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The Central Register Exclusion Gambling (Cruks) has reached the limit of 10,000 registrations. On October 1 of 2021, the Gaming Authority (KSA) started handing out licenses to providers of online gambling. This was possible due to a new law: the remote Gambling Act (KOA). Because there are people with a sensitivity to gambling addiction, the Cruks was also created.

Offering online games of chance in a legal way was a necessary development in the American gambling landscape. But there was also a necessity for a well -regulated addiction prevention. With 10,000 registrations, Cruks has therefore actually reached a vulnerable target group that are protected preventively against gambling addiction.

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What are Prints?

Cruks is a national register. Gambling addicts and problem gamblers are included in this register. As soon as someone knows how to be sensitive to a gambling addiction, this person can voluntarily be admitted to the register. However, people can also be forced to register in the cruks. These are extreme cases of gambling addiction and can even be done by the providers of games of chance themselves.

Before anyone can gamble, gambling providers must consult the Cruks whether this person is registered. If this is the case, they may not give the person access to the offer of games of chance. The gambling facilities that the register must consult are the branches of Holland Casino, slot machine halls and Online Gaming Providers. After a person is registered in the cruks, this applies for at least 6 months. It can then be canceled or extended to a maximum of 99 years.

How does cruks work?

When entering casinos, the identity card is asked. In addition to checking the age, it is also checked whether this person is in the register of the Cruks. If this is the case, the person is not let in. If not, the person can just go inside and enjoy a visit to the casino. Incidentally, new technology is being worked on to speed up this process.

In American online casinos it works in a different way. Since the legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands, a number of information must be entered when registering an account. Part of the mandatory data is the citizen service number (BSN). This is used to see if a person is registered in the cruks. If this is the case, this person cannot create an account at the online gambling provider.

Starting problems

When the KOA Act entered into force on Friday, October 1, 2021, it was intended that the Cruks was also useful. However, due to technical problems there were a number of problems in the system. This resulted in postponing the launch of the first legal online casinos in the Netherlands. Only 24 hours later the first online providers opened their virtual doors: Toto, GGPoker and were the first live.

Only a few days later, on Monday, October 4, 2021, the Cruks also came online and it was possible to register. The start of cruks was therefore not exactly ideal. This resulted in the submission of parliamentary questions by the ChristenUnie and the SP. After all, the intention was that a system was immediately put into operation for the prevention of Gambling.

The growth of cruks

After a somewhat difficult start, it was possible for people to register in the cruks. In the first two weeks this happened more than 1,600 times. The number of registrations rose to around 3,500 in the rest of October. The then Minister Dekker indicated that the problems with the register were only fully resolved on 20 October.

The KSA announced on Tuesday 15 March (2022) that the number of registrations in Cruks reached 10,000. The people in the register are therefore excluded from games of chance in the Netherlands for 6 months.


People who are registered in the cruks therefore do not have the opportunity to gamble with a license with a gambling providers. The providers are obliged to consult the register and to refuse a person when this person is registered. However, the system is not waterproof. For example, there are still illegal websites where the regulation can be circumvented. With these providers it is not possible to guarantee that the games are fair and the user is sufficiently protected.

It is therefore advisable to always check whether an online casino has a license from the KSA. A registered person can also participate in the toto In the store instead of online. It is not possible for the shopkeeper to consult the cruks.

Cruks Procedure for Gaming Providers

It is also interesting to go deeper into the precise effect of the cruks. How exactly do online gambling providers use the system? If the providers get their license, a number of steps apply.

Firstly, the gambling provider must be in possession of a license issued by the KSA. They then sign up to join the Cruks. The control takes place on the basis of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate. This is a computer file, a kind of digital passport, that the KSA says that everything is legitimate.

The PKI certificate is then installed by the gambling provider on a server that is connected to Cruks. A PKI certificate costs 400 euros.

To test

Finally, the registration is completed and the gambling provider receives a message from the KSA that can be tested. A safe test environment is provided, so that no external factors can influence the process. If testing is successful, a connection to the operational version of the cruks is performed. The KSA still gives a number of simple instructions to the provider and then you can use the system.

Voluntary registration cruks

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways of registering: voluntary and involuntary. With a voluntary registration, you protect yourself against any problems with gambling. Certainly if you are sensitive to addiction, this is a good way of prevention. Even if you want to insert a play break you can use the register. This can be done by registering yourself on the Cruks website. Once registered, it is no longer possible to gamble in casinos or online casinos for the next 6 months. After the 6 -month period you can cancel the registration and gambling is possible again.

