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Live Casino Hold'em of all poker games is the most popular version. In the sixties this poker version was introduced in Las Vegas by Doyle Brunson from Texas. At the time, this version was mainly played in the Golden Nugget Hotel. Since then it has become so popular that it has become the most common version among the poker players.

Poker is not difficult, but it is convenient to understand how it works before taking a gamble. Below we explain how Hold'En Poker is played.

You will learn through experience how you can work strategically and how to bluff. Experience can gain you by Live Casino Hold'EM or Two Hand Casino Hold'em to play at one of the recommended casinos at the end of this article.

How to play Hold'em

In this poker variant it is the goal to form a winning combination of five cards. You play the game with two to ten players, and one of the players is classified as a dealer. This dealer shares the cards and determines who has the first turn, but continues to play with the game.

There are three rounds in which each player always decides to go along and use more, or to fold it (to give it up). At the end of the three rounds, the player wins with the highest combination of five.

Winning combinations

The card combinations that are worth points are very similar to the dice combinations of the famous game Yahtzee. The combinations have well -known names such as Three of A Kind, Royal Flush, Straight and Full House.

The highest is Royal Flush, that is a successive series of 10, farmer, woman, lord and AAS, all with the same sign. So it doesn't matter whether it is kicking, windows, clover or hearts, as long as it is a successive series of the highest cards.

Full House is a combination of two and three the same cards, regardless of the sign. So that can be three five, combined with two women.

The Straight is a kind of large street: a successive series of five regardless of the sign. That can be a two, three, four, five and six, but also an eight, nine, ten, farmer and woman. If there are several straights in a game, the series will win with the highest value.

The most common combinations are:

  • Pair: two cards with the same value, regardless of the sign;
  • Two Pair: twice two cards with the same value, regardless of the sign;
  • Three of a child: three cards with the same value, regardless of the sign;
  • Flush: five random cards with the same sign;
  • Four of A Kind: Four cards with the same value, regardless of the sign.

Raise, call en fold

Every turn the player has three choices. If the player calls Call, it means that he wants to stay in the game and go to the next round by using the same amount as his predecessor.

The player thinks he has very good opportunities to win, he or she can increase the commitment by choosing Raise. If the player thinks that his chances are negligible, he or she chooses fold. The player then withdraws from the game without using. Previous bets from other rounds remain in the pot for the winner.

Flop, turn en river

These are the names for the three poker rounds. After sharing the two blind cards to each player, it is used. After the first round, three cards are opened on the table - these are the flop cards.

Now possible combinations are becoming clearer and players are going to use or fold for a second time. After the second round, the fourth card, the turn, will be opened on the table. Again players consider their chances and in the third bound they determine or his calls, raise or folds.

At the end, the fifth card, the river, is placed on the table. Now it is serious and the last is used, and often also bluff.

If a player remains, he does not have to show his cards and he can keep the total pot. If there are more than one, the Showdown comes in which the remaining players show their cards. The player with the highest combination wins the pot.

Live Casino Hold´em

In the normal game, the player is limited to ten players. Fortunately, this is not the case at Live Casino Hold'em. An unlimited number of players can play at the same time.

The makers of this successful online poker game have applied a small twist. Instead of playing against each other, everyone always plays against the dealer. The dealer is in a studio and via live streaming and ingenious software you get an interactive and live poker experience.

Two Hand Casino Hold´em

The Two Hand version is a smart innovation on the classic Live Casino Hold'em game. In this game you play with two hands at the same time.

You always choose every hand or your called, raised or fold. You are, as it were, two players at the same time. That is nice because you can play with another hand if one does not have such good cards. So double playing pleasure and also a chance of double profits.

Where can you play live casino hold'em?

Almost every online casino that offers live casino can play poker and play live casino hold '. In Europe, the Live Casino are often outsourced to one of the two major producers in this area: Netent en Evolution Gaming.

It is always advisable to play at a legal casino such as Eskimo, Spinia, Netbet or Lucky Days. As long as a casino is affiliated with one of the well -known European gaming authorities, you can be sure that the Games are honest and that you as a player will be protected.