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Cruks is the abbreviation for "Central Register Exclusion Gambling. In 2019, the "remote Gambling Act" was adopted and it stated that there should be a central database with players who could be refused access to games of chance. Cruks is the realization of this plan and was set up by the Gaming Authority (KSA).

Holland Casino and Automatenhallen must be connected to this database on 1 September 2021. The same will apply to online providers who will also enter the American market from that date.

Cruks is therefore a central database where all players are registered who are excluded from games of chance. This exclusion may have been imposed by the KSA, have been introduced by a provider or have been requested by the player himself.

The moment you want to log in at an online casino or if you want to enter at Holland Casino / Speelhal, the database will be consulted. If you are registered there then you cannot go inside and you will also be denied access (virtually) online.

How do I get into the system?

  • Holland Casino or a Speelhal can register in Cruks. This can go in consultation with you, but the decision can also be made for you. If employees see that you have problematic gambling behavior, you can be protected against yourself.
  • Online casinos will keep an eye on your gambling behavior through algorithms. If your gambling behavior gets out of hand, then such a provider can also put you in cruks. The KSA calls this an involuntary registration.
  • Of course you can also ask yourself to be included in the system. You can indicate this at one of the employees of the casino or when it concerns online, at customer service. Unlike the previous two, this is a voluntary registration.

Exclusion period

A forced exclusion always applies for a period of six months. As it looks now, no longer exclusion can be imposed.

If you have applied for exclusion yourself, then that is at least six months, but you can also request a longer period. Pay attention to what you ask, because an exclusion cannot be reversed.

The exclusion therefore applies to all legal online providers and also to physical casinos such as Holland Casino and Jacks.

How does it work in practice?

If you enter a casino or play hall, it will be checked whether you are included in Cruks. This means that you have your Holland Casino Favorites card scanned, or show your passport to the desk clerk. The Casino or the Speelhal system is linked to Cruks and gives a hit or no-hit. With a hit, access will be denied, with a no-hit you can go inside and play.

Because the online providers are also connected to Cruks, you can no longer play online after an exclusion at Holland Casino. Also no poker tournament of $ 1.

At an online casino you have to provide valid identification proof when registering. This data is also checked at Cruks. Every time you start logging in, your data is verified.

Cruks consists of a code

Checking and registering on the system goes via the so-called Cruks code. For visitors with a Burger Service Number (BSN), this code consists of their BSN - name - date of birth - gender.

For visitors without BSN (foreign players), the cruks code consists of the name -first name -date of birth -gender -nationality -birth place -document number.

Only the gambling providers have access to the Database of Cruks.

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