KSA investigates 25 illegal gambling websites

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Home News KSA investigates 25 illegal gambling websites

The American Gaming Authority (KSA) has selected 25 gambling websites that they will investigate. If these online casino providers make it possible to play from the Netherlands, sanctions will follow.

Companies that collaborate with these illegal providers will also be tackled. Only with a permit from the KSA can you offer games of chance in the Netherlands and yourself a Legal Casino to call.

Since November 1, the online enforcement policy of the KSA has changed and the fines will be a lot higher. That 25 companies are now being investigated is just the beginning. It is a logical consequence to protect the online providers who received a license on 1 October.

At legal casinos, participants can gambling Play in a safe and controlled environment. The providers provide fair games and there is attention for gambling addiction. With the new law, the KSA tries to get the players from Illegale to the legal providers.

A number of online providers who still want to receive a permit in the Netherlands made it no longer available from the Netherlands since the change in policy. Yet there are still several illegal providers who will now be investigated and can count on considerable fines.

Priorities for research

In the past, the degree of focus on American players (for example by using American payment methods and/or the American language) determined research. Now the KSA is also looking at the number of American players with an illegal provider.

The more players play without protection with illegal providers, the more priority for research the KSA that gambling providers gives. The KSA is also very allert on illegal providers who want to withdraw customers from the legal providers. For example with games and bets that are prohibited at the legal providers.

If the KSA sees the study that the 25 selected providers from the Netherlands can be played, enforcement action will take place.