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Online casinos are very handy, after all you don't have to leave your house, but they do miss the fun of live croupiers. That is why there are more and more casino playing with a great presenter. She helps the players with the game, gives suggestions and talks to each other all evening. It really doesn't get nicer than this.

Read below about the three most popular Live Casino Games Among the American gamblers.

Three best live croupiers casino playing

A croupier really makes the difference whether a casino game is fun or not. Betting is exciting, but a pleasant and handsome croupier gives you extra pleasure all evening. In a real casino you have a croupier at every table, and so also at the Live Online Casino games.

In itself all live croupier Casino games are fun, but it has been found that the next three are the most popular among American gamblers: live super sic bo, live dreamcatcher and live lightning roulette.

🎰 Live Super Sic Bo

Sic Bo is originally Asian dice game. The live croupier throws every round with three dice. The players use in advance on various wed possibilities and can drag in big prizes if they have gambled correctly. Certainly even more fun because the live version works with multipliers that you don't have in the traditional game.

The playing board of Live Super Sic Bo can sometimes be a bit confusing because there are quite a lot of possibilities to bet on. After all, you play with three dice. So a lot of results are possible. If you are committed to the Triple - that is, three the same - of a pre -chosen figure, then you win a delicious jackpot of 180x your bet.

🎰 Live Dreamcatcher

The live croupier makes the difference with this wheel of fortune-like game. It is the presenter who makes Live Dreamcatcher so much fun to play. Because without her, it's just guessing a simple game of numbers. At least, it's not that simple.

You can bet on six colors, each with a different payout. The more often the color (and the number) appears on the wheel, the lower the payment. The highest is 40x your stake. You can win that if you are gambling on the red number 40. If you also find one of the two multipliers, then you will really earn big cash prizes.

🎰 Live Lightning Roulette

This version of the famous roulette game keeps you sharp every round. How, maybe you wonder? Random multipliers are assigned to random figures on the Roulette Rad. If you bet on a straight up, you can suddenly win a multiplier of 500x your bet.

Furthermore, the live croupier leads the game, just as it happens in land-based casinos. You also hear every round 'Rien ne va ', so that you really feel like you are in a casino. To you every round the question of whether you bet on safe, on even/ odd or red/ black, or whether you make it more exciting for yourself with a corner, split or straight up.