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Much of the new American Legal Online Casinos have a well -known Americanman as ambassador. Holland Casino could not stay behind and presents Ellie Lust. She will be shown in the latest advertising campaigns from the Staatscasino.

The presenter and former police officer will be the face of the "Live exciting, not reckless" campaign. The attention in this advertisement is to the risks of gambling. The Toto of the American Lottery has had Nathan Rutjes as an ambassador for some time. He also warns people to be careful with playing online.

With the campaigns, players are made aware of the risks of sports bets and gambling. The Holland Casino emphasizes that gambling Only be fun when they are played responsibly.

Holland Casino spends a lot of money on advertising

In the first months that the online gambling market has opened, Holland Casino is one of the companies that spend the most money on advertising. With the new campaign, the company that considers gambling addiction is highly in any case that you have to look after the risks.

Where in recent years the motto "Live exciting" often passed, "not reckless" has now been added.

“With this campaign we want to take the next step to draw attention in a positive way for the risks that casino games and sports bets can carry.

Press release Holland Casino


Holland Casino had been looking for a new and familiar face for some time. Because of the reliable and credible image, they came to Ellie Lust. She could also be seen in the program scammed where she highlighted the dark world of illegal casinos.

Partly after the media attention in EenVandaag and just here, where people talked about the focus of playing pleasure and tension in advertisements, Holland Casino thought it was time for an extra point of attention.