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It is the dream of every casino player, influence the game and in that way win more. It seems impossible, because why would it be called gambling differently? Yet there are certainly ways and strategies to be able to play a game better and to influence your chances of winning.

Table games in particular lend themselves well to applying your strategy. Spell as BlackJack, Craps and Roulette can certainly increase your chances of more profit if you apply certain tactics. In other games as Slots, Bingo or, for example, scratch cards, this is not the case. In this article we will respond to both variants and show what you as a player can pay attention to in order to get the most benefit from a game. As a player, you always have the most influence on a game and you can adjust your tactics accordingly.

We describe in this article how you as a player can improve your strategies and what you should pay attention to. We go deeper into certain strategies per game and look at the pros and cons. We also look at other, more general tips and strategies that can give you more structure and control at the games in the casino.

Why choose a casino strategy?

Especially at the table games in the casino, such as blackjack, roulette or craps, it can be very lucrative to opt for a strategy. What a strategy mainly does is to offer you as a player structure and control. It ensures that you think better about how you want to play your game and already know in advance which move you want to make at what time.

Especially with a game like Blackjack, it is very possible to have thought in advance which route and puts you want to go through. Because this game offers multiple options and gives you as a player choices, you can also determine your chances of winning with good preparation.

As a player, it is always very important to play with good Money Management. This means that you are in control and keeps over your budget and know exactly how you want to distribute this budget. Before you play the game, you as a player have thought of what your budget, commitment and quantity can be played. In addition, it is important to know how high your maximum loss can be. If you as a player adhere to these things, it is your first strategy and protects you against playing with emotion.

Each game includes different strategies. Some more difficult than others, but certainly a suitable strategy for every player. We go a little deeper into some strategies for the most popular games.

Different strategies and games

  • Blackjack Basic Strategy: With the Blackjack game it is important to get as close as possible to the 21 points as a player with your cards. You have to finish higher than the dealer, but should not go over 21 points. When you choose the basic strategy As a player, choose more control and structure. On the basis of a matrix you as a player can see exactly what the best choices are based on a certain blackjack card.

So it can be good to split, fit or to to ensure. For example, splitting is best if you are dealing with two aces, but certainly not always with cards below 8. Doubling is better if your cards are worth a maximum of 9.10 or 11 points.

Counting cards can also be a very handy strategy at Blackjack. That way, as a player you know better how much and which cards are not yet shared. However, this strategy is more difficult to apply online.

  • Poker strategy and tips: Poker is a card game where many variants are played. One of the most famous variants is Texas Hold ‘Em. A poker hand consists of 5 cards and there is played with chips. A player can call, fold or raise per round.

Different strategies play at Poker. Don't play with too many hands, so you keep an overview and you don't have too many hands that don't produce anything. In addition, make sure that you manage the rules of your chosen poker variant well. Because there are so many different variants, it is very important that you know exactly what the rules are of a game variant.

Think about the possible cards of your opponents. Pay close attention to what they do and try to keep a close eye on what they do and what they play with. In addition to learning from this, it is also good for estimating the game.

In the beginning, be careful with bluffing. This requires practice and can cost you a lot of money if you do not apply it in a good way. Give yourself time to gain experience and learn in the game.

Practice with poker is very important. Do not immediately start playing for money, but first play many practice games. In this way you discover which strategy suits you best and you also learn important techniques such as bluffing without it costing your money.

  • Roulette strategies: Roulette is played with a ball and a roulette wheel. As a player you bet on a color, a single or more songs. If the ball ends up on this, you win. There are many strategies to be applied to the roulette game that give you more chance of winning as a player.

One of the most famous roulette strategies is the Martingale strategy. As a player you have determined a basic deployment. If you then lose a round, you will doubl the bet. When a round is won, the bet returns to basics. Because this strategy is so clear and simple, many players use it. Unfortunately, this system is not profitable because it has pitfalls such as a maximum bet.

