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Megaways slots are the most popular machines within the gambling industry. The slot machines were marketed by Big Time Gaming and can provide payouts based on a large amount of winning combinations. There are 117,649 ways to win at these games.

Red Tiger Gaming has added a little extra with laser fruit. This slot machine has more than 60 million ways to win.

Megaways gives different reel heights with every twist. This makes every twist different. In addition, two to seven symbols can appear on a role. If all reels are at the same height and then contain the maximum height, then you have all the available ways to win. You can also enjoy the big payouts.

That is why developers are only too happy to get a license from the Megaways. This way they can produce similar slots. BTG has set a tone in the gambling industry, where it all started with slots with 243 ways to win. The article below explains why this is the basis of further developments.

Microgaming develops the first slots with 243 ways

Until 2009 you could only Slots Play that used paylines. You will undoubtedly have played on this. You could only get a payout if you have the right symbols on these paylines.

However, this changed when Microgaming in 2009 with Burning Desire Wam. This slot machine generally looked very standard and the theme was also not surprising. However, the format was completely different from players of slots. Instead of paylines there were 243 ways to win. As a result, the payouts must be realized by allowing the symbols to end up on the adjacent roles. They can stand in any position, as long as they adjacent to each other. The payouts also had to start on the first role.

The games are all played on a schedule of 5 times 3. The number of winning combinations can be calculated on the basis of the spaces that can be found on the roles. This is 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243 ways. As a result, slots got much more endurance. The games are still produced and other developers have also started working.

Developing 720 and 1024 ways to win

Developers quickly realized that 243 ways to win were popular with the general public. There were therefore some developers who even wanted to take it to an even higher level. More profit options had to be offered.

The first upgrade was the slot machine with 720 ways to win. A format of 3-4-5-4-3 on five roles was offered here. The payouts were again given on the adjacent roles. The profits could be achieved both from left to right and right to left. Ultimately, this leads to the amount of win options.

Just after that the slot machine came with 1024 ways to win. The biggest difference with the other slots is that there is now playing on a grid of 5 by 4. However, the slot machine has never become as popular as the slots with 243 ways to win. Players were always attracted to the other slots that could already be found in the casinos.

BTG develops more megaways

The number of chances of winning has increased considerably over time. Certainly when you consider that 50 paylines was already impressive for the Megaways slots. After that, there were only more possible chances of winning. However, Megaways slots have ensured that the number of winning combinations could be so high.

BTG decided in 2016 to drop their first game, Dragon Born. The developer then developed many other slots, all of which ended up at the same number of winning manners. It almost seems like a fight to arrive with most ways. Developers are constantly trying to surpass each other.

The popularity of megaways

Megaways slots are popular. This is mainly due to the huge number of winning chances that players have. After all, you have a greater chance of getting a payout. The sensation that goes with this also offers new benefits. However, you never know what the results will be. The unknown that has been added to the slots brings an extra voltage layer.

Most games have roles with two to seven symbols. Because you do not know how many symbols come to the roles at a certain moment, you will not be able to calculate the results either. It is precisely this that causes extra excitement in the casinos. In addition, there are a number of other functions that make it interesting. For example, you have free spins, random wilds and stair -wise rolls.

The Megaways slots can also breathe new life into older stories. The themes of the slots are often based on something from the past. Consider, for example, a pirate theme.

The future of Megaways

If you look at the popularity of Megaways, it is certain to say that these slots are leading in the gambling industry. They attract many different players from all over the world every day and gamblers always enjoy it. However, you can wonder how long this popularity will keep to.

Especially with the online gambling industry you can see that different trends are followed. Where it is a popular first, it is currently the 243 ways to win. Other games are also still popular, but you notice that this has decreased over the years. The same could happen with the megaways. In the end, something better will come, which means that these slots do not fall.

What can be new and will be better received by Megaways can still be seen. For example, you can start thinking of new bonuses, but also slots without rolls. At the moment, however, it is not yet possible to think that there will actually be change. You can probably enjoy the Megaways slots for years to come.


Megaways slots are a result of years of developing and pushing boundaries. Pushing these boundaries was necessary to come up with something revolutionary. In addition, the 243 ways to win have been developed. It was the first concept to ensure to be able to realize several winning combinations. Moments later, even more ways came on the market, but these have never done well on the market.

Companies that have a license from the Megaways of BTG have added extra winning combinations to bring even more tension into play. This way you can find slots today with more than 60 million winning ways. It would therefore not be surprising if new slots finally come on the market that have even more ways.

Of American casinos Megaways also offer slots with a license!