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It is known that, like other casino games, the roulette is also a completely random game. The results depend on a small bullet that bounces in a rotating wheel. When this will stop, the result is known. In principle, roulette is not a realistic opportunity to make a profit. In rare cases, however, it does offer small openings for profit. Researchers have even discovered that with roulette you can gain up to 18% benefit!

In this article you can read more about their studies and how Roulette can be somewhat more profitable. But first we look at what the normal opportunities are on the roulette.

Roulette gives the casino a healthy house advantage

Roulette has three different variations basically. Each variant has its own house advantage:

  • American roulette - 5.26% house advantage
  • European roulette - 2.70% house advantage
  • American roulette - 1.35% house advantage

You can see that American roulette is the worst game of the couple. This is because two zeros are used instead of a single zero. European roulette is the Middenweg and that is mainly due to the single zero that is used.

Frans Roulette, which is played on a European wheel, should be your favorite game. The La Partage rule pays half back when losing Even-Money bets that ends up at zero. The problem with American roulette, however, is that it is not available in most casinos. Casinos do not like to offer a low house advantage of 1.35%.

That is why in most cases you have to deal with the American or European versions. European roulette has a house advantage of 2.70%, while the American wheel has a house advantage of 5.26%.

Studies show that the benefit can change

There are few casino games that offer opportunities to make a profit in the long term. Roulette is not a game that gives you the chance to win consistently.

However, a few researchers have devised a way to get a lead of 18% on the casino. Michael Small (University of Western Australia) and Chi Kong TSE (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) conducted the study. They managed to turn the opportunities on the roulette and published their impressive results afterwards.

They were able to determine the speed with which the ball and the wheel rotated. The duo used this knowledge to accurately guess where the ball would land on the wheel.

"If you know the initial conditions, you can beat the opportunities," said Small. "In some cases you can beat them considerably."

How did they beat the roulette?

The researchers applied their research on a European roulette wheel. They used calculations and a clicker device to convert the house advantage of 2.70% into an advantage of 18% for themselves. But how did they achieve this almost incomprehensible performance? Firstly, they looked at the problem of beating casinos purely from a physical position.

TSE and Small studied the speed of release and spider of the dealer. In addition, they looked at the precise location of the release point and how friction slows the ball. These aspects form a complex puzzle that cannot be solved with the human eye. However, learning each of the conditions was crucial for the team's mission.

They placed a digital camera above the roulette wheel to keep an eye on the conditions and obtain data. By using the camera's technology and data, they were able to predict more accurately where the ball ended up.

As noted in their studies, predicting the outcome of roulette, the team used the digital camera to measure the wheel / ball conditions. They carried out 700 "tests" to test their model for predicting where the ball would land.

Technology used

Small and TSE are not the first to apply technology to this popular casino game. A group of postdoctoral physics students who are known as the "Eudaemons" was the first well -known group to do this.

They entered casinos in Las Vegas with computers hidden in their shoes in the 1970s. The group won a modest 10,000 dollars and stopped after they were convinced that their project indeed worked. The use of such electronic devices to beat casinos is of course illegal everywhere. But Nevada did not yet have such laws against the case.

Unfortunately, the Eudaemons did not publish their research. As a result, few details are known about their exact methods. TSE and Small only expanded a concept that was first developed by the Eudaemons. However, they have offered extensive material about how they have achieved their goal. However, one thing that the duo did not do: use their camera to beat casinos!

Their research was conducted on a roulette wheel in a laboratory. Small and TSE would certainly have ended up in prison if they had used technology in a real casino environment.

Three gamblers once used smartphone technology to beat the Ritz Club-Casino of £ 1.3 million. With laser scanners in the smartphones, the trio could get a lot of the same information that TSE and Small have viewed. The big difference is that these players were looking for pure profit. The London police arrested the gamblers for deception.

They went free and then retained their £ 1.3 million. At that time, London had no laws against the use of devices to beat roulette. However, times have changed enormously. Everywhere is the use of electronics to Casino games prohibited.

Wheel Bias works, but rarely occurs

As discussed earlier, you cannot use electronics such as the Eudaemons or Small / TSE to defeat legal roulette. However, you can use a strategy called Wheel Bias. This term refers to the process of looking at roulettes to look for distorted results. Some roulettes prefer certain numbers when they are worn out.

Joseph Jagger was the first player to successfully used this technique to win. In 1873 the English engineer hired six servants to visit Monte Carlo and to capture rouTlete results. After receiving the data, Jagger analyzed it to find out which wheels and associated bags were distorted.

He visited Monte Carlo and used his knowledge to earn £ 65,000. That amount is worth more than £ 7 million today if we take inflation into account.

Billy Walters is another player who has defeated casinos by Wheel Bias. He and his "computer team" won around $ 4 million in the mid -1980s at casinos in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, nowadays it is hardly that roulettes that are worn out are still used. Most casinos now use Starburst wheels, which do not break so easily.

You could spend time recording hundreds or thousands of spins to see if there is bias. You will eventually feel defeated if your efforts do not make anything. Klein, however, offers a simpler way to detect Wheel Bias.

“If you want to beat the house, search for a wheel whose ball only falls from one side of the edge. So a crooked table. Predicting becomes considerably easier and more reliable. “"

Other ways to increase your chances

You cannot use a overhead camera to keep an eye on roulette because devices are prohibited. Wheel Bias is legal, but also incredibly difficult to use.

There are some simple roulette tips that will help you to increase your chances a little:

Play European or American roulette
Previously you read if that has American and European roulette the lowest house advantage. They have 1.35% and 2.70% house benefits respectively.

You can find the European roulette in most Online casinos And in a considerable number of physical casinos. American roulette is available in the online casinos of Microgaming and Real -time gaming. It is also located in a few European countries (for example Germany and Monaco).

Search for roulette bonuses
Some internet casinos offer roulette the parliamentary bonus at. You will usually find such offers under 'table games' deals.

A roulette bonus is based on a match percentage of your deposit amount. You must meet the conditions to withdraw the money.

Here is an example:

  • A casino offers a match deposits of 100% worth a maximum of $ 200,-
  • You deposit $ 100 and are eligible for a bonus of $ 100,-
  • Insert requirements are 100x.
  • 100 x 100 = $10.000,-
  • You can record the $ 200 bonus after you have deployed $ 10,000.

$ 10,000 may seem like an insurmountable amount, but that is not so bad. After a par hour you sit on a large bet amount fairly quickly.

Take advantage of VIP rewards
Both physical and online casinos offer loyalty rewards to roulette players. You must ensure that you have registered yourself for the VIP program at your favorite casino to take advantage of this.

Online roulette starts with delivering loyalty benefits after you have made a deposit and have used real money.


Michael Small and Chi Kong Tse were able to Roulette Pett By dominating by studying the game conditions and using an overhead camera. In this case they achieved an unheard of benefit of 18% compared to the house.

However, TSE and Small did not use their research in a real casino environment. The problem is that their methods in casinos are illegal. After all, you are not allowed to use electronic devices to beat the casino.

Wheel Bias is the only legal gambling method for roulette. However, if Jeu does not want to waste for hours on Wheel Bias, it is better to use the other tips.