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There is a good chance that you have already been to a physical casino. Otherwise you are familiar with the principle. Ask someone on the street how you can put your money here and there is a good chance that they can tell you this. For many people this is very different at an online casino, while that is actually not the case.

In short, you get with one online casinoo The full experience, without having to leave the house. You can also use real money and therefore win real money. We explain how you do that in this article.

First of all: note the license

Before you start playing with real money, you have to check one thing well: licenses. Pay particular attention to licenses from the Netherlands. Only these licenses ensure that you can safely deposit your balance and then have your profits paid out safely.

This license requires a strict control. That way you know for sure that you are in good hands at an online casino.

Gambling and real money: common phenomenon

You can participate in hundreds of different ways Online casino games And hereby put your commitment with real money. This of course includes several safe payment options to be able to safely increase your balance. This way you too can participate in the top games of the online casino of your choice.

This is very suitable for the beginner and the professional. For beginners, you can first try most games for free. With some play credit you can learn all the tricks of the game, without this costs you real money. Logically you cannot have the profits that you play with this free play as real money. Once used to all the features of the game you can then use real money.

Of course, casinos prefer that you will play with real money instead of hanging in the free credit. For this reason you often become beautiful Bonuses Offered if you increase your balance on your account and play with it. This way you get a doubling of your balance or many free turns on a specific slot machine. Always look carefully at the conditions. For example, a minimum or maximum amount is often linked to this or you have to play this credit first, as it is called with an expensive word.

Just as challenging as a physical casino

The fact that you can also visit a casino online does not mean that an online casino is just a weak variant of a physical casino. No, no, we can assure you that it gives exactly the same feeling as in a real casino. Although the Slots be clearly digital and nowadays have many more options than a classic slot machine will ever be possible, you get the entire casinovibe Certainly good online.

Then think of a live table game. Via a live stream and a "real" dealer on the other side of the connection, this is surprising a lot on the real deal. Of course you can also place your bets here with real money.

Playing with real money makes the experience very different anyway. With fictional credit you are already sprinkling faster. Betting with real money ensures slightly more retained game behavior and much more tension in playing. For each player you only need a suitable device (this can simply be your mobile phone or laptop) that is connected to WiFi or mobile data.

The conditions for a reliable online casino

You are going to play with real money, so you also want to be sure that everything is fine. In order not to feel guilty about your wrong choice afterwards, we list the most important characteristics of a reliable casino for you.

  • Check whether a casino meets American legislation on online gambling. You can see this in the permit for remote games of chance, which is often proudly mentioned on the site.
  • Check the various options to deposit or withdraw money. Also check whether there is a suitable option for you. In most cases, iDeal, a credit card or a simple bank transfer is satisfactory.
  • View the range and quality of customer service in advance, before you have problems. Once something is going on, it is nice to know that you will eventually be helped well.
  • Examples all the information on the site for reasonableness and honesty.

Are you not completely out of it yourself, or do you not fully trust a site? Dozens of lists can be found on the internet with online casinos that can or cannot be trusted. Also check these lists for sure, so that you will not be faced with unwanted surprises. Then you can play games on these websites to your heart's content, also with your real money.