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Anyone who enters a casino will undoubtedly be the first to notice the sounds of the huge numbers of slots. And there is a good reason for that! Sound of slots is seen by many visitors as an element to give the casino visit some atmosphere. That may be, but there is more behind it.

Research has shown that noises from the Slots are meant to attract players. In addition, these sounds also ensure that players continue to play on the slots.

There is nothing wrong with some extra sound to cheer up the atmosphere and to make it all a bit bigger. But when the same sounds ensure that you continue to play for longer, it becomes a different story. After all, nobody wants to be glued to a game by behavioral manipulation.

In this article you can read more about the aforementioned research. You can also read how you can prevent you from continuing to play longer than is desirable or necessary.

Research into the effect of sounds in slots

Mike Dixon is a professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo. Over the years he has been involved in various prominent investigations into slots. His work to the sounds of these games is one of his most praised investigations.

The research shows that sounds of slots make you think that you have won more money than is actually true. For example, with a deployment of $ 1, you can be celebrated a winning combination with a lot of sound. The fact that the proceeds from the winning combination are only $ 0.50 is less noticeable. The sound gives you the feeling that you are an absolute winner.

How was the investigation carried out?

The research was conducted among 96 test persons. They each played two hours on a slot machine. During the study, the physiological reactions of the participants were measured. Profit, loss and losses disguised as profits (so -called LDWs) were all measured with the sound on and off.

During the investigation it became clear that the palms of participants betrayed what was going on in their heads. With excitement, for example, these became sweaty. Their heart rate went up at times when there was won.

In the first hour, LDWs and victories were reinforced by festive sounds and animations. In the second hour, only the animations remained while the sounds were switched off.

After two hours of play, researchers asked the gamblers who had experienced the round as the most pleasant. It was also asked how the players thought they had done it in terms of profit and loss.

On average, the heartbeat of players was much higher in the first hour than in the second. Sweating palms were much more common in the first hour. The players also had the idea that they had won more money in the first hour than in the second hour. However, the reality was different.

About the same profits and losses were made in both the first and second hour. However, participants gave a difference of 25% more profit in the first hour.

The researchers team drew the conclusion that sounds contributed to the pleasure of players in the game. In addition, it was also certain that sound leads to a overestimation of the profit. They also indicated that both effects can contribute to gambling problems. For example, misconceptions arise about the actual opportunities to win. The perseverance that some players experience is also influenced when playing slot machines.

Addictive nature of sounds in slots

The study conducted puts slots and in particular developers of slots now not exactly in a good daylight. Players may become somewhat suspicious, since the sounds of the slots is almost the first time is to hear when one steps into the casino.

On the other hand, it is very easy to circumvent the effects that these sounds have. Simply by being aware of what exactly they do. Unknowingly, players respond to these sounds. Those who play responsibly can no longer be guided by triumphant sounds of the slots.

There are more of these types of tricks

Not only the sound that slots make ensures that players are lured to these games. There are many more elements that ensure that players sometimes start playing unintentionally on a slot machine:

Flashing lights
When a winning combination falls on the roles, this is not only celebrated with sound. There are also all kinds of lights that are accompanied by special effects. Here too, these lights and special effects must be viewed with suspicion. Even a profit of $ 0.20 is already celebrated with an impressive light show.

Many games are developed from a certain theme. Animals, cartoons, fairy tales or sports are a few of the most popular themes. These themes appeal to people more than a machine with only some game symbols.

A trend that has occurred in the past ten years is the use of themes related to feature films. Celebrities or television series are also a source of inspiration Game developers. Players identify with a certain film, TV series or actor and choose to try the game.

Bonuses and vip rewards
In physical casinos you can quickly collect a lot of points on the bonus card while playing on slots. At online casinos, huge bonuses are sometimes given away with which players suddenly have twice as much play credit.

However, the actual advantage of these bonuses and rewards is nil in practice. There are often strict conditions attached to bonuses. Bonus points that one gets in the casino have a very low value in reality. It therefore takes a huge long before one can take advantage of the saved points.

Many slots are linked to a progressive jackpot or have a large jackpot on offer. The amounts that can be won with this sometimes run in the millions.

Jackpots work like a red piece on a bull and effortlessly attract players. Everyone realizes that the jackpots only fall in a very long period. But what if that moment comes exactly when you will play on the slot machine?

Psychological effects

Game developers not only use light and sound to give players the idea that are winning a lot. Psychological manipulation also plays a role. The most famous is the so -called "Losses Diquised as wins" (LDWs) or freely translated the "Loses disguised as a profit".

For example, you get three the same symbols on a paylines. These will give you $ 0.50 profit. Your commitment was $ 1 and your loss is therefore $ 0.50. Because of the sounds and lights you have the idea that you have made a big profit.

Slots can bring you into a kind of intoxication where you completely forget your time. You start playing and you are completely busy with the game. The lights and sounds hold that intoxication so that you can completely lose the time awareness. Try to prevent this by keeping an eye on the time you play. You may then realize much faster that there are more fun games in the casino.

Play with friends
Most of the players are played individually by most players. But taking a friend with you and playing a game together on a slot machine can sometimes be much nicer. It also applies that the chance that you will point each other in time will be increased. In addition, friends will certainly ensure that you continue to look realistic at the balance between profit and loss.


Dixon's research shows that the sound effects of Slots can ensure that you continue to play longer. If you play on autopilot, it is more likely that you will fall for these tricks. After all, the sounds are designed in a intention to give you a good feeling with every win.

The key is to ignore the noise and analyze every twist. Did you win real money during a round? Or have you only won a small payout that is not even the same as your initial commitment? Furthermore, it is of course simply important to always keep the overview. Before you play, determine the amount that you want to use and do not go over it.