Funtastic Casino in Appelscha startled with Ramkraak

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On the night of 3 to 4 April, Funtastic Casino in Appelscha was struck by a ram crack. With a stolen car, the perpetrators drove into the facade of Funtastic Casino. The perpetrators, who are still on the run, took off with an unknown amount.

Several sources, including Dagblad van het Noorden, reported the ram squat on the casino that lies on the Noorder Es. Funtastic Casino is part of the Novomatic Group. This group offers various online casino games in, among other things American online casinos.

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Stolen car used

According to the police, the car with which the perpetrators committed the Ramkraak was stolen. They found the car at the casino in the early morning. He came from a car company a few kilometers away from the Casino, in Oosterwolde.

There are only two routes that the perpetrators may have followed in the car. The police are looking for camera images to get clear what route that was.

The police suspect that a second car that was stolen at the same company was used to flee. The perpetrators who have not yet been caught have forced slot machines and brought an unknown amount from it.

A few years ago a daughter company of Novomatic was also a victim of a ram crack. A ram crack was also committed on the recently opened casino Admiral in Waalwijk.