Latest Corona Refraining do not apply to the casinos

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Home News Latest Corona Refraining do not apply to the casinos

The Lockdown is less strict from this weekend. Stores open again and there may also be sport again. Unfortunately, the strict measures still apply to the hospitality industry for the time being. The casinos that also fall under this must keep their doors closed.

Favorable for the online casinos

The online casinos that now have a legal status in the Netherlands benefit from the situation. Since October, 11 online casinos have received a permit in the Netherlands and the Lockdown could not have come to a better time for them.

The real gamblers still want to play and try out the new providers en masse. Because most online providers also have a Live Casino Having does not differ much from a physical casino.

Acid for the hospitality industry

The other sectors are lucky. From January 15, 2022, people can shop again at non-essential stores. Hairdressers and other professions may also receive people. Universities, colleges and secondary vocational education can again offer physical lessons.

The Lockdown lasted until January 14, 2022 and there was pressure from many sides to relax the measures.

That pressure is also because other European countries are open and the number of hospital admissions due to the new Omikron variant is not that bad. Several municipalities had also announced that they would no longer maintain the rules.

The decision of the new cabinet now goes beyond the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), but the hospitality industry does not benefit from the far -reaching relaxation.

According to the OMT, the Omikron variant is a lot less sickness than initially feared. The culture sector and the hospitality industry, so the casinos must also be patient. In 10 days there will be consultation again and the American casinos Probably open their doors again.