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The saying that the house always wins is pretty popular in the gambling world. Every experienced player will talk about the advantage of the casino. But is there any truth in that explanation and if so, how does this influence your gameplay? Although there are many myths around this subject, you certainly want concrete facts based on evidence or experience.

If you hope to find out the truth about the casino advantage Slots, then read on. In this article we will discuss all relevant information about casino advantage and everything else that may be important for you with regard to this topic.

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The house advantage explained

The house advantage is one of the most important factors in the gambling industry and although its presence is not often experienced, it is certainly vital for the entire process. What we call the house advantage can be described as the statistical advantage that the Online casinos have compared to players. It is the most important way in which the casino generates its income and it is often not noticed by gamblers.

By statistical advantage, we mean the discrepancy between the opportunities to win a bet and the payment ratio for that bet. For example, if the chance of forming a winning combination with slots is 1 in 100 and the payment ratio for that is 95: 1, that small difference is the house advantage. Therefore, if you place 100 bets of a total of $ 100, you can expect that you will receive an average of $ 95 in profit. This difference of $ 5 is withheld by the casino as a profit and that is the house advantage.

Other factors

There are extra factors that you should take into account when you look at the house advantage of a certain slot machine. To begin with, each game has its own specific house advantage percentages and in the field of slots that can vary enormously. Moreover, the house advantage only comes into effect after hundreds of thousands of spins and is therefore only effective in the long term.

In the case of slots it is programmed in the game itself. Each title will retain a percentage of the total turnover in the long term.


Calculating the house advantage for certain table games is a simple process. But do the same with slots a lot more complicated because of the large number of symbols and possible combinations. Nevertheless, some software suppliers publish the percentages of the house advantage for their online games. You can easily visit that to check a certain game.

The figures are verified by regulatory government agencies that perform audits and tests on software suppliers. This is to make sure that their product is indeed legitimate. The best software suppliers in the industry are reliable companies that will not offer you undersized experience. Always play with one Legal online casino So that you are sure of a fair chance.


Now that the house advantage is covered, it is time to view the return-to-player values. It is a well -known saying that the house always wins, but how can that be true if certain players go home with a lot of profit. This is where the RTP becomes a factor to consider. Contrary to what is often thought, the house does not hold most bets that are placed on the games, but only a small percentage that we consider as the house advantage.

In fact, the most money that is used in a casino is paid out as a profit, either to the same player or to different players. It is not unusual for a gambling website to pay more than 90% of all the money used. This is what we call the return-to-player percentage, which is the opposite of the house advantage.

The two are inherently intertwined and one is always dependent on the other. The calculation of the RTP is done by deducting the percentage of the house advantage of 100%, whereby the remaining number represents the RTP.


Just like the house advantage, the RTP values of a game are only effective in the long term and this is what makes it possible for some players that gambling is profitable. It is what makes it possible for certain players to earn millions by winning a jackpot, while others can run all night and leave with empty bags. Because the results of each outcome are completely random, everything is possible in the short term and this is how some gamblers can win.

Long -term effects of the house advantage

As we have mentioned above, the house advantage and the respective RTP are only effective in the long term. Games sessions are not really influenced in the short term. But what is the effect of the casino advantage in the long term? The truth is that the casino always fulfills its obligations over a long period. The house advantage and the RTP percentages correspond to their official figures in the course of hundreds of thousands or even millions of spins.

If you have made a win with playing a gambling game, chances are that you have defeated the chances for the game session. However, if you continue to play long enough, chances are that you will lose your profits. Admittedly, the RNG systems make every outcome possible in the short term. But in the big picture the location takes the percentage of the total turnover.

In the light of this we recommend that you play as long as the game is profitable. If you have earned a considerable amount, it might be best to stop.

Low and high volatility in slots

The volatility of gambling games Is also something you have to take into account when choosing a game to play. Unlike the house advantage or RTP, volatility has a more noticeable effect on the general gameplay and on your bankroll. Volatility refers to the inherent risk of a game, or clearly said, how much and how often you can expect that a game will pay out.

Slots are subdivided into cupboards with low and high volatility. Titles with higher volatility entail more risk, but also the chance of higher rewards, while the opposite is for a game with low volatility.

In a game with high volatility you will experience less frequent victories. You will score larger rewards if you make a winning combination. These are suitable for players with larger budgets, since some time can go before you score a victory.

But once you've done that, it's worth the wait. The problem with these games is that you can get bored quickly. This is because not much happens during the general game.

More winning combination

Regarding slots with low volatility, they take the slow and steady approach. You will see more winning combinations appear on the roles, but the rewards will for the most part be modest. These games will keep you interested for longer, although you may not win much at the end of your game session. Moreover, they are more attractive for casual players, because they do not require a large investment before you can win.


The volatility of slots is not a benchmark that has been officially published by the software suppliers. Also not because of the casinos that offer the games and as such it is more guess work than anything. Information is usually collected from the player base and their experience with a certain game.

The only realistic way to measure volatility is by looking at the paying table of the game. If the rewards are very attractive and offer large payouts, chances are that this is a title with high volatility. Moreover, you also have to check the differences in rewards for 4 and 5 symbol combinations. If the differences between the two are significant, the game probably has high volatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the house advantage guarantee a loss?

Contrary to what is often thought, the house advantage does not immediately guarantee a loss for you personally. As we have discussed above, the house advantage only comes into effect after a large number of spins, usually hundreds of thousands and more. Players, on the other hand, only play a few hundred spins before they close the game or lose their bankroll.

In such short -term sessions there is not enough time for the house advantage to get into the game and become an important factor. Moreover, everything is possible in the short term and your playing time is limited. If you had an infinite amount of money and an unlimited number of spins, you will certainly lose it statistically. However, you don't have to worry too much about the house advantage, unless you play the same game for days.

How can I calculate the opportunities for a gambling game?

Calculating the opportunities for a gambling game is not as easy as it seems. To begin with, there are many factors to take into account, the number of roles, the number of symbols, the number of active paylines and the frequency in which symbols appear. Some of these are easily accessible, others not so much.

In addition, all possible combinations of a slot machine with 5 roles in the millions can run into account the number of symbols and paylines, not as easy to calculate as one one. Although it is theoretically possible, it is almost impossible in practice to calculate the chances of a certain gambling game. There are too many random factors to take into account and the end result will probably not reflect reality.

Is it possible to beat the house advantage?

Beating the house benefit is not out of the reach of possibilities, but it is impossible to do this with slots. There are games where you can optimize your gameplay and reduce the house advantage. BlackJack And video poker are great examples of this, because you can apply different strategies for your basic game.

However, these games differ from slots in the sense that they enable players to make decisions. The Basic strategy at Blackjack enables the player to lower the house advantage with a considerable margin and, if the casino advantage is low enough, to turn even to their advantage.

Slots, on the other hand, do not include any decision on the part of the player and the outcome of the turn is completely random. In short, you can't beat the house, no matter how hard you try and it's something you have to live with.