge for it. For example, there are scratch cards where the intention is to get a combination of symbols that must match each other in a certain order. Another reason for the popularity of online scratch cards is the fact that there is immediate results. With the instant-win scratch cards it is immediately clear whether the scratch card yields a price. Well -known game developers therefore focus on developing these popular games of chance, such as Microgaming and Hacksaw Gaming.

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