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Holland Casino is the place for beautiful and unforgettable casino experiences. In addition, Holland Casino offers a number of affordable experiences to get to know the casino better and has very complete group packages. To experience the different casino games you can, for example, order a try -out package, or visit the low -threshold experience zone for a night.

For groups there are special experience deals and, for example, the cozy live bingo experiences. This article contains everything you about this Holland Casino Experiences must know.

Gain experiences with the Try Out Package

The Try Out Package is one of the best ways to gain experiences in a Holland Casino of your choice. It is a complete package that gives the player the opportunity to try out all the beautiful and exciting casino games. American roulets and blackjack are popular casino games that you can try out in the Holland Casino.

It Try Out Package Order online. The next day you will receive a luxury gift box at home with your entrance ticket and value vouchers. With these vouchers you can experience the different casino games and slot machines in an accessible way. And all for a small fee of 35 euros. It is also a nice gift to donate to a loved one, for example.

With the package you get free access to a Holland Casino of your choice. In the Holland Casino you will be welcomed by a host or hostess that explains you about the casino while enjoying a American liqueur and special try -out snack. After the explanation of the rules of the different casino games, you get the chance to gain experiences yourself. To help you on the road, play money is included in the package.

Among other things, you will receive a selection of roulette chips worth 10 euros, three action value chips of 5 euros each, and 10 euros play credit for one of the Slot machines. The total value of this play money is also 35 euros. So you actually pay nothing for your visit and you also get a snack, drink, and your entrance.

Experience deals for groups

If you want to go to the Holland Casino with a whole group, then there is a special experience deal. With this package you can gain experiences in Holland Casino with groups from 12 people. This package is packed with advantage and fun activities for an unforgettable evening. You get this at an experience deal, among other things:

- Free entrance;
- welcome drink of the house;
- Game manual;
- Participation in Mini Tournament;
- tasting or meal;
- $ 10 play money.

Upon arrival at the Holland Casino in your area, your company will be welcomed with a glass of bubbles. While enjoying this bustling drink, everyone is welcomed and the host or hostess explains the different games. Everyone gets 10 euros play money and then test his or her happiness at one of the many casino games.

All guests are also invited to participate in a mini tournament. This tournament is always a great activity where the rivalry of the participants quickly emerges. There is also a small break with refreshments, that can be a meal or a tasting. Guests can stay as long as they want and can play unlimited casino games.

Live Bingo experiences in Holland Casino

Another nice arrangement for groups is the live bingo Experience in Holland Casino Amsterdam West. Under the guidance of a real bingo master you and your guests enjoy the exciting bingo game for an entire afternoon or evening. In addition, there are many more benefits with this beautiful arrangement, such as free entrance, parking ticket, a meal, a number of drinks and a small present.

Upon arrival you immediately get a nice welcome drink from the house to get into the atmosphere. The Bingo Master will receive you in the bingo room and explains the bingo game. He also gives all participants a free bingo booklet with four cards, worth 10 euros. Then the bingo can start.

All participants also receive two drink vouchers per person and a delicious meal is served in the Global Dining Restaurant during the break. The meal consists of a main course, side dish and dessert of your choice. At Global Dining they serve typical dishes from three continents: Asia, Latin America and Southern Europe.

To also experience the rest of the casino, the participants also receive a voucher with five euros in play money. This can be redeemed at one of the gaming tables or slot machines. At the end of the visit, everyone will receive a small souvenir as a gift and a free parking ticket worth 12 euros.

Holland Casino experiences in the Experience Zone

In a number of Holland Casino branches, including in Utrecht, there is a special experience zone. This zone is open on Friday and Saturday evening from 8 p.m. and is specifically intended to gain Holland Casino experiences in an accessible way. In the Experience Zone, the evening is led by young entertainers who not only guide the casino games, but also play tasty tunes.

There is also a special bar in the zone, so that you can combine gambling with tasty cocktails, a wine, or a cold beer. They also serve delicious bar snacks that you can share with friends, for example. Nice side, you can take photos in this zone. This is not allowed in the rest of the Holland Casino.

The casino games such as blackjack, diceball and American roulette have lower minimum deployment values and lower jackpots. In this way the game remains light and it is more about the experience than the big money. It is therefore a popular night out among the young people.