Four interesting facts about gambling addiction and assistance

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Gambling is one Social activity, just like drinking a few glasses of beer with friends. But just like drinking, some people can't just stop. If they want to notice that this is not possible for them.

How our society views addiction has changed over the past 100 years. Addiction still has a strong stigma. However, the medical world now recognizes gambling addiction as a disorder of the brain.

The addict's brains cannot make rational decisions. This is because part of the brain is influenced by addictive behavior. Over the past 100 years have also led to a large number of gambling addiction utilities. In this article you can read about four interesting facts about gambling addiction and recovery:

Want to play more is a signal of gambling addiction

It is interesting that gambling addiction is very similar to substance abuse instead of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The agreement they both have is that there is an urge for more.

If someone is addicted to cocaine, they must use more and more cocaine to feel good. It can then take a considerable time before the feeling they are looking for is brought about.

With gambling addiction it is necessary to use more and more money as the addiction progresses. What seemed like large bets at the start of the addiction soon becomes relatively small. At least, compared to the urge that the addict has to get the desired effect.

Both drug addicts and gambling addicts share a delusion about the current state of affairs. In the grip of the addiction, the addict believes that he is completely under control. They also minimize the severity of the problem and often refuse to look at the consequences of their actions. When the addict tries to reduce or stop completely, they are usually very restless and irritable.

This unrest and irritation is only suppressed by gambling again, so that the cycle comes loose again.

Spiritual problems contribute to gambling addiction

Addictive gambling usually does not happen automatically. Often there is an underlying condition or a simultaneous addiction that is going on with someone who is addicted. A lot of research has been done into the personality disorder narcissism and pathological gambling.

There is a clear link between narcissism and gambling addiction. Impulsivity and the need for sensation are both characteristics of narcissism. With this in mind it is easy to see how that could lead to gambling problems.

Narcissists also believe that they are better in certain things than they actually are. So narcissists can continue gambling despite the consequences. This is because they actually think they are really good, despite that loss of money often proves the opposite.

Narcissists tend to show a lack of judgment in many areas of their lives. They tend to believe that they can control things, such as the outcome of an event. Even if they constantly lose, many think that the "next time" will be better or different. This is also a characteristic of drug or alcohol addiction.

Gambling and drugs

Many gambling addicts also have a drug abuse disorder. This can be an environmental factor, since most casinos donate alcohol. It often happens that someone who used to be addicted to alcohol but is now sober can develop a gambling addiction. Even after he has been sober of alcohol for several years.

When taking a closer look at addiction, there will be a lot of debt and shame of the addict. He can use drugs and alcohol to reduce those feelings.

Gambling in combination with cocaine use is common. The cocaine addict can try to provide for his addiction by gambling. A cocaine addict can also have a delusion of how well they do it on the gaming tables. There are also many compulsive behaviors that can occur when someone becomes high from Methamphetamine.

Anonymous gamblers was founded by someone from the anonymous alcoholics

Anonymous alcoholics is an original 12-step program. This resulted in countless other treatment programs that use the 12 steps as a means of recovery. Regular attending meetings is an important part of the recovery process.

Gamblers Anonymous was founded in 1957 by a gentleman named Jim Willis. He was a member of the anonymous alcoholics and thought that the 12 steps could also be applied to gambling addiction.

The very first Gamblers Anonymous meeting took place in Los Angeles, California. 13 people were present at that meeting. Like other 12-step fairs, Gamblers Anonymous has 20 questions that a person can answer to see if they think they have a problem with gambling.

Since Gamblers Anonymous is not a professional organization, a diagnosis can only be made with the help of a doctor.

The American Psychiatric Association states that gambling addiction includes the need to increase the money deployment. There is also a need to borrow money to continue gambling. Finally, gambling is kept secret for family members and colleagues.

Counseling is highly recommended, as well as a means to help recover a gambling addict. Just like in anonymous alcoholics, Gambler’s Anonymous has clear suggestions for the newcomer.

These include 90 meetings in 90 days and do not go to gambling opportunities. One should abstain from going out with people who are active gamblers. You get a sponsor to go through the 12 steps. And regularly call you when they are not at a meeting.

Just like Al-Anon, there is also GAM-Anon that is intended for the people in the life of a gambling addict who are seriously struck by the gambling addiction of their loved one.

Help in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you can seek help with the following authorities:

  • HANDS, this institute offers (telephone) help twenty -four hours a day. It stands for Human Assistance Network for Daily Support.
  • Hervit, Hervitas is available for people with a gambling or game addiction. In addition, they also offer help for people who know someone in the immediate vicinity with a gambling addiction.
  • AGOG, Anonymous gamblers environment Gokkers offers free and anonymous help for everyone with a gambling addiction. They organize meetings all over the country and have no waiting lists.
  • Jellinek, Jellinek is one of the largest institutions in the Netherlands for care at addiction. They offer help with gambling problems and have a lot of information available.

Cognitive behavioral treatment is the best approach to gambling addiction

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very successful with people who are addicted to gambling. The goal is to use therapy sessions to "wip" the brains of a patient again. So that they react differently to situations.

This can help with the way a person deals with certain triggers. These triggers ensure that someone exhibits destructive behavior. There are thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that are considered "poor" with a person who shows clear signs of gambling problems.

It has been shown that CBT not only loves problem gamblers from the pitfalls of gambling. It also helped problem gamblers to gamble less. A goal of CBT when it comes to gambling problems is to make the individual aware of his cognitive distortions or "wrong" thinking. The individual will have delusions about his gambling activities.

They may not think that they have such a serious problem, while everyone around them knows they have that. Problem gamblers usually think that their views on gambling will influence the outcome when gambling.

CBT for gambling addiction mainly occurs in a one-on-one setting. However, a therapist can keep group sessions for multiple problem gamblers and therapy can also be applied in this setting.


If you or someone you know shows signs of gambling problems, call in help immediately. Waiting too long can have serious consequences. Gambling addiction can be treated, although the road is often long. The less damage has been done, the easier tackling the addiction will be. If you still want to take a gamble, do this in one Legal Casino. The providers of casino games are obliged to keep an eye on the game behavior.

If you are sensitive to addictions, then the best tip to never enter a casino and to register with Crocx.