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The Live Casino has since become an essential part of almost every online casino. There is almost no player who does not take a gamble every now and then on one of the many very amusing live casino games that can be found in the live casino. And most of these games come from the drawing tables of Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming is already working on the road from the first moment that online casinos exist. They have not only developed a lot of casino games over the years, but are also responsible for techniques and special features that are still used as standard in many to this day Slots, video slots, fruit machines and table games. This technique is now no longer limited to only games of Evolution Gaming, but has also been taken over and used by other game developers. Evolution Gaming was already an important player on the market and their influence has only become bigger with the arrival of the Live Casino.

Types of live games

You can't really think of a casino game or Evolution Gaming has developed one. This is not only limited to live games, but also the normal table games are well represented in the Evolution Gaming offer.

Since the introduction of the Live Casino, however, the game developer has mainly focused on developing games, features and variations on games for the live casino. They have not announced it loudly, but it is clear that Evolution Gaming is now only concerned with the development, construction and marketing of live casino games.

Own live casino game studio

The success of Evolution Gaming is particularly due to the fact that they focus very consciously on certain niches that are distinguished in the online gambling world. For example, they have a large number of different species Blackjackspellen Developed and are now the market leader in this niche.

Furthermore, Evolution Gaming does everything that is needed to keep the game experience of players as optimal as possible. Hereby they prefer to call as little as possible to third parties and that is partly the reason that Evolution Gaming has built a mega major game studio. In this game studio, which is located in Latvia, there are hundreds of live casino tables and thousands of players play every day. The dealers, croupiers and game leaders are trained by Evolution Gaming themselves and that only benefits the total experience.

Leading features

One of the leading and most successful features that Evolution Gaming has developed in recent years is without a doubt the Lightning effect. With this feature, one or more multipliers are added to the game at different games in the Live Casino. You can find this feature in the spells Lightning Dice, among other things, lightning roulette A Lightning Baccarat.

The multipliers who fall start with twice the bet and that can go up to no less than 1000 times the bet. One can therefore win the addition of this Lightning feature no less than a thousand times more than one could normally win at the traditional roulette game. And that of course ensures that players are enormously attracted to games with this feature.

Next step for Evolution Gaming Live Games

It may be clear that we can also expect a lot from Evolution Gaming in the future. They will undoubtedly continue to develop new live casino games. On existing games they will certainly come up with some surprising variations. But it also buzzes that Evolution Gaming wants to add a whole new niche to their live range of game. The possibility to Betting on sports betting will be added.

In the regular casino, the trend has already arisen in recent years that more and more normal casinos, in addition to the well -known gambling games, also offer the opportunity to bet in sports competitions. People who bet on sport are a different kind of people than the players who normally play at an online casino. Sports gamblers prepare themselves much more often, often have much more experience and usually have a higher bankroll than the average visitor to a casino. For those reasons it can all be interesting for Evolution Gaming to ensure that they also distinguish themselves in that niche.

Conclusion Evolution Gaming Live Games

Evolution Gaming has been an important developer of online casino games from the start. They immediately tackled the arrival of live streaming options with both hands. Hereby they actually did everything they had to do. Evolution Gaming is lord and master in developing live casino games. We think it will stay that way for a while.