Is playing on slots smart or just very stupid?

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Slots are the most popular games in the casino worldwide. Millions of people play every day in the hope of winning a big prize or even the jackpot.

But Slots Also slurp your money much faster than many other casino games. That is why slots have had the nickname "one -army bandit" for decades.

Those who play on slots can ask themselves at a certain moment whether that is actually so smart. Or is playing on these one -armed bandits simply stupid? In this article you get the answer to that question.

Why do slurrying slurry your money so quickly?

With no other game in the casino you have the opportunity to get through your money so quickly. And there are a number of reasons for that. First, let's take a look.

  • Speed of the game
    To the blackjacktafel You will probably not play more than 100 games per hour. This game therefore exposes you less to the house advantage than most others.

However, slot machines give you the opportunity to play much faster. You can easily play 500 or more spins per hour on an average slot machine. Of course you can always delay your game to save money. But many players find that boring. People end up in a certain rhythm and they don't deviate from that quickly.

  • Location hit frequentie
    Hit frequency refers to how often you can expect to win at every casino game. Baccarat, Blackjack and European roulette offer some of the highest hit frequencies in the casino.

However, these games only pay the bet you have made. The casino can afford to let you win these tables more often.

Slots have different prices. Some of these games offer jackpots of seven digits, while others have different features that generate a lot of money. In both cases the casino gives you the chance to win much larger payouts. They must prevent this aspect by reducing the hit frequency.

  • Lower RTP (especially in physical casino 's)
    Of RTP stands for Return to Player and shows the percentage that a slot machine pays. This is based on what comes in and over thousands of rounds. The efficiency of slots (RTP) is on average lower than with most other games. This is especially the case in physical casinos.

Boxing boxes on land offer between 88% and 91% RTP. Even the games that you can already play with at $ 0.10 only pay up to 95% RTP. Higher RTPs apply at online casinos. That is where the average is around 96%.

But even at this pace you do not benefit from the same payback time that is available on other games. Bee baccarat Is that 98.94%), with Blackjack 98%to 99.5%, with Craps 98.64%, and with European roulette this is 97.3%.

How casinos seduce you to play on a slot machine

Slots can tire you pretty well towards the end of your casino visit. Not strange, because game developers build the slots in a way that invites you to keep playing. They do this by building in all kinds of features.

    Slots offered very few features decades ago. But that is different nowadays. Modern slots come with the most diverse bonus functions. From infinite spins to unlimited multipliers.

These extra features give you a chance of huge payouts. They also provide more action on the screen, making your overall playing experience much more interesting.

  • Large jackpots
    In the 1990s, game developers started rolling out progressive jackpots with seven digits. They are still active nowadays.

For example, IGT’s Megabucks has paid a jackpot of 40 million dollars (2003). The online Mega Moolah payment of Microgaming has delivered $ 21 million (2018).

These huge jackpots are of course an exceptions. But you can still find many other prices with seven digits in both physical and online casinos.

  • Loses disguised as profits
    Losses disguised as profits or "Losses disguined as wins" (LDWs) are the most nasty way in which casinos let you play. An LDW means that you win a price, but on balance just loses.

Suppose you bet $ 1 and you win a price of $ 0.25. Because of all the animations and sound effects you get the signal that you have won something. Euphoria occurs, no matter how small the profit is. In fact, you have of course just lost $ 0.75. This effect occurs with every price, regardless of whether you win 1 million euros or only $ 0.10.

LDWs twist reality. You may have a loss of $ 200, but you get the signal that you are a real winner.

    The technology of slots has undergone the fastest changes in the last ten years. Developers realize that they have to stay relatively close to video technology if they want to succeed.

After all, nobody wants to play a lock with three roles with boring fruit symbols after they have just played Call of Duty.

Game developers therefore offer high-quality 3D graphics and detailed animations. They also integrate more in -depth themes in slot machines.

What are the benefits of slots?

Slots may seem a hopeless game based on the above information. However, there are also a number of advantages.

    Slots became popular for the first time in the sixties after progressive jackpots were introduced. Due to the limited technology at the time, people didn't mind playing mechanical reels. As long as a potential payout of five, six or seven figures was offered.

However, as mentioned earlier, the technology has changed enormously. Consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox have lifted gaming to a completely new level.

The developers of slots have worked hard to make the slots more fun. They produce games with high -quality visuals and various functions to keep slot machines relevant.

  • Easy to operate
    You do not need a manual to play on a slot machine. Instead, you only have to place your bets and let the roles run.

It is possible that a visit to the auxiliary screen is needed for the more detailed bonus functions. But again, you don't need to know how these bonuses work to activate them.

Everyone can start playing a slot machine without losing time. This aspect is perfect for new gamblers or people who want to relax instead of using a profound strategy.

  • Chance to win a lot
    There is a chance that you will win a life -changing sum of money through slots. The dream of ever living in Weelde remains within reach. There are not so much slots that can yield millions, but they are there. In addition, you can find a lot of progressive jackpots in both physical and Online casinos.

You don't even have to look for slots with a jackpot to achieve big winnings. Infinity rolls, megaways, unlimited multipliers can lead to enormous payments.

  • Bonuses and VIP sals
    One of the most exciting aspects of playing slots is to use a bonus. You will then receive extra money from an online casino to play longer. This makes you of course more likely to make a profit.

At physical casinos you can also collect points for free food or drink.

Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

You can see that there are both good and bad aspects of playing slots. That is why it is not necessarily stupid to play on a slot machine.

What is stupid is when you play for too long. Always determine a budget and never play with money that you can't miss. For example, those who waste the money for the rent on a slot machine, who can, with all respect, call themselves stupid.


Slots remain the biggest breadwinners for casinos. They encourage gamblers to risk more money than any other game.

The potentially low RTP in combination with less frequent profits ensure that your bankroll is quickly on it. Casinos also rely on LDWs to ensure that you don't really realize that you are losing.

However, you can prevent you from falling prey to casinos by establishing a budget in advance. As long as you do not bet more than you can afford to lose, there is nothing wrong with playing on slots. Slots are a great shape of entertainment, as long as you deal with it in the right way. You can treat these games like any other fun activity, as long as you have a predetermined budget.

And even then you will always have to take the possible risks into account. Casinos use functions, high -quality images, animations and LDWs to let you play. Casinos are far from holy when they rely on these factors to earn more income. Make sure you don't get into these pitfalls.

For example, you can determine that you maintain $ 500 as a budget. You could then split your bankroll into five parts of $ 100. So you don't have to feel stupid if you like to play on a slot machine. As long as you know what you are doing and protecting yourself.