The difference between playing on a slot machine and video poker

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There are of course many more games in a modern casino than just the well -known and still popular slot machine. For example, you have the video slots, including video poker. Slots are generally lucrative games to play on, but also on poker video slots you have more than good opportunities to win something.

In this article we look at how exactly a slot machine works and what the benefits of playing on a poker video slots compared to a slot machine.

Operation of a slot machine

The rotating roles that we see on every slot machine is a decisive characteristic of one slot. In addition, many slots really have a gamble feature, while not all gambling games by definition offer the opportunity to really gamble through a separate feature.

There are three or more roles that run and there are a number of different symbols on each roll. When you throw a coin in the slot machine (or click on an online casino on the start button) the roles start turning and they come to a stop randomly not much later.

If there are equal symbols on a paylines (usually the middle line of the roles) then you win a prize. The amount of the price is determined by the symbols on the payline.

Slots used to be completely mechanical. What you saw was really physically in the slot machine. Nowadays, computer programs are used and the roles are only suggestive. An animation is shown on a video screen, as it were, just as it is the case with video games.


Everything is completely regulated by a special piece of software that is better known under the name Random Number Generator (RNG). The payment percentages are calculated on the basis of probability calculation. The greater the chance that a certain winning combination can fall, the lower the win will be.

For example, if you have a chance of 1 in 500 that a certain combination falls, then the payout will be slightly lower, for example 450 times. The difference of 50 is seen as the house advantage, although we do not talk about home advantage at slots but return to player percentages.

The return to player percentage indicates what percent of the income on a long series of games on a slot machine is paid to the player again. If a slot machine has an RTP of 95%, then 5% is the house advantage.

In the long term it is impossible to beat a slot machine. The house advantage of (in our example) 5% guarantees that. The Random Number Generator ensures that it is impossible to be able to predict in any way which symbols will appear on the roles early or later as a winning combination.

This is how video poker works

A Video poker game Basically looks a bit like a slot machine, but there are no roles. Five cards are shown on one profit. Almost all video poker games are based on poker with five cards that can be secured.

You will be paid on the basis of the payment table that can be found on every video poker game. For each game, the highest hand (and therefore also the highest payout) is always the Royal Flush. So a ten, farmer, wife, lord and bait with the same card symbol. This combination falls on average once in the 40,000 game rounds.

The Royal Flush pays for 200 times on almost all Pokervideo games, except when you play with the highest possible bet. In that case you will be rewarded extra with 800 times your bet. Some video poker games are equipped with extra features, such as a wildcard, but the payouts are almost always the same, with the highest payments linked to the highest deployment of 5 coins.

And with that we immediately have a first element of an optimal strategy for playing video poker. Always play with five coins per game. It may surprise you that a higher bet will even yield more over the entire game.

The difference between a slot machine and video poker

The biggest difference between playing on a slot machine or a video poker game is the roles with symbols. With a slot machine there are several roles with symbols, while with video poker there are no roles and maps are used.

With a slot machine there is no possibility to find out how often a certain combination will fall. For example, it is possible that cherries are programmed on a slot machine to fall once every 8 turns, while apples are programmed to fall once every 16 games.

With another slot machine, the same symbols may be programmed very differently. For example, the cherries fall once in ten games, while apples fall once per 32 game rounds.

The payment is based on the winning combinations and the probability calculation on the winning combinations. No specific algorithm is applied and that makes it impossible to predict when and how often a winning combination will fall.

What about video poker?

The symbols on a video slot are based on a lot of cards. And when you play on a legitimate game, the chances that a card falls, are the same as those of playing with a real physical suit cards.

Because you know that four symbols are used with 13 cards each in a pack of cards, it is possible to let go of a chance calculation on this. This creates the possibility to use certain strategies when playing video poker. These strategies help you determine which cards you can or should not secure.

A strategy is never possible with a slot machine. The RTP of a slot machine can be determined over a long period and is also displayed with each game. For almost all slots you can therefore also look up the RTP.

Playing successfully on gambling machines

If you have paid attention, then you probably soon understood the first hint. It is wiser to play video poker than to try your happiness on a slot machine. Remember that the RTP is on a slot machine "somewhere" between 75% and 97%. With a video poker game, that margin is much smaller, namely 95% / 99%.

Always choose the game that offers the highest return to player percentage or the game with the lowest house advantage.

You will of course always make a loss in the long term, but you will enjoy your money more. And although this is not the case for a small group, you do a visit to the casino especially for your pleasure. By choosing a game that you can play longer, you simply get more value for money.


This was briefly how slots and video poker games work. If you already have an account at an online casino, then you probably already have a preference for certain games. Do you think after reading this article whether this will change? In other words: if you have a preference for slots, do you think you will try the video poker?