Legal American casinos no longer offer "deal or no deal live".

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Home News Legal American casinos no longer offer "deal or no deal live".

The popular game Deal or No Deal of Evolution can no longer be played at the legal online casinos. Most likely, the new television program Deal OR No Deal of the Postcode Loterij has to deal with this. The Postcode Loterij seems to have the exclusive right to this game show.

With most illegal casinos that collaborated with Evolution, you could play Deal OR No Deal. Even at De Toto, the game could still be found in the first days they were online. The other Legal American casinos have never even offered the game in the Netherlands.

Inquire with Evolution Gives no clarity and the TOTO indicated that it was a mistake on their side that the game could be seen for a few days.

"The" game tile "of Deal or No Deal Live has been visible for a short time after the Go-Live of Toto Casino. That was not the intention and an error from the provider (and restored by them). The game was not playable. ”

Peter van Boesschoten, spokesperson for the American Lottery

It is possible that the certification of the game was not yet in order. All games that the legal online casinos offer must be certified. Another reason may be that the entire concept is exclusive of the Postcode Lottery.

Deal or No Deal on television daily

Since the beginning of October the Deal OR No Deal program can be seen daily at RTL5. Buddy Vedder presents it and it is very similar to Linda de Mol's program. Only the prices are considerably less and some players really go home with a comfort prize. The suitcase with the largest price is 200,000 euros and if it is out then the bank will no longer offer large amounts.

License request Novamedia

Novamedia is the company behind the Postcode Loterij and the VriendenLoterij. They have applied for a permit from the KSA to be able to offer online games of chance. On October 1 they were not at the 10 companies that received a permit.

Without this permit, the Postcode Loterij started a home version of the game show via On this website you can create an account and deposit money with iDeal. You can then participate in the online version of Deal or No Deal for $ 1 per game. You then play with the candidate from the studio. Players from the Postcode Loterij can participate for free once a day.

Inquire or the disappearance of Deal or no deal live has to do with the deal or no deal variant of the Postcode Loterij, Novamedia gave the following answer: (source

“We cannot make statements about the game offering of others. Postcode Loterij Deal or No Deal is a television program to which we have linked a new lottery game. In which players, both participants and non-participants of the Postcode Loterij, from the lazy Stoelop the game can play the banks a chance to win the same amounts as the studio candidates. Just as with the investment of the participants of the Postcode Loterij, at least 40% of the investment goes to the charities that are supported by the Postcode Loterij. ”

Renee Oudenaarden, Postcode Loterij