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Many illegal providers of online games of chance have recently stopped offering casino games in the Netherlands. This is the result of the strict enforcement policy of the Gaming Authority (KSA). René Jansen, chairman of the board of directors, announced this tonight during the Annual Gaming Industry Event in Amsterdam.

In the months before the opening of the American Legal Online Market On October 1, 2021, the KSA already announced a new enforcement policy. Higher fines would be handed out. In his speech, René Jansen announces that sites of 158 illegal providers have been investigated.

The research showed that 142 sites had taken the right measures so that they could no longer play from the Netherlands. With 16 providers of games of chance there will be a follow -up study and sanctions may be imposed. Several of these 16 sites went black for the Netherlands after announcing a order subject to a penalty. After 1 October, it appeared to the satisfaction of the KSA that a number of large sites had stopped their offer in the Netherlands without a permit.

Legal play instead of illegal

René Jansen: “This was precisely the intention of the new law: the legal offer had to push the illegal offer away. With legal providers, the player is assured of a fair game and attention to preventing gambling addiction. ”

Apply for a new permit

It was also announced that the KSA still deals with thirty permit applications. Sixteen applications were already made and fourteen new ones were added at the end of March. This relatively high number at the end of March has to do with the expiry of the leniency period in the context of the Parliamentary Motie-Postema. Due to the motion, a certain category of providers was not allowed to apply yet. So far, only one in three applicants has succeeded in meet the strict conditions for a permit.

Lots of advertising

In his speech, the KSA chairman also discussed the large amount of advertising for online games of chance in recent months. Minister Weerwind for Legal Protection, responsible for the Gaming Policy, already announced measures to curb this. René Jansen's commentary on this was that he is disappointed in the fact that the gambling sector could not have been able to control it itself.

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