Another commonly used system is the Fibonacci system. This is used on the basis of a certain series of numbers. This order was conceived by an Italian mathematician. The series of numbers means that another number is always the sum of the two numbers for it. The choice of this series is to go back to 1 when winning.

How do you choose the best casino strategy?

It is quite possible that due to the enormous amount of strategies you no longer see the forest as a player. How do you choose a strategy that suits you best and how do you get useful in it? The most important thing is that as a player you first choose the game that suits you best. The moment you notice that you are good at a game, you can delve into more and more.

Good preparation is the most important thing. This certainly includes practicing well. You don't want to dive and play for a lot of money right away. For almost all table games you can find good practice variants where you can play for free. In this way you will find out better and better what are useful tactics and putting for you. By practicing the free play, you can also clearly see what the tactics of other players are and learn from it again.

Good preparation also includes seeing the basic rules and the rules that are applied to the different variants. The moment you as a player know exactly what the rules are, you can stand above this and exercise control. You don't be surprised by the casino or dealer and you know exactly what your options are at what time of the game.

Choose at the Online casinos Preferably for games in a live casino. In this way you have to deal with a live dealer and there is communication. In this way the influence you as a player have is always greater than when there is a computer -generated dealer.

For games where a strategy does not work well, such as slots, bingo games or scratch cards, other things you should pay attention to are important. Think of the presence of bonuses, it return to player percentage Or pay attention to a bet limit. In addition, always play with one Reliable American Casino. Since October 2021, American online casinos have to meet the guidelines of the American Gaming Authority, the KSA. This way you as a player know for sure that you are playing in a safe and reliable casino. A number of these online casinos are: Kansino, Jack’s Casino, Bet365, or

Well -known American casinos

Conclusion About Casino Strategy

Having a casino strategy is extremely important. However, it cannot just be used for all games. A strategy works best with specific table games such as blackjack, roulette or poker. With these games you as a player can exert control and influence on your chances of winning and the course of the game.

There are many different strategies that you can choose from. These vary per game and variant, and it is very important that you as a player choose a strategy that suits you best. Before you can choose a good strategy, good preparation is of great importance. As a player you have to know very well what you are doing and what the rules of a game are before you can apply a strategy. To practice this, it is smart to first participate in free practice games.

In the online casinos it is wise to choose the Live Casino variants. This is played with real croupiers and dealers and this makes your influence as a player bigger and more realistic. Choose a American online casino, so you know for sure that you are playing in a safe and reliable environment.

Finally, ensure good money management as a player. This is basically your first strategy. With Good Money Management you determine in advance what your budget is, what you want to use and how many rounds you want to play. This way you have already made your first choices and you cannot therefore be faced with surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you earn money guaranteed with the right casino strategy?

No, guaranteed to make money in a casino, not even with a strategy. What it does is to increase the chance of winning because you as a player know exactly what you want to do and how a game goes. This way you can make better choices that can make the game a favorable chance for you.

How do I determine which strategy suits me best?

To find out which strategy suits you best, it is important to practice well first. After choosing the game that suits you best, the deepening comes into the rules and everything that goes with it. After you fully control that as a player, it is wise to practice in free online versions. You can try out strategies and learn from your fellow players. This way you find out which strategy suits you best without losing the risk of this.

As a beginner, can I apply the Blackjack strategy?

It is certainly possible to apply the Blackjack strategy as a beginner. Strategies are used by both starting and professional players. Teaching a strategy also means that you delve well into the rules of a game and everything that comes with it. If you do that as a starting player, it means that you get better and better in the game and thus get more control over the course.

Is it always allowed to apply a casino strategy?

Yes, this is always allowed. It is recommended to take a good look at the rules and to think carefully about your Money Management in advance. Because of this, as a player you do not go beyond your limits and you know what the course of your game should be, even if you lose a round. The moment you play without a strategy, chances are that you will make decisions based on emotion and take too much loss too quickly.