Is real -time gaming a reliable provider of online casino games?

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Real -time gaming (RTG) is one of the oldest software suppliers in the online gambling world. They have been active since 1998 and therefore more than two decades old. Compared to companies in other industries, this may not seem that long, but 20 years is a considerable achievement in the online gambling world.

Just like any other company with a rich history, also know Software developers some controversy. Real -time gaming is certainly no exception. In fact, certain gamblers trust real -time gaming (RTG) not really completely.

In this article I will discuss a number of controversial events that have contributed to this negative reputation.

The history of real -time gaming

Real -time gaming was founded in 1998 in the American town of Atlanta. Online Gambling It didn't exist so long at that time and that gave RTG a considerable lead over developers who started later. RTG focused primarily on the American market and because there was no legislation for online gambling at that time, RTG could actually go in all directions.

RTG developed online Casino Games, but online casinos also offered ready -made solutions for offering games. From customer service to payment methods, real -time gaming was arranged for the customer. Dealing with payment processes is an important part of the activity of RTG.

Due to the later introduced legislation, real -time gaming is less able to serve American companies. The owner of RTG decided to sell the company to a company, Hastings International located on Curaçao.

Why is real -time gaming such a big name in the online casino world?

Real -time gaming does not produce the most flashy Slots Or most revolutionary games. Instead, they develop cartoon -like slots with good graphics that are pretty nice, but certainly not revolutionary. So nothing shocking.

Then why is RTG such a concept?

Big game developers such as Netent and Microgaming do not focus on the United States when offering games. Playing these popular game developers is therefore not encountered in the US. This is a conscious choice, since both Netent and Microgaming do not want to run the risk of getting into trouble due to the complex legislation that one has in the United States with regard to online gambling.

Real -time gaming, on the other hand, is one of the few software developers that focuses entirely on the US. If you have ever played online casino games in the US, chances are that you have encountered an RTG casino.

And despite the fact that there is few revolutionaries to discover their games, RTG has proven that they can develop nice slots with catchy themes. Here are some of their most popular slots:

· Aztec’s Millions

· Bubble Bubble (I and II)

· Caesar’s Empire

· Cleopatra’s Gold

· Coyote Cash

· F U Canglong

· Kung Fu Rooster

· Wrestling (I and II)

· Naughty or Nice?

· Red Sands

· Super 6

RTG Casino Games are therefore extremely popular in the United States and you will find them in almost every casino. This makes RTG one of the leading game developers of online casino games in the United States. Despite that, there are many players who do not fully trust RTG games. There are several reasons for that.

RTP percentages differ per casino

Game developers provide their games with clear and uniform return to player percentages. Regardless of wherever you play a certain game, the RTP will always be the same.

Real -time gaming, however, offers casinos the space to choose between different RTP percentages. These range from a very high RTP of 97.5% which is pretty good, up to an absurd low RTP of 91%.

The problem with the different RTP percentages is that you never know exactly which RTP you play with. You will always have to go through the game description at every online casino to find out the RTP. RTG's approach is therefore not in line with the expectation and it makes sense that this at least evokes frowning eyebrows with players.

Encourage low quality casinos

RTG is not too picky to say the least when it comes to the customers they serve, the online casinos. In the past, this has led RTP to have facilitated some of the most controversial SCAM casinos.

Their games could, for example, be found in the casinos of the Crystal Palace group (also known as Paxson Limited Marketing), one of the most notorious casino names in the Gamege history. This company, based in South Africa, operated a number of casinos on the international black list. Their sites were known to have a very bad customer service, to use unattainable bonus conditions and more than once just never pay out a profit.

Oliver Curran (also known as Warren Cloud) led the Crystal Palace Group until he died at the age of 34 from a heart attack while sailing on his yacht that was funded with money from his rogue practices. Crystal Palace was then sold and continued under a different name.

RTG probably did not have a direct role in the way Curran managed his casinos, but the association with Crystal Palace and other rogue operations over the years have been damaged the brand of real -time gaming.

Questions about progressive jackpots

One of the nice sides to the RTG slots is that they are all connected to one or even more progressive jackpots.

The progressive jackpots where a relatively low amount can be extracted fall regularly. The biggest progressive jackpots from RTG still have to fall. The jackpot of more than 3 million euros on the Aztec's Millions, for example, has never fallen since the game (more than ten years ago). The same applies to a number of other progressive jackpots with very high amounts, such as the Megasaur and the Cleopatra's Gold.

I will not suggest here that the progressive Jackpots of RTG will never fall at all, but it is not to be denied that they fall a lot less often than progressive jackpots from other game developers.

Willingness to provide illegal casinos with games

Where all renowned game developers strictly adhere to legislation from countries, RTG does not take it so closely with that. Casinos that have established themselves in a country where online gaming is allowed, but focus on countries where they have no license, are simply equipped with games by RTG.

For example, you will find the RTG slots not only in the heavily ruled casinos of the United States, but also in casinos that focus on countries such as South Africa and USA where there is no regulation.

Conclusion is real-time gaming reliable?

As I wrote in the introduction, RTG has been around for quite a long time and has achieved the necessary successes during this period. A company that has been around for so long will certainly gain some nasty experiences along the way.

The company itself is just legitimate. They have gained the most damage by working with casinos of the Crystal Palace Group. The absence of equal RTP percentages and the progressive jackpots of which the most well -filled have still not fallen, do not really help to repair the reputation damage.

These progressive jackpots are probably set with a very, very low chance of being triggered. As far as you can find out, however, the company itself has never been guilty of deception or messing around with games. At the end of this article we can only conclude that RTG is a reliable game developers. With a history that will continue to chase them for a long time.