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With the risk that I compare apples with pears, in this article I want to list the advantages and disadvantages between playing in a physical casino and a gamble at an online casino. But let me set: my intention is not to express a specific preference. In fact, most players I know play both at a physical casino and online casinos. After all, each of the two types of casinos has specific advantages and disadvantages and I think it is good to list them.

Different casino games learn

A big advantage that playing with a online casinoo Has, that is almost all the games you can play there have a practice mode. This makes it possible to practice a game with fictional money before they play it for real money. This is something that is simply not possible in a physical casino.

Online casinos offer these free versions of a game as a marketing method and hope that the player will become enthusiastic by practicing and open an account at the casino. For players who have had a bad day and no longer have playing credit, the practice mode offers a nice way to splenage a game in practice mode.

The practice mode of an online casino game works in the same way as the version that is played with real money. You can use all features and the payout percentages are also the same. However, the money on your play credit when you play the game in practice mode has no value whatsoever. The play credit in practice mode is really and only intended to offer you the same experience and to make it possible to get to know a game.

Most games you can play in an online casino are not difficult to learn. In fact, it is one of the conditions that casinos set for a good casino game. After all, a difficult to learn will not be embraced by many players quickly and will therefore be less profitable.


Anyway, different players have different preferences. For example, I love the game Let It Ride, while my size should not have it. I already play poker Since my teenage years and have a pretty good sense of the game. However, my size never understands what is really on the table and soon gets confused, so he has no idea what should happen at certain times during the game.

There is not so much special about the game, but he simply needed a little more time to get the hang of it. I therefore introduced him to a somewhat simpler version, Namele Let ‘em Ride. After he had played this variant for two hours, he had mastered the game and he could not wait to play with me at the same table again.

Getting the hang of a casino game is not possible in a physical casino. Sometimes there are short introductory moments where you can play a few laps for free, but they are rare and usually only during special occasions.

From your living room

You can visit an online casino at any time and use any type of device. In addition, it does not matter whether you want to use your laptop or desktop or prefer to play from your mobile phone or tablet. Almost all online casinos have an excellent mobile platform where games automatically adjust to the screen of your device.

If you are someone who does not really feel comfortable in an environment of a physical casino, then it is always possible to play a game BlackJack to play in an online casino. Simply from your own living room or on the road on the train. Some people don't really like the typical atmosphere of a physical casino, while others prefer to play in an online casino, simply because they don't feel like worrying or dressing to visit a physical casino.

Whatever the reason is, the fact that you no longer have to leave the door to drive to one of the physical casinos for a gamble, is definitely a big advantage of playing at an online casino.

The loneliness of the online casino games

What is for one advantage can be experienced by the other as a major disadvantage. For example, are you someone who likes to make social s or have a chat while gambling, then you will find a visit to the online casino very boring. In that case you can try out the live casino, where you play with multiple players at the same time and a real dealer, just like in a physical casino.

Live Casino Games distinguish themselves from other casinos because a real dealer is in with the online players via a video connection.

Websites that offer poker online, for example, offer the possibility to play against players from all parts of the world. Chatting together is very simple on these platforms and is experienced by many as an important aspect of playing pleasure. Another game where the same applies is, for example, online bingo.

In a live casino you can chat with the players and the dealer or croupier from the game studio often responds to what is said in the online chat. For many players, the experience they experience while playing in a live casino is sufficient to never have to visit a physical casino again. Others swear by the authentic atmosphere that hangs in a physical casino and miss the personal face-to-face interaction between players.

My advice? In any case, try both out, then you can take a good judgment on it yourself.

Play at a foreign casino

The biggest disadvantage of playing at an online casino is that the best online casinos are usually not located in the Netherlands, sometimes in countries where you may have some reservations. When you as a American player are going to play at a foreign casino, you are no longer covered by American legislation. You automatically agree with the general terms and conditions of the online casino and it will clearly state that the casino adheres to the laws and rules in the country where it is located. For players that can sometimes have nasty consequences, for example when a conflict with a casino occurs.

Now it does not necessarily mean that a Legal American Online Casino Better than a foreign casino. Perhaps even the opposite. However, it is simply easier to play at a casino that must adhere to American law. In the event of any conflicts, you can also request a American court in that case to review the case. That becomes practically a lot more difficult when the casino is located in Cyprus, Malta or Curaçao.

Usually you don't have to worry too much about playing at an online casino. No casino is out to disadvantage players, since that is at the expense of their reputation. The only thing that sometimes happens is that casinos do not pay out or win too late. But let's face it, that also happens at the American casinos.

It is best to just be a good one Legal Casino Choose that others recommend in the various reviews. Whether this is a American casino or not.


There will undoubtedly be more advantages and disadvantages between online and physical casinos, but basically these are the most important. What do you prefer?