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Many online casinos have a welcome bonus. Circus has that too, but goes even further. The regular players get many extras at Circus.nl.

Thanks to the Circus Club, your loyalty will be rewarded. By playing online or betting on sports at Circus.nl you save points. Every time you play or bet, you win points and coins. You can exchange this for FreeBets (free deployment) and bonuses. With the Circus Club you win with every bet and every game.

Are you not yet 24 years old? Then you are not allowed to exchange your coins in the Circus Club. But no man overboard! Until then you can simply collect coins, and as soon as you turn 24 you can exchange it for Freebets and bonuses at the Circus Club!

What are coins and how do they work?

Coins are the currency at the Circus Club. Every time you play a game or place a bet on circus.nl, you earn coins. You can then exchange these coins for a reward of your choice. Learn everything you need to know about the coins: how you deserve them, how to redeem them and how you use them.

How can the coins earn?

You earn coins by playing or betten Circus. It is not easier! You always earn coins when you have a Casino games Plays or places on a sporting event at Circus. Whether you play or bet, win or lose, you earn coins. With the Circus Club you are always a winner!

Use to earn a coin:

  • $ 10 deployment on slots or blackjack
  • $ 30 deployment on roulette

With online betting on sports you will receive 1 coin that you use from $ 1 to $ 10, depending on the type BET and the listing. You can prematch or live mode, place a single or a combination bet. There are plenty of options for earning points!

The minimum commitment to earn 1 coin:

From 1.40 to 1.80$ 10$ 4
From 1.81 to 3.00$ 7$ 3
From 3.01 to 7.50$ 3$ 2
More than 7.51$ 1.50$ 1

At Circus.nl you can also win coins during the special promotions that are regularly offered. Therefore, check the promotion page of this regularly Legal online casino.

What can you do with the collected coins?

With the coins you collect you can receive rewards. The more coins, the higher the reward. Are you a fan of betting on sport, you can use them for free bets.

If you are a casino player, you can use the bonus credit. You will then receive extra money on your account with which you can play your favorite game. Look in the Circus shop what the different rewards are

Do you always get coins?

You usually receive coins, but not always. You have to use a minimum amount to earn the coins. This depends on the type of game or bet.

  • You have to bet at least $ 10 on slots to earn 1 coin. If you bet $ 5 and then play on another slot machine (where you close your session on the first lock), you will not receive any coins. To receive coins, you must always achieve the threshold value of $ 10 in the same game. Your bets are not added when you play multiple games.
  • To win 1 coin with a single bet with an ODD from 1.40 to 1.80, you have to bet at least $ 10. If you place 2 single bets, each with a bet of $ 5, you will not receive any coins.

Also look at the special promotion page because sometimes you get extra coins with a Happy Hours.

The coins always remain valid. So you no longer have to play or play faster to earn coins. Save them calmly and use them when you suits it. In the shop at Circus you can see how many coins you have already saved together.

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