Criminals are behind the online casinos in Curaçao

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Platform Investico has conducted research into the gambling sector in Curaçao. Striking outcome was that the online casinos operating from the island are in possession of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian criminals.

In most countries, licenses for games of chance are issued by a government agency. Curaçao is an exception to that. The responsibility for granting a permit lies with private companies. By providing licenses and sub -licenses in this way, thousands of online casinos have obtained a permit through Curaçao. A bad thing because there is no government agency that controls the arch and honesty.

Investico came to the conclusion that it was almost impossible to find out the actual owners of the online gambling companies. With shadowy constructions, the people who earn the big money remain out of sight.

Combined research

De Groene Amsterdammer and VPRO’s Argos, together with research platform Investico conducted research into the situation of criticized Online casinos on the island.

In the article concerning the investigation, Investico indicates that attempts to change the online gaming legislation are opposed. The current Knowledge Play Act and License application should be redesigned to boost the image of the online casinos and to better guarantee the safety for players. The Netherlands has been asking for better regulation for some time.

Master license holder Cyberluck, one of the companies that publishes the licenses on Curaçao, tried in vain to prevent the publication of the article. The request was rejected by the court.

Not the first attempt to change the law

John van Schendel, the former legislative lawyer of the Curaçao Ministry of General Affairs, tried to adjust the Gokwet already in the 1990s. He already thought that the law did not meet requirements that you can expect in the industry.

It is the worst law I've ever seen and is completely contrary to the basic rules of democracy. A new law to restore the mistakes has never got further than the drawing tables. It was held by the minister, then it just stops.

JOhn van Schendel,

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