How does a random number generator work in an online casino?

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Casinos have been found in the Netherlands for many years with a wide variety of all kinds of games. For example, you have different card and table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette, but in addition to many slots and slots. All these games have a built -in random number generator for an honest game course.

This "mechanism" provides a fair chance of winning for playing the games and full randomness of the result of such a game.

With a random number you can probably already bring out various examples for yourself. Such as when someone asked to mention a number under ten so that he could guess this again. Of course the casinos online And offline use of much more complex ways to determine a random number. But the ultimate goal is the same.

For a casino it is not smart to use a very simple way to determine a random number, such as a number below 10 choosing. This is because, if you determine it in this way, the figure occurs a certain extent over time, statistically. That is certainly not safe and reliable!

Randomness in an online casino

Nowadays, randomly is all built into the software or the hardware with devices used by an online casino. Before casinos could be found online at all, and only physically existed, there were already similar mechanisms present at the casino games. A special mechanism or a real croupier then caused the randomness of the results (and therefore the cards) in a game.

Today it is no longer necessary to work with real staff that shakes cards or devices that are in a slot machine. We see these methods less and less. Games at virtual casinos are online in the 21e century with full randomness due to the underlying complex software/hardware. At least, that's the intention. But does the hardware/software also ensure a casino game for this?

This of course only applies to the casino games that are completely virtual, such as the slots or virtual version of a card game. At the Live Casino The croupier still ensures the required randomness. As a player of an online casino you naturally want to know what an RNG will yield for you and whether this really causes complete randomness.

Below we would like to explain briefly how the generator works and how it can achieve optimum randomness. One RNG is not the other and unfortunately there are RNGs that do not work optimally. That is why we always recommend playing games made by the best game makers. These use the better RNGs.

What does random/arbitrariness mean at a casino game?

Before we go and see the RNG, it is first of all of great importance to see what complete arbitrariness actually means. Achieving complete randomness at a casino game simply means that it cannot be predicted (for example with calculations), which is the final result of a game.

Take the Blackjack card game, for example, if you can predict the following cards, this is detrimental to the degree of honesty of the game. Or with a slot machine, if you know the symbols in advance, the game is not completely random. The next digit, or the next card should therefore not be predicted in any way.

Randomness with your favorite card games

With a card game, arbitrariness is clearly visible. The package of cards usually contains 52 pieces, if a croupier would shake it well (or the RNG would work well) and you would share all the cards and put it next to each other then you should not guess the good card in any way. Your chance of a successful prediction of the next card is 1/52.

For each card that is laid down by the croupier, the chance increases, because there are fewer cards. To finally end up with a final card that you, if you have paid attention to the cards that are already on the table, know which card is exactly. The chance of a successful prediction is 1/1 here.

But if the cards are not well shaken or if the RNG does not work optimally, the arbitrariness drops. This is certainly disadvantageous for you as a player, or for the casino. Both can better predict outcomes and win a game more easily or influence the chance of winning.

As you can see, complete arbitrariness is therefore very important, both for an online casino and one of a physical nature. In addition, it has a lot of influence for the honesty of play for the casino player.

What exactly does an RNG do and not?

The days of mechanisms and often real croupiers are something of the past at both physical casinos and casinos that you can find online. Nowadays, both types of casinos only use the best random number generators. You get the best possible and therefore most random result.

You have different types of RNGs that you can find at most casinos. An RNG can be controlled via software or in the hardware. If it is implemented via software, this is done by the software makers.

If it concerns an RNG that works via software, then this is called a pseudo number generator. This works slightly less well than the hardware moderate. About the software -controlled pseudo number generator follows in the next paragraph Lake. First we briefly look at the hardware version, which results in a better randomness in the casino game.

The hardware random number generator works with binary numbers and other factors

The hardware RNG does this by taking even more external elements in the final decision for a completely random series of songs. This may sound a bit unclear, but you can think of temperature or the material in the air. This of course applies to the physical casinos such as Holland Casino or Jack’s Casino.

This is all included in the final calculation of a whole series of numbers between 0 and 1 (also known as binary). This number is then converted into a video slot or when it comes to card games, a card.

The hardware RNG works optimally and takes so many factors into account in the final decision of the number that is achieved the best randomness. Factors that influence influence are constantly changing. If you play with a machine or game that has a hardware moderate RNG, then you know that you play an honest game that cannot be influenced.

The Pseudo RNG as an alternative to the Hardware Moderate RNG

This version of the RNG works completely via software. For example, it does not include a temperature in the final decision for a random number series and has fewer factors that the computer program can take into account. This in turn causes a lesser degree of randomness and that is why it is called a pseudo random number generator.

This version can be found in a chip and works according to a certain algorithm made by the developer. There are various algorithms that can be found at a pseudo rng and they can all be called quite complex.

Nevertheless, the software controlled RNG works very quickly, which again has to do with the fact that it is separate the external factors that you see with the hardware RNG. Internal factors, such as a programmed clock, can influence the final randomness of a number and therefore the card or the symbol with a video slot.

The software random number generator has fewer random factors

With the software random number generator, the lesser degree of arbitrariness is due to the key value. This is the initial value in the algorithm in the piece of software. If you know this key value, you may be able to predict the ultimate result.

