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Little bets and ridiculously gain a lot with a sports bet, it is possible. A player from Amersfoort proved that at Online Bookmaker Toto. He won 2x almost $ 150,000 with a combination bet.

As a toto you can't get better advertising. That is why this American provider announced on social media that one of their many players has won nearly $ 300,000 with a so -called Parlay bet. Here you combine various bets, which means that the quotation rises considerably. The ODDS are fed with each other, which can lead to a large payout. The disadvantage of such a combi bet is that you must have all the predictions on your bet note.

The winning parlay

The player in question handed in 2 wed notes each with 18 different bets. Almost impossible to win, but if it succeeds it is really good.

The deposit of the combinations was a little more than $ 80. At the first bet note, $ 41.13 was inlaid at an ODD of 3,646.69. The payment for this was $ 149,988.42.

At the second bet note, the insert was $ 41.89 against an ODD of 3,580.79. The payment was $ 149,999.19.

That we are dealing here with an experienced sports bet, is evident from the fact that he is well aware of the maximum payouts of the TOTO. This is because it is 150,000 euros per bet note. By making the calculation of the amount X used the quotation, he knows how to stay exactly below this maximum.

The combinations

In the Parlay the man from Amersfoort took several outright bets. These are bets that you often make before or during a competition. The disadvantage of an outright use is that you often have to wait months before the results are known. The following bets were made:

  • Manchester City wins group A in the Champions League
  • Monaco wins group B in the Europa League
  • Ajax wins the Eredivisie
  • Manchester City ends in the top 2 of the Premier League
  • Benzema becomes top scorer from La Liga
  • Lazio ends higher than Fiorentina in the ranking
  • Trabzonspor wins the Turkish competition
  • Randers FC ends above Aarhus GF in the ranking
  • Olympiacos wins the Greek competition
  • Rapid Wien ends higher than lask on the ranking
  • HSV ends higher than Düsseldorf in the ranking
  • FC Emmen wins the Kitchen Champion Division
  • Borussia Dortmund ends the highest of all Bundesliga clubs (not included Bayern)
  • Club Brugge wins the Belgian competition

In addition to this season (outright) bets, he also placed 4 other bets to fill the combination of 18. These were bets on tennis, football and the Formula 1 of November last year.

  • Alexander Zverev a Hubert Hurgacz (Tennis)
  • Cameron Norrie and Casper Ruud (Tennis)
  • GP of Qatar became on November 21, 2021
  • Europe Conference League Group stage competition between Lincoln Red Imps and FC Copenhagen

Second bet note

The second bet note was almost a copy of the first. By using two different wed notes, the gambler remained under the maximum payment of $ 150,000.

The only difference was that he chose Number 1 letter for a top 6 listing by Max Verstappen during the Grand Prix of Qatar. And with the second note he chose the same bet but then Lewis Hamilton in the top 6. Eventually both Courreurs became 1 and 2, so that the bets on both wed notes were good.

Great story and a nice advertisement for it Bet on sports. Keep in mind that winning a combination bet is very difficult. The bookmakers take a margin on every bet. With the winning combination as described above, you have to beat the margin 18 times and there should not be a prediction wrong.

Many players like the combination (Parlay) bet, because with a relatively small effort you can ever make a hit.

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