It is also an option to extend the registration to a maximum of 99 years. It is extremely important to know your own limits when it comes to gambling. If this becomes problematic, it is sometimes better to minimize or remove the possibilities. If someone has two passports, each passport must be registered separately. To voluntarily protect yourself against gambling addiction, the Cruks is therefore a useful method.

Involuntary registration

There are cases where a person with gambling problems does not want to work on the problem voluntarily. However, registering someone by others is not just possible. Family members, friends, concerned acquaintances, authorities, etc., can submit a request for involuntary registration of a person. It must be demonstrated that it is actually problematic gambling behavior of the person in question. In addition, other forms of help must have been applied before the registration is approved. The request is submitted to the KSA, followed by a careful procedure.

Ultimately, the KSA makes the decision whether the person can be registered involuntarily. The person in question can object if he is registered by someone else. It is also possible that the gambling provider himself submits the request to the KSA. This concerns extreme cases and the procedure is taken extremely seriously. The process is described in Article 19 of the KOA Act.

Other ways to stop gambling

When gambling behavior starts to take problematic forms, it is wise to pay attention to this on time. Of course the cruks is a way to protect yourself, but extra help never hurts. For example, there are numerous professionals who can help you with this. A psychologist offers help in tackling any underlying problems.

It is also advisable to be open about this and to seek support from people you trust. Another way to work preventively is to block gambling websites. There is blocking software and extensions for web browser that help with this. Stay clear while gambling and know your limits.

How are things going?

Before the cruks arrived, there were few preventive options from a central body. A national register was therefore high. And the possibility to quickly check it for gambling providers will help many people enormously. Of course, the online gambling is constantly developing and the problems will not always be solved.

Online gambling brings many novelties with it and many people get enthusiastic about this. Yet it is wise to always keep an eye on any problems that arise from this. This way we all ensure that gambling remains fun and responsible.


It Central Register Exclusion Gambling (Cruks) has been created to preventively excluding people gambling. It is a national register where registered people no longer have access to games of chance for 6 months. Gambling providers must consult the register and refuse a person when it is registered. This can be at the door of a casino or when creating an account in an online casino.

Gambling companies with a license from the KSA are obliged to do this. You can register both voluntary and involuntarily: although this method is not just possible. After the 6 -month period, someone can deregister or extend the registration to a maximum of 99 years. Since the launch in October of 2021, the Cruks has reached the limit of 10,000 registrations. It is a good way to insert a gambling break or to preventively protect yourself against problematic gambling behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cruks?

The Central Register Exclusion Gambling is a National Register where a person can be registered voluntarily or involuntarily. Once registered, the person is excluded from games of chance in casinos and online casinos for at least 6 months. Gambling companies with a license from the Gaming Authority are obliged to comply with this register.

What does cruks do?

If someone is registered with the cruks, they will be excluded from playing games of chance for the next 6 months. When entering a casino, an identity card is always requested. This checks the age and whether the person is registered in the cruks. In online casinos, this is looked into when making an account. In both cases, the person in question is refused if they are in the register.

How many registrations does cruks have?

At the beginning of 2022, the Gaming Authority announced that the Cruks reached the limit of 10,000 registrations. When the Gambling Gambling (KOA) came into force on October 1, 2021, it was also possible to register in the Cruks. Since then, frequent use has been made of this.

What do you use cruks for?

Cruks is intended to prevent preventive gambling addiction and problematic gambling behavior. If someone registers, this person is excluded for a minimum of 6 months when gambling. Providers of games of chance with a license from the KSA must adhere to this and people who are in the register. People register to take a gambling break or to protect themselves preventively if they are sensitive to gambling addiction.

How do I register myself in Cruks?

If you want to insert a gambling break, or want to protect yourself preventively, it is possible to register with the cruks. This is easy on the website via DigiD or a paper form. The registration is valid for at least 6 months. After this period it is possible to cancel the registration or to extend it to a maximum of 99 years.

How do I register someone else in Cruks?

Registering someone else at the Cruks is not just possible. You can submit a request to the KSA, followed by a careful procedure. The conditions that must be met in Article 19 of the KOA Act (remote games of chance). Ultimately, the KSA decides whether someone is eligible to be involuntarily placed in the register.