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If you ask people where the highest casino in the world can be found, a number of suggestive will pass by. For example, many people will immediately think of Las Vegas: a gigantic building with thousands of rooms and hundreds of floors. Full of spectacular shows, countless slot machines and filled with people who bet thousands of dollars on games such as blackjack and roulette. However, this is not correct.

Others may think of a casino in Macao. A mysterious building with unique architecture that towers above the city. But again this is not correct. Conducted people will think of a casino on a mountain - and this is somewhat true. The town of Cripple Creek is located in the American state of Colorado. Here you can find the Wildwood Casino, the highest casino in the world.

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The Wildwood Casino

In the Wildwood Casino everyone is a "high roller". This is because with approximately 2.9 kilometers above sea level it is the highest casino in the world. Joseph Confora, the owner of Wildwood Casino, has concluded after an extensive study that his casino is the highest in the world. Employees of the casino searched all over the world for a casino that was higher than the Wildwood, but none found one. Undoubtedly a special title to have.

He made this discovery when they started a new marketing campaign to attract more people to the casino. This was in response to a recent renovation of the casino. Next to the casino is a hotel with 104 rooms. The casino itself can only be called one floor and not exactly a gigantic building. The floor space is 5500 square meters and has 500 slot machines, 2 poker rooms and a number of roulette tables. In addition, it also has a restaurant. Perhaps not the most impressive casino in the world, but the highest.

Pikes Peak

The Wildwood Casino is at the foot of Pikes Peak. This is in the Rocky Mountains, a mountain range in the United States. Pikes Peak is one by the US government National Historic Landmark appointed. On the mountain there is a characteristic pink granite; Allegedly crystallized magma of more than a billion years old. Pikes Peak is part of the gigantic park area Garden of the Gods. This is located at the town of Colorado Springs.

The city where the Wildwood Casino is located, Cripple Creek, is therefore surrounded by a beautiful nature. This ensures a lot of tourism. The highest casino in the world therefore has a lot of advantage of the rich nature around it. The city of Cripple Creek granted the casino a special building permit at the time. This is why they could build it at a great height.

Cripple Creek

The name Cripple Creek may be familiar. Maybe you have seen the 1952 film of the same name, or heard the song Cripple Creek Ferry from Neil Young. Several artists have even written a song about the town. But what it has to think about is that the city has played a significant role in American history.

The area is one of the first places where confrontations broke out between European explorers and Native Americans (Native Americans). When Europeans were colonizing North America, there were stems of Indians who fought back and a lot of blood was shed. Many years later there was much to do around Cripple Creek, but this time gold was searched.

A gold mine

Nowadays many people come to Cripple Creek to win a fortune in the highest casino in the world. This used to happen too, but they had pickle leen instead of cards. And they were not looking for chips, but for gold. In 1890 Robert Miller Womack - his friends called him Bob - that there was a lot of gold in the area.

When others heard this, one arose gold rush. Within three years the population of Cripple Creek grew from 500 to 10,000 inhabitants. Around $ 500 million in gold was mined in the area. Bob himself had relatively little about his discovery, he died in 1909 without even one red cents to his name.


In 2020, the highest casino in the world, which was opened in 2008, was rebuilt. A hotel came by with 104 rooms. This could not be too high to preserve the classic skyline of the Cowboy-like town. To celebrate this, the Wildwood Casino gave a price of 9,593 dollars away.

This seems like a random amount, but this is the number feet Above sea level of the casino. This was not the first time that Cripple Creek had to grow something. In 1896 the town burned down to a large extent. The oldest buildings therefore date from the following years, when the city was rebuilt.

Gold and Blood

The battle between Europeans and Native Americans is not the only blood that is shed in Cripple Creek. In the years after 1890, many miners worked. These workers joined a trade union en masse to protect their rights against the mine owners. In 1894 the miners had had enough of the bad conditions and decided to stop.

The mine owners did not agree and used a lot of violence to stop the strike. This was so intense that the governor of that time the Colorado National Guard sent to protect the miners. In 1903 there was another strike in the area. This time, however, something had changed in the political field.

Again the Colorado National Guard used, but this time it was to help the mine owners. The goal was to break up the power of the trade union. This resulted in the Colorado Labor Wars: A conflict in which many people died.

An abandoned city

The problem of mines of gold is that it once runs out. Many mines had to close and many workers sought happiness elsewhere. Cripple Creek had difficulty reinventing itself and there was abruptly a stop at the growth of the city. Around 1970 it was even known as one ghost town, an abandoned city.

