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Tombola is originally a British site, and also the largest bingo site in the Netherlands. Just like Toto, Tombola gets a time limit; This means that an individual cannot play on the website for more than eight hours a day.

In addition to lowering the time limit, the bingo site has always had a lower deposit limit than the competitors. Now there is also the limit on the time that a player can be logged in on the site. It is interesting to go into it exactly why this is exactly.

The limits of online casinos

It is not unusual that one American Casino Limits put on the use of their platform. These limits are often needed to protect players against themselves. Online casinos have a care task to take care of their players. The remote Gambling (KOA) law records this care task. The KOA Act says:

"" A legal provider is supervised by the Gaming Authority. As a result, there is a safe environment: the player is assured of a fair game and the provider must pay attention to whether the player does not go beyond his limits. ""

Tombola is therefore obliged with the KOA law to offer a safe environment for the users of the website. This now expresses itself in a limit on the playing time, but there was already a deposit limit.

The parliament lime

In February of 2022, the House of Representatives voted for a motion that more responsibility for the Online casinos to protect their users. It states that online casinos must take self -limiting measures that actually work self -limiting. Websites such as Toto and Fair Play Online responded by setting time limits and deposit limits.

Tombola also came with a time limit, but therefore already had a deposit limit for the users of the popular bingo site. Now, casinos still have control over the exact size of the limits, but a few political parties and organizations want to go to umbrella measures. This would mean that the same measures apply to each online casino.

Tombola and the deposit limit

Tombola already led the rest when it comes to the deposit limits of the bingo site. The limit for young adults is a maximum of $ 100 per day and $ 500 per month. In the context that the website uses, they count for a month as five weeks. For the users of Tombola who are 24 years or older, the limit is $ 500 per day. The maximum deposit limit for this group is $ 2500 per month.

Compared to other online casinos, with a deposit limit of thousands of euros per day, this is surprisingly low. However, since the limitation from politics, many online casinos have been changing this.

Tombola's time limits

As mentioned earlier, Tombola changes the time limit on which a user can be active on the website. It was always common for players to set a time limit themselves if they registered on the website. The problem, however, was that people could simply set the limit 24 hours a day. This is also the case with Tombola.

The limits are meant to protect the users against themselves, but there was often a way around it. To ensure that these measures are actually self -limited, Tombola announced that it would make the time limit a maximum of 8 hours per user per day. They did that with the following message:

"" Maximum time limit per day at Tombola has been reduced to 8 hours. If you had set a time limit higher than eight hours, we have adjusted it for you. You are of course free to set these limits lower via my account. "

Tombola was already ahead with a deposit limit for the users of the bingo site. Now that political pressure is being increased, they cannot be left behind when it comes to a time limit. Incidentally, not every online casino has put into operation a time limit of 8 hours a day. Toto and Fair Play Online do have this.

Deposit limits of other online casinos

Now that online casinos are being more limited, it is interesting to look at the deposit limits of Tombola's competitors. In response to the adopted motion of the House of Representatives, Fair Play Online has reduced the deposit limit for young adults.

This went from $ 5000 per day to $ 400: a significant difference. At TOTO and most other online casinos it is still possible to deposit thousands of euros per day. The question is whether this will change now that pressure from politics is increasing.

Political pressure

According to some, the new self -limiting measures that apply to online casinos do not go far enough. The Trimbos, a National Knowledge Institute for Mental Health, and the PvdA want more umbrella measures that apply to every online casino. The PvdA in particular has been vocal in the past about the negative influences of gambling on young adults and vulnerable.

According to them, the same rules must apply to every provider of online games of chance. Now the limits are still easy to circumvent unless it has been put into operation by the online casino itself. This way, players can easily create multiple accounts. If there are actually general measures, it is not yet clear how exactly this will work. A major obstacle in this is, for example, the data collection of the players.

Where are the limits?

