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Be hot slots Slots Which is said to pay much more on average than other slots. These are of course slots that you as a player are extra interested in. After all, playing on Hot Slots can considerably increase your chance of winning. But do hot slots actually exist at all?

Most casinos indicate that hot slots do not exist. Only on social media is still stubbornly discussed and doubted about this. One of the main reasons that this is so stubborn is an interview with a casino manager.

This man worked in one of the larger casinos of Atlantic City. He said that in his casino hot slots were set up in a prominent place in the casino. The interview was already conducted in the 1990s, but the rumor about Hot Slots has never disappeared.

Much has changed since the 1990s. Modern slots are better designed than the mechanical machines that dominated the casino floors at the time. The old mechanical slots with rolls had several institutions that changed the chances.

Are hot slots now or not?

Just to fall with the door: hot slots exist! There are plenty of videos about this on YouTube. One of those videos, from 2006, shows how easy it is to adjust a slot machine.

However, the slot machine in question is a so-called pachislo gemkast. They look like a normal slot machine, but there is a big difference. They offer players the opportunity to stop the roles manually. This by clicking on the stop button at the right time.

This mechanism is not available for normal slots. The roles are turned and the random number generator determines whether there is a price. However, these Pachislo slots cannot be found in the Netherlands.

Each slot machine has a chip in which all settings, including the Return to player in is programmed. This is a percentage that is again paid to players by the slot machine, based on thousands of game rounds. That chip can be adjusted, but not by casino players. In theory you could therefore replace a chip with an adapted chip. But of course we are no longer talking about hot slots, but scams.

Are there hot slots in the Netherlands?

American gambling games are regulated. This means that a license is needed to use them. That license states exactly what slots must meet and what is and what is not allowed. Adjusting a chip requires a certain process that supervises what is being adjusted. Not every company has a license to adjust a slot machine.

In the Netherlands it is therefore not possible to set slots differently than is stated on the description of the slot machine.

Some slots seem to pay more

Slots that you can find in a physical casino are often also with one online casinoo to play and vice versa. Anyone trying out both versions of the same game will, however, face a surprise. They usually do not pay the same.

There are two reasons for that. In the first place it can happen that you play the game in a period in which the game simply gives less prizes. So that is just pure coincidence and happens regularly.

Another reason is that Casino can indicate how high the RTP should be of a game. The game developer then adjusts this. Online casinos incur less costs than physical casinos. Since slots ensure the majority of the income of a casino, costs can also be covered. This is done by lowering the RTP of a game.

Fewer costs are incurred at online casinos. They can afford to maintain the original RTP, which is often much higher. With physical casinos it is even possible that two the same games still have different RTPs.

Can you see if a slot machine is going to give more?

Each slot machine is programmed to repay a certain part of the income to players. This percentage is indicated in the description of a slot machine and also on the slot machine.

For slots that you can find in a physical casino, this is on a label of the slot machine. This is not always easy to find. This is the case with slots that are played online. It is also very simple to visit the Return to player percentage via the internet. There are numerous websites where the RTP of each game can be found.

Some people think that slots with a higher RTP pay more. That is not the case. The RTP indicates how much the percentage is of the payouts that are reimbursed. It therefore always depends on the income on a certain slot machine.


Some people say they know a way to predict which slots are or are not on. Others just look at the return to player percentage and use certain strategies to play.

Whatever group you belong to, however, does not matter. Slots are programmed in such a way that they make a lot of profit for the casino. The fact that you sometimes have a lot of luck and win beautiful amounts is simply part of the game. Remember that when you win, many other players lose at the same time.

Finding hot slots is a nice challenge and you can perhaps deliver something (coincidentally). For example, when you are just playing in a period in which many high prices fall. But the truth is that Hot Slots simply does not exist.

If you like playing on slots and you want to keep doing that, then that's fine. However, remember that you cannot win any game in the casino in the long term. This also applies to playing on slots.