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If you are planning to play at an online casino, be sure that you are selecting a legal American casino. We only inform you about providers where you can take a legal gamble. Every American casino with a permit guarantees reliability and safety.

We want to provide you with the right information. We have different online legal casinos tested yourself. The results are incorporated in our extensive reviews.



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Legal American Casino!

Permit in the Netherlands

The casinos that were assigned a license in the Netherlands are assessed by us with an extensive review. One of the first conditions that a American casino must meet on our site is having a permit. Providers can apply for a permit by the KOA (remote gambling).

This permit is provided by the American Gaming Authority under very strict conditions. To be eligible, there are a number of main issues that are taken into account. The keyword on all fronts is safety.

  • Safety Personal Data; This is something that makes you happy as a player. Your data is stored on a secure server and protected with a privacy statement. Your information may never be provided to third parties.
  • Secure banking; You can deposit and record at a legal American casino in a safe way via, for example, iDeal, Neteller, Skrill, Visa and Mastercard.
  • Safety Software; The contracts that the legal American casinos have with the renowned software developers guarantee the safe play of casino games. These software developers, in turn, are again under the control of the KSA. The games are encrypted based on an RNG. This is a random number generator that ensures that the results of games are completely random.
  • Good customer service; The KSA requires every legal provider that they have customer service well in order. That means that you have to be helped with problems in your own language. This must also be possible in various ways such as by telephone, by mail or with a chat function.
  • Prevent gambling addiction: A legal American casino is also expected to have a good prevention policy. Online gambling can be fun, but there are people who are sensitive to addiction. Deposit limits and observation of players is therefore also an important task of the providers. There is also an addiction fund where the American casinos have to collapse a monthly amount.

Bonuses at a American casino

Playing at an online American casino has the advantage that you different bonuses can receive. Something you won't encounter at a land-based casino in the city. To get a bonus, you will have to report to yourself.

Immediately after registration you will receive a welcome bonus in almost all cases. In most cases, this bonus consists of a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit, which means that your first upgrading is automatically doubled. Please note that this is usually a maximum of between $ 100 and $ 500! Another common part of the bonus are free spins for a slot machine.

Before accepting a bonus, it is wise to read the bonus conditions carefully.

Live gambling or against the software

When testing the various online casinos, we looked closely at the possibilities that are offered when it comes to the games you can play. Gambling against the software is usually possible on slots, video slots, video poker and table games such as roulette or blackjack.

The advantage of gambling against software is that almost all games are offered for free. Use that to get to know a game before you start playing money. Many players get satisfaction from the free play and have a lot of playing pleasure without taking a risk.

On the other hand you can also play live, which means that you can play with a real dealer as if you are in Holland Casino. Many people give playing live at a legal online casino a safer feeling. You see how the croupier throws the ball or how he shakes and gives the cards.

Because of the atmospheric casinos that are built in a live studio, you also have a real casino experience. There is also always a live chat function so that you can also match the cosiness of Holland Casino. The advantage is of course that you don't have to leave the house and that you can play for small bets.

If this possibility of playing is offered, we will of course come back in our legal online casino reviews at the Live Casino and the games that you can play.

How can you play at a American casino?

If you want to play online, you can do that within a few minutes. There are a number of steps that you have to follow.

Play at a legal Netherlands Casino

  1. Find a Legal Netherlands Casino

    On the internet you will find many different providers for games of chance. Be smart and create an account at a legal casino. This can be recognized by the "Permit of Gaming Authority" logo.

    We have all online casinos on our site with a license in the Netherlands. Read the reviews and choose the casino with the most benefits for you.

  2. Create an account

    To play you must create an account. Different details are requested. Enter this truthfully. After completing, you will receive an email where you can confirm your registration via an activation link.

    It is logical that you have to be 18 years old to be able to play in a American casino.

  3. Playing for money

    After you have tried games for free, you can try to play it for money. There is a cash register part that you can find on the homepage of the casino.

    There are numerous options for depositing money into your account. Your money is safe and you can always refund it to your own account.

  4. Time to play

    You now have the choice of all casino games. Slots, blackjack, roulette, bingo or scratch cards, you will find everything at a legal casino.

    With the money on their account, sports enthusiasts can also bet on sports competitions.

What do we expect from a American casino?

A Netherlands Online Casino must in any case be in possession of a valid license to offer games of chance. You can't get more certainty. We also have a number of points that are important in our eyes.

  • Range - A casino can still be so safe, but it must also have beautiful games. A large and fun range of an casino games is important to serve as many people as possible. A live casino is certainly a must nowadays. Playing live in an online casino it gets closely with the experience of a physical casino.
  • Good promotions - Every casino has promotions such as welcome bonuses and freespins. It is important that not ridiculous conditions are attached to this. You are also not waiting for countless useless emails every day.
  • Helpdesk - You want to be helped at any time of the day if you have a problem. Being neatly spoken in American or get an answer quickly if you have sent an email.
  • software - Fair software supplied by companies with a license. This is important because these companies are also under the control of the government.
  • Bank - You have to be able to deposit money easily and just as easily be able to withdraw your money. Your money must be safe at the casino, just as it is on your own bank account.
  • Requirements - The conditions of the casino must be clear and honest. No small print and no bonuses that are unfeasible to play free.

The Gaming Authority

The KSA was founded in the Netherlands in 2012 and ensures independent supervision of games of chance. Now that many legal American providers of online games have come, the KSA has become even more important because it also has to regulate and control this new casino market.

In addition to issuing permits, the KSA is also the party that prevents illegal gambling practices. This applies to illegal online playing but also to physical illegal activities such as poker tournaments.

The KSA is independent but is under the administration of the Ministry of Justice. The State Secretary is ultimately always the person responsible.

Tips for playing at a legal casino

  • First play for free and get to know the environment of the online casino. Then possibly play with a no deposit bonus. With this you can try it "for real" with free money.
  • Read the strategy articles on this site so that you make the right decisions for every game. Playing a game in the right way gives you a lot of money.
  • Find the games with the least house advantage. This way Blackjack is better than roulette and roulette better than a slot machine.
  • Choose a casino with the good bonus conditions. If you have to play a bonus too often then it is not attractive. In our reviews you will find the casinos with the best conditions.
  • Make sure you always gamble soberly. You will regret if you are sober again the next day.
  • Only choose casinos with a license in the Netherlands.
  • Read reviews so that you will not be faced with surprises afterwards.
  • Register with cruks if gambling controls your life. Make sure that you are no longer allowed to play in Holland Casino or a gambling hall.

Frequently asked questions about American casinos

What is a casino license?

This is the same as a casino permit. The American casino with a license must adhere to the rules attached to the permit. This is checked by the KSA. So you know for sure that you can gamble safely.

Who will pay the gambling tax?

The casinos are responsible for the payment of gambling tax. That is the advantage of playing at a legal American casino. If you play with a foreign provider, you are responsible for paying taxes.

How much is the gambling tax in the Netherlands

You do not have to pay a gambling tax on an amount of $ 449. You owe tax on everything you win more. This is currently 30.1%.

How old do I have to be to play in an online casino?

In the Netherlands you have to be 18 years old if you want to play for money in an online casino. We find this very young ourselves and we recommend that you don't try it or later in life.

What can I do if registering at a casino does not work?

Contact the customer service of the online casino. The providers with a license in the Netherlands can speak to you in your own language. This can be done via mail, telephone or chat. Look at our reviews who has the best customer service.

Which payment methods are there in an online casino?

There are various options for depositing money. Ideal and credit card are the most used.
More information about payment methods