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Due to the new law on the games of chance that entered on October 1, 2021, more and more online casinos with a permit are coming on the American gambling market. The aim of the law is that as many American people as possible play with a legal provider within a few years.

Numerous online websites refer players to the new one Online casinos. Here they sometimes receive compensation for these casinos. The danger is therefore that information about the online casinos is no longer independent. A danger for the consumer and for that the KVA seal was created.

What does the KVA assess?

The KVA looks at whether a website adheres to the advertising guidelines drawn up by the American KSA. These guidelines include:

  1. Maximum canalization by guiding as many players as possible to providers with a American permit.
  2. Provide honest information so that the player can make a conscious choice from the (legal) offer.
  3. Responsible promotion of games of chance with an eye for the risks that playing can entail. meets all these requirements and goes even further. We assess the online casinos on an independent basis and we don't make the games more beautiful than they are. Every game has an advantage for the casino and we make players aware of it.

All in all you can say that the KVA quality mark makes sure that you are on a website with honest information. A website is checked from A to Z and the quality mark is only awarded if all requirements are met on each page. The partners that you find on our website are reliable and have a license in the Netherlands.

Who is behind the KVA quality mark?

Because of the many negative experiences of players with illegal online casinos, Mr. Steven Vrolijk on the idea of doing something with this. The managing partner at XY Solutions Finds like many, that the affiliates should give fair and reliable information on their websites, just like the online casinos.

This is how the idea of the Responsible Affiliates (KVA) quality mark was created. In the meantime, all large self -respecting affiliate websites have joined this quality mark.

Legal consultancy firm XY Legal Solutions (XYLS) based in Utrecht is specialized in, among other things, gambling law. a kva

We are proud to be able to say than our website has been approved by XY Legal. Our goal is to properly inform players about American casinos And with the KVA seal we are confirmed in our aim.

The most important points we pay attention to on our site:

  • Has an online casino a license in the Netherlands
  • Fair independent reviews, negative points are also mentioned
  • Attention to gambling addiction and referral to authorities
  • Prevention policy, we do not focus on young adults
  • Explanation about games and their RTP percentages
  • Messages about legal changes regarding games of chance
  • All news about the Legal Online Casino World
  • Responsible promotion