At one point the population was only a few hundred. It was a historic city in decline, with abandoned shops and houses. Ironically, this provided tourists who came for photos of a beautifully deserted city and a trip through the deserted buildings. A number of restaurants and cafés were opened for them.

A new life

Gradually there was more life in Cripple Creek. In addition, a new law in Colorado was passed in 1991. As a result, Cripple Creek was able to Legal casinos build. Since then the town has a new life: the city is making furore as a destination for tourists. This owes it to its historical significance, picturesque streets, beautiful nature - and of course the casinos.

It may not be Las Vegas, but it is not trying to be. The city focuses more on a historical and idyllic cityscape. Las Vegas may be larger, it does not have the environment and authenticity of Cripple Creek. And since 2008 there is also the highest casino.

A new gold mine

Everyone knows Las Vegas, and the American state of Nevada, as the gambling capital of the world. Not weird, because in Nevada there are 433 casinos (according to figures from 2022), of which 143 in Las Vegas. In Colorado there are a total of 40 casinos. 16 of the 40 casinos are in Cripple Creek.

There are three states in America with more casinos than Colorado. The casinos in Colorado jointly have a turnover of around $ 3 billion a year. For Cripple Creek, gambling is a new type of gold mine.


Few tourists will travel to Colorado especially for the highest casino in the world. For many people, this will be part of a larger journey through the state. Cities such as Denver and Colorado Springs provide many visitors every year. Certainly for nature lovers, these are ideal destinations. Thanks to the Rocky Mountains it is surrounded by a lot of course clean.

Denver is the perfect choice for a visit to a large city. A city like Aspen is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Colorado Springs is located at the nature park Garden of the Gods And therefore offers ample opportunity for an unforgettable trip through nature. From here a trip to Cripple Creek is quickly made.

A holiday in Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek has around 1200 inhabitants and is ideal for wandering around for a few days. There are plenty of historic buildings and details. Moreover, it is surrounded by an impressive nature. If you like gambling, the city is completely attractive.

In Bennet Street, where the street scene is strongly reminiscent of a western film, you will find a lot casinos and hotels. Of course, a visit to the highest casino in the world cannot be missed. There is even a hotel for this if you want to stay in the Wildwood Casino for a few days.

A visit to the Wildwood Casino

The Wildwood Casino mentions the fact that they are the highest casino in the world exuberant on their website - but once wrong. In addition, they also mention that they are the casino where the most is won in Cripple Creek. The room of the casino may not be the biggest, but it has a certain charm that you will not find somewhere else.

The hotel rooms are also pleasant and reasonably priced. Moreover, an extensive breakfast costs only one dollar. Enough reasons to visit the Wildwood Casino.


Over the years, many people have arrived at Cripple Creek in Colorado. First it was the Europeans who went looking for new land. Later it was miners looking for gold. After that, tourists were looking for a special experience in a practically deserted city. But since gambling was made legal, it is mainly tourists who celebrate in the town.

In addition to the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains, you will also find many casinos in Cripple Creek. One of these casinos is the Wildwood Casino, the highest casino in the world. Wildwood Casino is approximately 2.9 kilometers above sea level. So if you ever travel through Colorado, make a trip to Cripple Creek and visit the Wildwood Casino. This can sometimes be the highlight of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest casino in the world?

The highest casino in the world is the Wildwood Casino. This can be found in the US state of Colorado, in the town of Cripple Creek. The casino itself is not exactly a huge building. It consists of 5500 square meters and has some roulette tables, 500 Gokautomaten And two poker rooms. In addition to the casino, there is also a hotel with 104 rooms. During a marketing campaign, the Wildwood Casino investigated and found out that there was nowhere in the world a higher casino.

Where is the highest casino in the world?

The town of Cripple Creek can call itself the home of the highest casino in the world. This town is located in the US state of Colorado. Of the 40 casinos in Colorado, there are 16 in the town of Cripple Creek. The highest casino in the city is Wildwood Casino, making it also the highest casino in the world. This is at the foot of Pikes Peak; Part of the mountain range De Rocky Mountains.

How high is the highest casino in the world?

The Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek, the highest casino in the world, is 9,593 miles above sea level. This is approximately 2.9 kilometers. So this is not about the height of the building itself, but the height of the location. It is at the foot of Pikes Peak in the hilly Rocky Mountains.

What to do in the highest casino in the world?

The Wildwood Casino is not as impressive as casinos as you often see them in Las Vegas. It is relatively small, but charismatic. There are various slots and poker and roulette tables. There is also a hotel in addition to the casino. Moreover, it is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains and it is against the park "The Garden of the Gods". An impressive place to visit.