Gaming authority asks online casinos to lower the day limit

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Home News Gaming authority asks online casinos to lower the day limit

The Gaming Authority asks online casinos to lower the maximum daily limit. Chairman René Jansen does This call after a consumer program Box Last month in their broadcast had shown that users can even set that limit at 100,000 euros a day.

The maximum playing time with which gamblers must be protected can be set at 24 hours. In theory, such a maximum playing time is beautiful, but if this is so easy to circumvent, it doesn't mean much. Jansen calls the online legal casinos Now to take more responsibility.

After the letter of the law, the American casinos do nothing wrong. But if the online casinos themselves attach any value to the intention of the law, they must look at this carefully. Companies like Holland Casino say they want to do responsibly and that does not fit a recording of 100,000 a day and a limit of 24 hours a day.

The new gambling companies with a license were initially worried about the limits because the illegal providers do not use these limits. According to Jansen, however, these extreme limits are not necessary to compete with the illegal casinos.

Heavier measures with regard to gambling

If the providers themselves do not take action, the government will probably take action. In other countries including Sweden, more and more measures are being taken to make online gambling less attractive.

Since last October it has been legal in the Netherlands to gamble online. That resulted in many advertisements on television, which was a thorn in the eyes of many politicians. If no action is taken by the online gambling companies themselves, politics will intervene.

There is a chance that advertisements on television and radio will be banned. At present, advertisements are only broadcast after 9 p.m. Also, a targeted advertisement may not be made to young people under 24 years of age.