The signs that you build up a gambling addiction

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How do you know for sure that you are gambling too much? There are various signs that you could recognize a possible gambling addiction.

Before the signs are discussed, something must first be noticed. This article is not written for the real problem gamblers. There are also people who have already fallen into such an addiction that better help can be sought.

Your gambling behavior can be a sign that you are on your way to an addiction. The information is therefore primarily intended for players who can still control their behavior or the people who may have to take a distance from gambling through a break. Many gamblers only go to a casino or Legal online casino For the fun that is available. With this no money is used that cannot be missed, but with money that can be used. This is a big difference with addicted gamblers, who often lose everything.

Despite your own responsibility and the fact that you also deal with your money in a responsible manner, you may contain one of the signs that are discussed below. You can then take a break from gambling to relax again.

Losing good

It is not immediately a description of too many gambling, but it must be named. Many gamblers will want to make up for a loss by chasing it. After all, you ultimately want to go home with a sum of money. It does not necessarily mean that you are actually developing a gambling problem with the pursuit of losses, but it could eventually lead to this.

It is mainly a problem because you will do this if you normally do not do this. Going to a casino is often not for achieving profits, but mainly for playing pleasure. An evening of Casino is often fun, but sometimes a win is much more fun. The casino always has a house advantage, so you will always lose the dealers in the long run.

The pursuit of a loss therefore ensures that you lose much faster. When you have determined a certain balance, you will notice that this balance is much faster because you try to compensate for the loss. If you know how you can tackle the opportunities in the short and long term, you ensure that you can keep your balance for a longer period of time and therefore have more pleasure.

Get less sleep

Less sleeping naturally has several factors. It is therefore not easy to determine that it has to do with a gambling addiction. If you have trouble getting asleep, it is always good to first consider whether it has to do with your gambling problem. If it has to do with unrest and you mainly think about gambling, then you have to worry. After all, your sleep pattern is influenced by it.

Solving a sleeping problem is not easy and you often have to call in extra help for this. Being aware of the fact that you are awake by gambling is already a step in the right direction. After all, lying awake because of the choices you make in the casino are never good.

However, it could also be that you develop a sleeping problem because you prefer to find in the casino. You have made this choice yourself, but in some cases you will also be attracted. You must always be aware of the fact that this happens.

This makes making a well -considered decision a lot easier. A full -time job and many responsibilities in life can ensure that you are less in the casino and therefore do not spend the money too much Casino games.

Hiding from others

This is actually one of the most important factors that you can notice that you are developing a gambling addiction. Every time you hide that you are in the casino or bought a scratch card, indicates that you have a problem. After all, your loved ones sometimes have to know what is going on and everyone takes a gamble once in a while.

When you are going to hide everything from your loved ones, you must first wonder why you do this. It is possible that you yourself unconsciously also realize that you are doing this too often. The cause must therefore first be found before you take further steps.

In this case it may also be advisable to gamble less. You can then take a step back and perhaps the conversation with your loved ones can get going. You can start working on the extra time you have left on yourself. For example, you can look for the cause of keeping secret. You may have a reason for this and there is no gambling problem at all. However, it may also be that you are just gambling too much and do not want to show this to the outside world.


Many people mainly go gambling when they are tired. This actually happens with every gambler. You still want to go to the casino, even though you could actually lie in bed better. Everyone is guilty of it and most of them do not regret it. Only fatigue can lead to major mistakes. Not being able to stop if you are tired can be a sign of gambling addiction.

An example to show when people gamble with fatigue: there are players who mainly go to the casino for a good poker game. Most players know the basic rules and can set a good game, so that profits are also achieved. Only playing full -time is often not possible.

These players therefore mainly benefit from the games of bad players, so that a lead can be achieved. In this case it is profitable to continue. If the profit starts to stop slowly and you are getting tired, you better stop. Your lead will disappear.

However, you can also continue if you are tired. In this case you will make many mistakes that can eventually be very expensive to you. Because when you start making mistakes, the other mistakes follow themselves automatically. You have to pick yourself up again by taking rest, so that you build up a lead again at a later time.

Not being able to pay accounts by gambling addiction

If you start to pay the bills as a gambler, then it is a sign that you have a problem. You must then be the first to take a good look at where all the money is going that is actually intended for the accounts.

For example, you can look at your gambling patterns. For example, are you a winning or losing player? If you cannot answer this, this often means that you are a losing player and something has to change.

It is a fact that most players will only lose in the longer term. A casino has been developed for this. The chance that you will be a winning player is quite small. This is only possible, for example, if you are going to count the cards at Blackjack, start using sports or play poker at a high level. Watch out, because the players who count cards can also suffer from a gambling addiction

Not possible for everyone

Other gamblers will never reach this top. But even then it is virtually impossible to win the highest amounts of money in the longer term. You therefore have to keep a close eye on your expenses and gambling and keep track of something.

If you keep everything, you can also come to the conclusion that you mainly earn back your bets or are winning. In this case you don't always have to stop gambling. You do have to pay all your bills. Only gambling is not exactly the best way to earn the money for the bills.

You can therefore better spend your time on an extra job or work full -time. If you find out that you mainly turn losing, then you really have to stop gambling and first pay off all the bills. If you can't do this, you really have a gambling addiction.

It is no longer a shame not to walk around in a casino. With sufficient responsibility you can then ensure that you pay off all your bills. However, such decisions are often made by well -trained persons who see the need for them.

Social problems due to gambling addiction

In the social field a lot can change if you are developing a gambling problem. However, just like with a sleeping problem, it is not easy to recognize that it has to do with gambling. You must therefore also look at the cause.

For example, if there are more disagreements in the relationships, it may be that it actually has to do with gambling. You may be much more tense because you are also leading big losses.

Gambling is of course not always the cause of the social problems. However, gambling can make you irritable because you are disappointed with the losses. It should be noted that only professionals can make a good diagnosis and that a professional must also be called in to resolve the problems within relationships.

This article is mainly intended to show that gambling problems can be a cause of things that play a role within your social life. If you experience these problems, it can be a wise choice to temporarily no longer gamble.

Lose more and more money due to gambling addiction

To recognize whether you are really developing a gambling problem, this is perhaps the most obvious. You are going to lose more and more money, so you also lose money that you can't miss at all. If this is the case, it is better to start welding a break. The losses can become so high that you can ultimately pay nothing more in life.

It is to insert a break at that time. You can use your break, for example, to build a piggy bank again, but also by getting more information about the casino, for example. After all, you want to become a winning player.

There are many books, videos and other tools that can help you get more skill in gambling. You can also look at other players to see how they play the game. By practicing with this, you can eventually earn money again.

Losing money can be prevented. There are not many options for it. Of course (temporarily) stopping is the best solution. You cannot use too much money and the losses no longer occur.

In addition, you can practice so that you learn how to get a lead within the game. There is a chance that you do not want to stop gambling, because you also like it too much. You then have to get started with gathering knowledge, so that you can continue for the rest of your life.


Most gamblers love it and will not give up gambling. Only there are enough gamblers who have regularly taken a break in their career to ensure that there was no gambling problem. Nobody actually regretted this. After all, the more you gamble, the greater the chance that there will be a gambling addiction and you will also notice it while playing.

In this article, sufficient signals have been discussed that contribute to a gambling problem. By keeping it regularly in mind, you can ensure that you can determine for yourself when a break should come.

After all, you can always pick up gambling again at a later time. By sharing your time wisely and thereby also limiting the losses, you can even learn how to improve your game in a longer term. Try to be a gambling addiction.