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Not everyone can just enter the Holland Casino. It is a stylish nightlife and the visitors must therefore adhere to the clothing regulations. Visitors must also be over 18 and prove this by means of a valid proof of identity. Furthermore, you are supposed to stick to the house rules, so that everyone can enjoy a carefree night out.

The entrance to the casino costs 5 euros. Fortunately, there are various alternatives to be able to enter for free at a Holland Casino. There are many events that do not have to be paid, if you dine in the restaurant you do not pay either, and favorites card holders do not pay an entrance fee (from the second visit).

Free entrance at Holland Casino

There are a number of ways to get a free entrance at Holland Casino. One of the ways is by using special promotions or an event of one of the fourteen Holland Casino branches. Every month there are great promotions and fantastic fun events. In the online agenda you can see exactly which events are being kept in your area and what the conditions for coming in.

An alternative way to visit a Holland Casino without paying is to dine in advance in the restaurant of the relevant location. It is then necessary that you make a reservation in advance. After dinner you can then enter the playroom for free.

Every Holland Casino location has one or more quality restaurants with praising reviews and a rating of above 8 points. In the article about Dining at Holland Casino you will find more information about the various restaurants.

Immediately on your first visit you can register for the Favorites Welcome Card. With this card you get discounts, you have a chance to win exclusive jackpots and save points that you can convert into play money. From your second visit, you do not pay an entrance at Holland Casino.

After the fourth visit you will receive the Favorites Black Card. With this card you have free entrance for yourself and for a guest. The perfect way to surprise a relationship or friend on a night out in one of the beautiful Holland Casinos in the Netherlands.

What are the Entrance Conditions

American legislation stipulates that only adults may access a casino. So you can only enter from the age of 18. You are obliged to prove this with a valid proof of identity. In Holland Casino the following passes are accepted to prove your identity: passport, identity card and driver's license. German and Belgian identity cards are also accepted at the door of the Holland Casinos.

If you have not succeeded in getting a free entrance, the Holland Casino charges five euros entrance. You can only enter on presentation of the reception proof of the reception. You also pick up a free admission ticket at the reception and you have to show at the entrance of the playroom.

In some cases, access is denied. This can happen if a player has an entrance offer or that all entrance conditions are not met.

What is the dress code for Holland Casino?

This is a common question. Especially for new visitors there is sometimes some uncertainty about the dress code of a Holland Casino. In any case, it is important that the visitors look stylish and cared for. If this is not the case, access can be refused. Here are a few things that you should pay attention to to prevent problems at the entrance.

Usually clothing that are baggy, such as broken jeans or sweaters, are not appreciated. This type of clothing does not fit with the style of Holland Casino. Furthermore, very striking clothing is generally not appreciated either. Think of items of clothing with large advertising texts, artists or offensive texts. If you have doubts about a piece of clothing, it is better not to wear it to prevent disappointment.

Inside it is not the intention to wear jackets and body warmers. Leave it in the wardrobe. Furthermore, it is also not allowed to wear beachwear or sportswear during a night out in the casino. Men are also not allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts.

The reception staff will also not allow players with translucent clothing, with broken clothing or with costumes. Headcapers such as caps are also not allowed.

It may seem a bit strict, but the Holland Casino uses these dress codes to guarantee the atmosphere of the casino. Most players visit a casino with the expectation of a stylish evening. The Holland Casino guarantees this by using this dress code.

What are the house rules of Holland Casino?

To guarantee the quality and safety of the casino, the Holland Casino has drawn up a number of house rules. All visitors are requested to respect these rules so that everyone has a carefree evening.

Players who do not comply with the house rules can be denied the entrance at Holland Casino. They are not weird rules, but ordinary access rules that you expect in every kind of entertainment.

For example, you are not allowed to play in casino games in a rough and drunk state. Furthermore, you are of course not allowed to destroy anything and you are expected to treat other players with respect. All employees are trained in such a way that they quickly recognize undesirable behavior and that they discuss the player in question in a discreet way. In this way, further misery is quickly smothered in the bud.

It all seems a bit strict, but that is not so bad in practice. In fact, visitors to Holland Casino generally behave well. So the players don't have to worry about anything at all when visiting the Holland Casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you enter dressed for a bachelor evening?

Probably not officially. But the reception in advance.

Is a tie or jacket mandatory?

That was the case in the early years of Holland Casino. Now the rule is that you have to look cared for.

Can you wear sneakers in the casino?

If these look neat and clean then that is no problem.