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There are plenty of people who like gambling, but not everyone loves casinos. And that makes sense. It is difficult to love a place if you regularly leave the casino empty -handed. Most people agree that there are some not so nice aspects of casinos that really oppose us.

In this article we have listed the five most frequently heard irritations among players.

The house advantage of the casino

It is no secret that every game in a casino has a house advantage. The games are set up in such a way that casinos always make a profit in the long term. That makes sense, because a casino is just a company that has costs and has to pay employees. Does this therefore ensure that people no longer visit the casino? No definitely not. Everyone can find out the house advantage of a game. Everyone knows it exists. People hope for a little luck or rely on the strategy that one uses.

People are attracted to this Casino Games Due to the potential of high payments. But in the long term you will inevitably lose more than you win. It is always in your own interest to find out what the opportunities are for each game. Choose a game where the chances are at least reasonable. In addition, it is important to know that the house benefit applies in the long term. If you make a big profit in the first hour of your casino visit, then the best choice is to leave right away.

A good example of this is blackjack. If you are familiar with the Basic strategy of Blackjack, you can lower the house advantage.

Licenses can influence the risk of your guaranteed loss. In many countries, casinos need a permit to operate. For the countries that do not need this, the player can run a greater risk of being cheated by the casino. This is because the casino is not held to license standards.

If you choose to go to a casino, choose one American Casino With a permit! There is always the possibility of winning, but remember that the opportunities are not to your advantage.

Smoky spaces

Most people do not enjoy a building filled with cigarette smoke. Since 2020 we have not been bothered by that in the Netherlands. Due to the import of the smoking ban and the abolition of smoking rooms, it is no longer permitted to smoke in American casinos. In many other countries that is even different. Smoking is allowed there or are separate spaces available for smokers.

Some casinos are older and have a strong smoking odor that is essentially disturbing for the environment and the people in it.

Smoking indoors is somewhat softened in many states of America. But you can still find it in many casinos. Fortunately, a few casinos have made an effort to set up smoke -free facilities.

The real letdown is that casinos that have smoke also serve food and drinks. A cigarette after a meal may be great, but a cigarette during a meal is less.

Unfortunately, it is true that many gamblers are also hardened smokers. Partly because of this, casinos have seen their income decrease worldwide. Many players have exchanged the physical casino for the Online casinos. They can then gamble what they want and just smoke a cigarette while gambling.

Drunk players

Enjoying a drink from time to time is of course very tasty. And when people in their own house or far away from others get drunk, that's no problem. That will be different when the player next to you at the Blackjack table is drunk.

Nobody likes a sloppy drunkard in a casino. Especially not if someone is disturbing and makes things definitely unpleasant for everyone in the building. Everyone probably knows someone who has behaved like this in the past. Or maybe you have been guilty of such behavior.

Casinos are notorious because of the distribution of free drinks. They are sometimes strongly watered down, but it can be drunk after a while. Moreover, many people buy drinks while they wander around the casino.

If you have enough drunk fools together in a casino, you get a fight and shouting. And in general that just gives a bad time for others who are and want to enjoy it soberly.


When you walk into a casino, it can be so full that it can be difficult to move. Sitting shoulder on shoulder in a large noisy room is not really the idea of a pleasant evening out for many.

If you have anxiety disorders, then a casino will certainly not be a pleasant experience for you. Shoulder on shoulder standing next to a drunk stranger can, however, be frightening for everyone. Many people who hate crowds prefer to gamble in the morning. This does not always exclude that it is less busy.

If you are in a casino, the energy is very high. Most people have a drink in hand. This can create an atmosphere that feels like a jungle.

And even if that is not the case, it just means that you have to constantly think of your wallet and your phone. To what people around you do, and that you can't really concentrate on the games themselves.

Aggression and violence

One day a huge guy - almost two meters long with a matching beer belly - decided to gamble at 8 o'clock in the morning. They should have known that he would make problems when he entered. He had such an extremely intense look on his face.

When he signed up at the counter, the receptionist saw a yellow marking next to his name. Yellow check marks mean that someone is a high roller or an aggressive cheat. He could have been both and it turned out to be. He was allowed to play, but only on condition that the security personnel was informed. The guy had just sat down or he started to throw huge sums of money around.

He placed heavy bets over the entire table. After a few consecutive losses, his mood changed. He threatened to throw a metal ashtray at the dealer.

You can find more of such stories on the internet. It is almost logical that things like this would be quite normal. People who lose all their money can be in a situation who evokes pretty intense emotions. And it's just a matter of time before someone finally explodes. You might wonder what those people do in a casino.


Of course casinos can be an interesting experience. But sometimes it is much better to spend your time (and money) in an online casino.

You will not encounter crowds, you can breathe in your own air and you will be less likely to encounter sloppy drunkards or aggressive gamblers. You also do not have to cover long distances and you are logged in to your favorite casino website within a minute.

Most things mentioned here can be avoided by simply gambling at a good online casino. However, those who swear by a physical casino will have to include these inevitiveness.

Written by Henry Scheffers

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