The biggest mistakes you can make in a casino

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Even when you do everything well and happiness is on your side, the casino still makes enough profit. This is because of the house advantage that is present at every casino game.

During a casino visit, the most important goal is to lose as little money as possible. That sounds logical, but when you read biggest mistakes that make gamblers, it will soon turn out to be different. Maybe you make them yourself too.

In this article read about the biggest mistakes that people make during a casino visit. In addition, you learn more about why these choices are so wrong.

1. Play on slots

Slot machines are the most popular game in the casino. And that is also why they are at the top of this list. In the first place, slots are much less exciting than playing other games. You throw some money in a machine, click on a button and then hope that there will be a price. You do not affect the game in any way. That makes playing on a slot machine fairly boring.

With other games you have some influence on the game and therefore also much better chances.

Every table game in the casino offers you better opportunities than the slots, especially if you stick to the right bets. And that means, among other things, that you avoid all sidebets. Because Huisvoordeel is even higher than on Slots.

Video poker is better

A video poker game looks like a slot machine, but has considerable advantages. One is that you know what you are starting in terms of opportunities. After all, the number of cards in a game is certain. Theoretically, you can therefore make a chance calculation. That is not possible with slots.

Slot machines are the fastest games in the casino

Not only are the chances of slots worse, but you will also lose more money because of the playing speed. The average slot machine makes 600 spins per hour, while the average roulette may only place 40 bets per hour. Guess who will lose more money in that comparison?

2. Do not use basic strategy of Blackjack

Blackjack has the reputation to offer the smarter gamblers the best opportunities. This reputation is not for nothing. The chance that you will win at Blackjack, if you are the right strategy Used, larger than any other game.

Many players let themselves be carried away by the gambling element in the Blackjack. As a result, they make loss in the long term. For example, they ask an extra card at 18, just to give a try or increase the tension. Such choices increase the house advantage that the casino has on a player.

However, anyone who takes the trouble to learn to use the basic strategy retains the minimum house benefit. That differs per table but is on average below 1%. However, every time you deviate from the basic strategy, that percentage is increased. Playing blackjack without a basic strategy is definitely a big mistake. Fortunately, making that error is easy to avoid.

3. Drink too much

One of the first things that affects alcohol is your assessment power. You estimate things differently and often wrong. You cannot think clearly and do not always oversee the consequences of your actions. The more alcohol you consume, the more you lose control.

The latter that a gambler needs is a reduced assessment.

After all, there are already enough distractions in a casino. You have flashing lights and exciting sounds of slots around you. People win left and right money. There is something going on everywhere.

The last thing you need when gambling in such a situation is a reduced assessment. After all, you must always be able to make the most good decisions while gambling.

Even when you are a seasoned drinker, alcohol will affect your assessment power. And that will guarantee that you lose more money than would be necessary. It is best to drink alcohol at all during the visit to a casino.

4. Play with money that you should not lose

The only money you should gamble with is money that you do not need for other purposes. Some put money aside, others have enough money and determine a gambling budget. But responsible gamblers never play with money that is intended for groceries or the rent, for example.

Don't be seduced by films in which people pay off all their debts or save their company after a casino visit. That reality does not exist.

In the gambling world, the idea of that money that you should not lose is always lost. It influences your playing method. You are not relaxed enough, because there is that fear of losing the money.

So determine a budget for your gambling activities and stay within that budget. Know how much you are willing to lose during your casino visit. Never use money that you have set aside for other purposes to gamble. Whoever does that will undoubtedly regret it.

5. Play for casino points

Those who visit a casino (or a gambling hall) can use a customer card. This creates the possibility of collecting points.

You can exchange those points later, when you have saved enough, for a nice gift. This can, for example, be a dinner or an overnight stay in a luxury hotel, but sometimes also cash.

Of course you always have to use it. After all, it is something that the casino offers you for free. However, what you should avoid is that you are going to play more in order to collect more points. Feel free to gather casino points, but don't be tempted to play more than you intended.

6. Trying to cheat

And then we don't mean card counting, because that is no form of cheating. After all, counting cards is just using your mind to think about the game you play. With that you can make better decisions. There is nothing illegal or unethical counting cards at Blackjack. Nevertheless, casinos give you a play ban when they see it.

For example, by cheating, I mean an attempt to steal chips. Or build a friendship with a dealer with the aim of benefiting from it. Together with another player trying to influence the game is also cheating. The same applies to changing your commitment after a winning number is known at Roulette.

Make no mistake: all these matters are punishable. You will not only receive a denial of your casino visit, but you can even be prosecuted.

There are plenty of stories from people who write with a lot of Tamtam about how they played cheating at a casino. When reading those stories, remember that the author can write about it because he has served his punishment time.

Winning a few euros at a gambling game is not worth prison. So always play honestly and always follow instructions of the casino personnel.

7. Play blackjack with a 6/5 payment

In a standard blackjackspel pays a natural blackjack one and a half times your bet (3: 2)

This means that for every euro that you use, you get 1.5 times paid. A Natural Blackjack is a hand of two cards that is a total of 21. In other words, it is a hand that consists of an ace and a 10.

However, casinos sometimes also have a version of blackjack where you get a 6: 5 payout for blackjack. That means you get 1.2 times your bet.

A payment of 3: 2 with a bet of $ 5 is $ 7.50. However, a payout of 6: 5 on a bet of $ 5 is $ 6. That is quite a difference. The house advantage increases by more than 2% if you play in a 6: 5 game. So never play this 6: 5 variant. Almost every other game in the casino (except slots) give you a better house advantage.


In this article if you have the most common mistakes in a casino. Whoever visits the casino and end the evening with some profit, will definitely have to avoid these mistakes.