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Bingo is one of the most common gambling games in the world. In addition, it is also one of the most accepted forms. After all, it is played everywhere, even in the church. And which other casino game do you know that are played in such situations?

However bingo Not in one variant. There are a large amount of variants. These are discussed in this article.

American bingo with 75 balls

The game that most people are familiar with is the traditional American bingo. 75 balls are used for this and the bingo card has a grid of five rows and five columns. The columns are labeled with B-I-N-G-O. Each column has five numbers, which runs from 1 to 75. In addition, the columns are also divided into 15 numbers. For example, the first column only has the numbers 1 to 15, the second column 16 to 30 and so on.

As soon as a player gets five songs in a row, which can occur horizontally, vertically and diagonally, this bingo must call and win the prize pool.

UK Bingo with 90 balls

Bingo in the United Kingdom looks immediately different. This is because use is made of 90 balls, so that additional fields are added. The bingo cards are called tickets here and consist of 27 fields instead of 25. The squares have 9 columns with 3 rows. A row of this bingo has 5 digits and 4 empty spots. A maximum of 3 numbers will therefore occur in a column.

The first column has the numbers 1 to 10, the second 11 to 20 and so on. The tickets are printed in strips of 6 tickets, so that all numbers between 1 and 90 can be on the tickets. A winning combination is very different. You can win with 4 in the corners, a horizontal line, two lines and a full house.

Online bingo with 80 balls

A bingo game with 80 balls is specially designed for the online world. The bingo cards are equipped with a grid of 4 × 4 and have a total of 16 numbers. In addition, the first column has the numbers 1 to 20, the second column 21 to 40 and so on. You have the goal of getting a winning pattern. This varies as the game is played longer.

Speed bingo with 30 balls

This variant is also mainly played in the online environments. You have to deal with 30 balls at Speed Bingo, which means that the game automatically goes much faster. The bingo card is equipped with a 3 × 3 grid in this case. There are therefore only 9 numbers on the map

At Speed Bingo there is only a winner to be found. This automatically increases the bets. With other games, where you can divide the prices between players, you can expect the lower bets.

Blackout bingo

Blackout Bingo is a game that is played as a variation on traditional American bingo. In this case you should not get five in a row, but to fill all 25 places on the bingo card. This means that you have to collect many more songs before you can call bingo.

Another name of this game is 4 × 4 block. It doesn't matter which block you fill in, as long as you do it. This allows you to get a large number of bingo patterns.

Fixed Jackpot Bingo

You can also categorize the different games within Bingo by the type of jackpot. One of the possibilities is a fixed jackpot. You can compare this with a slot machine where a fixed jackpot can be found. So you have a jackpot of a certain amount that is determined in advance at the game.

For example, you can buy a bingo card for 1 euro. The price that has been determined in advance is 200 euros. It doesn't matter how many people are participating. As a winner you can always expect 200 euros.

The Progressive Jackpot Bingo

You can also compare a bingo game with a progressive jackpot with the Slots With a progressive jackpot. The size of the jackpot will gradually grow. You can also compare it with lotteries. If the jackpot is not won, it will be much higher at the next lottery. Only when the amount is won will the amount go back to the amount it was at the start.

With a bingo game with a progressive jackpot, it is much more difficult to win than with traditional variants. There are also very different conditions for this. It is therefore rare that someone actually wins the main prize.


Bingo tournaments are often played. A tournament is a series of bingo games, where you collect points when you achieve a profit. You play against other players. In fact you always do this, but much more with these tournaments. It is precisely the series of bingo games and the points that you have to score that make a tournament so different.

On the internet you often have free bingo tournaments for free or for cash at your disposal. In most cases you can only brag about the profit you have achieved at a tournament, but in some cases you can actually play for cash prizes. These tournaments are also called freerolls.

Bingo slots

Slots are often not allowed in the United States. However, this law can be circumvented by having the slots work as a bingo game. Because of this they sound like slot machines, but the random numbers are removed from a single central generator. This means you have a bingo game at your disposal. However, if you see the rotating roles, you will also see the electronic representation of a bingo card. This ultimately ensures the profits that you will achieve. In this case, the symbols will be a reflection of what happens within the bingo game.

Online casino bingo

Online casinos offer more and more bingo. A nice activity in the coronation time if you can't go to a bingohal. The bets are low and you can have fun all day without having a lot of money.

Due to the chat function, online bingo also has a social function. People get friends through the chat rooms and often meet to play online together. A good example of an online casino where the4 chat is an important part is tombola.

New bingo games

People always need variation. When you often see the same things passing by, you will get used to it. This actually also happens with bingo. The game is always structured the same. It is therefore sometimes joked that a bingo card must be made for certain events. For example, you can have certain statements on the map appear and every time someone says this, it must be ticked.

However, these bingo cards have already been designed for various other things. Consider, for example, game shows and other television programs. Every time something specific happens, you can collect it on the map. This form of new bingo games are available in multiple themes and can cause a lot of entertainment.

Road Trip bingo

In principle, you can already play this game if you go on a road trip yourself. For example, you can write names of different cities on a square, where the others in the car have to look out at certain license plates or other things that had to do with this city. The shape with license plates is also called license plate bingo. You can make many different variations on this variant to keep it fun for the entire family.


Various variants of Bingo have been mentioned above. These are just a small number of the variants that have arisen on the bingo playing over the years. You can work with various winning patterns, which can also be seen as a separate game. In addition, the bingo slots are also variants at the game.

Because Bingo is one of the most played games from all over the world, it is not strange that so many variations have arisen. There can also be more variants in the future. For you as a player this can ensure that it stays varied and keeps your pleasure in playing.

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