Of course it still takes some effort to find out this initial value. This was not announced. However, software can unfortunately be hacked by a computer hacker and this allows the algorithm to be "broken". Which in turn leads to the hacker to predict the game and play cheating. Selling the initial value is also possible for him of course, so that others can abuse the cracked pseudo rng.

Advantages of a hardware RNG compared to the software -controlled pseudo random number generator

First of all, the Pseudo RNG is cheaper, which is one of the main reasons that the algorithm is often used by online casinos, but can also be found more and more at physical casinos, for example in a video slot.

The speed of a result in a game is also much higher in the RNG software version. As a player, you have probably noticed that slots quickly yield a result at an online casino. That is because of this. Installing hardware, such as a temperature or dust meter, is superfluous and this saves on the (online) casino in the costs. Another reason why this version is being used more and more.

An RNG hacking is not easy, but possible

But disadvantages also has enough, such as the possibility that it will be hacked. What again detracts from safety. For a hacker it is virtually impossible to crack a hardware RNG. He really has to get to the mechanism and the hardware to influence this. These are all kept a good secret by the makers.

The factors, such as the degree of carbon or the temperature in a data center, used by an online casino, is virtually impossible to find out. After this, the hacker must also be the algorithm, which can also be found in the hardware RNG, cracking. With all this information it may be hacked.

As you can see, the hardware RNG is a lot safer. But as a playmaker/ online casino you provide a piece of speed and it is a lot more expensive to make. More and more often you see software -controlled RNGs and we expect in the future that this number will only increase.

How does a physical casino ensure real "random" results of a game?

Random for a physical casino, for example, is relatively easy to reach with table games. The cards can be shaken here by a well -trained croupier. This ensures the randomness before the cards are shared. Alternatively, a machine can be used that can shake the cards again. The machine immediately has a small disadvantage, because this too has to do with a mechanism that can be cracked again.

The old approach, the manual shaking of cards by a professional croupier, is therefore still an optimal way to achieve a good degree of randomness in card games. There are of course high costs here, such as the training costs. The croupier can use techniques such as the "Riffle Shuffle" to shake cards well and reach randomly.

At online casinos and casinos of a physical nature, we only see a manual, old approach to the live casino games nowadays. All the other game offerings, such as video slots, virtual poker or roulette All work with the cheaper, but less safe pseudo random number generator.

A random number generator of the hardware nature, which we have seen at a poker site is a special example how randomness can be determined through a mirror and a lazer. The laser is controlled and the reflection through the half -passing mirror sometimes lets the lazer through or not. This determines the binary number (0 or 1).

Input at the RNG of the player

But on top of this it is the player who determines the arbitrariness with his input (the mouse, keyboard and other random information). This of course without the player being able to consciously influence this. With this cheating is avoided again.

You can already see from the example above that a hardware RNG can work very complex and there can be various algorithms. All devised in a creative way and then implemented by the playmaker in the game. All these factors, in combination with even more calculations and random numbers, lead to it Poker game Up to a final card and you get to see this as a player again. Fast and with a high degree of randomness.

Multiple versions of the hardware RNG are available in various forms and are therefore not constantly copied. If a hacker may have squatted there, it does not mean that the entire method or all hardware must be replaced.

An RNG versus real dealers at an online casino

The RNG of the hardware species should lead for the same degree of randomness than a dealer/croupier should be possible. According to calculations by Testers from the RNG, this is also feasible and the only real way to "crack" is by the makers of the RNG. The makers are again under strict regulations, which means that this is not happening.

The internal data, if known to the player, can lead to cheating in the game and an unfair win. Various checks prevent this. So when you compare the hardware RNG with a real croupier that shakes the cards, you will see the same high degree of arbitrariness at a casino game. That certainly gives a sense of safety for the player and the casino.

However, if we look at the pseudo number generator, which is going to be used more and more, then we see the disadvantage that it can be hacked again. A real dealer can be bought again and an algorithm cannot do that again. The makers of an algorithm are of course also people and the chance of bribery is also present with them unfortunately.

The second disadvantage is the basic value/starting value at a pseudo RNG that hackers can find out. Croupiers have no initial value and never know which card they will eventually hand out because the value is not known for them in advance. The danger with a pseudo RNG therefore always remains that hacking is possible.

The algorithms are and are being made more and more complex and better, so that hackers get even more difficult. But it remains possible. We will tell you more about a possible tactic of the hacker below.

How exactly do hackers crack a pseudo rng?

The hackers of a pseudo RNG can record the game, look back on the images time and again and therefore find out the initial value. This is called "Reverse Engineering", an often applied technique of these squatters. It certainly requires the necessary thinking and is not easy to do. It has been successfully applied and used in the past to cheat. Online casinos also use mechanics to prevent it again. Again favorable for the degree of safety during a casino game.

Conclusion: a hardware RNG is better than a pseudo RNG, but these are getting safer

Fortunately, we see at online casinos that the pseudo RNGs, which can be found more and more, are becoming increasingly safer. Online casinos must meet guidelines and various regulations in the games. This also applies to the game makers. As a player, you are almost certain at online Casinos with a permit, honest play and therefore complete randomness can be achieved. Take a good look at how this is with a game that you want to play.

If you don't trust it all at an online casino that only has games with a pseudo rng, switch to games with a hardware RNG or go as an alternative to a live casino or a real physical casino. Then you know for sure that you are always in the right place. An honest play of the game is always feasible, but you may have to travel for it.