With the arrival of new technologies, the possibility of gambling online is also becoming bigger and bigger. If this can go free running, this can cause problems for people who are sensitive to gambling addiction. It is therefore not surprising that politics imposes limitations here. After all, it can cause money problems and mental instability for many young people. Tombola also realizes this and comes alongside the deposit limits, now also with time limits for the users of the bingo site.

Certainly with the arrival of the internet, a lot is still being scanned to what is and is not possible. Of course, users themselves have a responsibility to deal with their money and time wisely, but are they helped enough in this? Advertising gambling agencies is increasingly a gray area and will still cause many discussions. The rules that are used also differ per country.

Limitations on online gambling

From the Lower House there has been a sound for some time to come up with a ban on making commercials for games of chance. This has expressed itself in a number of limitations on advertisements. For example, providers of gambling games must clearly and fully inform the players and they are not allowed to offer bonuses for new players. The bonuses are not allowed to encourage efficient participation and may not be aimed at young adults and socially vulnerable groups.

Nor can they use role models in commercials that are tempting young adults to gamble. The sentiment to put violent restrictions on the online gambling is not nice for everyone, but it will be necessary to prevent any problems. Also tombola Will realize this and therefore has had a deposit limit for users for a longer period of time. By setting a time limit, they show again to take partly responsibility.


The question is who is the responsibility when it comes to protecting vulnerable people in the field of gambling. Of course there is responsible with the users themselves; The advice is always wise to go with money and time. Certainly if you are sensitive to addictions, it is good to realize what your limits are.

On the other hand, the gambling industry is huge. Many online casinos offer a place to gamble and that is a lot of money. But do they tempt the people? This will be a gray area when it is actively advertised to attract people to the websites and apps. Politics imposes limitations here so that it happens as little as possible. This way it is an ecosystem that is balanced.

For many people, gambling is relaxing and entertaining. Giving them the opportunity is not necessarily an immoral temptation. Moreover, the online casino benefits if users remain mentally and financially healthy. Many of them know their limits and so the measures do not apply to them. But for the percentage that has difficulty with that, deposit limits and time limits can help to keep themselves under control.

The role of tombola

So what exactly is the role of providers of games of chance as Tombola in this whole? Far before this was mandatory, they already had a deposit limit. This shows that they indeed take a certain responsibility to protect their users. With the new time limit, they again show the worries of taking politics seriously. These limits are not mandatory and so many of the other online casinos will not change until they are forced to do so.


Tombola is the most famous bingo site in the Netherlands and has had a deposit limit for users for a long time. For young adult this is a maximum of $ 100 per day and $ 500 per month. For people older than 24 years this is slightly higher: $ 500 per day and $ 2500 per month. In February of 2022, the House of Representatives adopted a motion that ignores more responsibility at online casinos. This evokes more self -limiting measures that actually help.

An online casino is responsible for taking care of users. Tombola responded to this and also reduced the time that someone can spend on the site every day to 8 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tombola?

Tombola was originally a British bingo site and since October 2021 they are also active in the Netherlands. It is the largest bingo site in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, among others. On the site it is possible to play many variants of the Bingo game.

What are Tombola's deposit limits?

Tombola has a limit on how much money you can deposit on the site per day and month. For young adults this is a maximum of $ 100 per day and $ 500 per month. This amount is higher for people from 24 years with a maximum of $ 500 per day and $ 2500 per month.

What are Tombola's time limits?

Tombola has recently reduced the time you can spend on the website per day to 8 hours a day. Previously you could set this yourself, but now the time limit applies to every user. This was a response to an adopted motion from the House of Representatives that places more responsibility at online casinos.

Why are there deposit limits on Tombola?

In the Netherlands, the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) applies. It states that online casinos must offer a safe environment for users and the provider must be careful that players do not go beyond their borders. Tombola has a deposit limit to seriously respond to this. For example, they take measures to prevent any problems of their users.

Why don't other online casinos have limits?

For the time being there are no overarching measures that apply to all providers of games of chance. They are responsible for self -limiting measures. Every provider has limits up to a certain level, but because this is not definitively fixed for everyone, there are differences in this.