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Many online casinos offer you bonuses that you can unlock. This is often in the form of a bonus when you sign up with the website. If you deposit money for the first time, you often get a nice amount from the online casino.

This is of course a nice way to have some extra money to gamble with, but keep an eye on that certain conditions apply to this bonus. You will get money to gamble with, but this is not entirely free.

It is of course for one online casinoo A perfect way to attract new visitors in the hope that you will also become an avid gambler.

Prevent gold searchers

The reason that the online casinos have certain conditions for the Bonuses Hanging is pure so that you as a player cannot immediately collect the money after you have registered and not play. So conditions have been drawn up to prevent you from not using the free play money in the casino.

If they would not have these rules, an online casino is bankrupt in no time and the bonus is of course not for that. The rules are purely to prevent the so -called gold diggers. These are people who only want to collect the money without playing even 1 round of a game. The conditions regarding the bonus can differ per online casino. So take a good look before using a bonus.

different bonuses

The bonuses that offer online casinos come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. This way you have the welcome bonus, the loyalty bonus, the free spins bonus, but there is also a so -called deposit bonus. It can differ per casino which bonus you can enjoy.

One casino may offer free spins for a certain game, where another casino as a new customer tries to tie with a nice welcome bonus.

To keep existing customers with them, casinos also do the deposit bonus. This means that you get extra play money if you make a new deposit. This way it remains fair and not only new customers are rewarded for using a certain casino. There is always a bonus for you as an existing or new customer.

Bonus is never free

As you can read above, such a free bonus is not entirely free. There are certain conditions to prevent you from going for the money only. This is quite normal because online casinos want to make just as good a profit and not just give away money for free.

One of the conditions that is often applied is that a bonus is, as it were, free. With this condition you must use the amount that you have received a number of times. If you have achieved profits with this money, this will only be paid if you have met the number of times the amount had to be used.

This condition is called Wagering Requirement and is used for most casinos.


If you have to play a bonus because, for example, you have received play money if you have deposited money, this works fairly simple. If you have to play the bonus amount 20 times, you will have to use the amount a total of 20 times.

In addition, it is also important that you realize that you have to do this in games that also count for this bonus. This is not the case with all games. So you will first have to take a good look at whether the game that you want to play also counts for this.

If you deposit $ 20 and you get $ 10 on this as a bonus and you have to play it 20 times, you will have to use $ 200 while playing.

You play with your own money

It is important to realize that in the first instance you simply use your own money to gamble. It is often the case when your own money is used up, that you will only play with the money that you have received from a bonus.

When you meet all the conditions, then you will also get them paid as real money. This is the moment that the profits you have achieved with the bonus money are also paid and you can withdraw this money.

The maximum payout can also be different per casino. The play conditions indicate how often you have to play an amount before you get the money. This is often somewhere between 20 and 40 times.

Shelf life and minimum amount

There are other conditions that are applied by online casinos when it comes to bonuses. For example, there is often a shelf life that is linked to the bonus. In such a case you must have played the bonus free within a certain time.

If you do not do this, you will lose the bonus and everything you have done for it will expire. There is also often a minimal deposit attached to a casino bonus. This is a minimum amount that you have to add to your account before you can use the bonus at all.

Always look at what the play condition is with these kinds of bonuses. Some casinos want the deposit amount to be played a number of times in addition to the bonus before you get the bonus.

Maximum payout

As mentioned earlier, an online casino can also set the condition of a maximum payout for a bonus. You may only win a certain amount and more than that will not be paid. A limit is then set and because of this you can miss out on some money if happiness is by your side.

All the extra money you have won that exceeds the limit will just go to the casino. It is also true that the bonuses are linked to the location from where you play. This is mainly due to the laws when it comes to gambling.

This can be 1 bonus per IP address or e-mail address. An online casino checks this by checking your IP address or your bank account number.

Bonus is not paid

It can also be decisive how you deposit the money on your account whether or not you are assigned a bonus. It is often with ideal And a credit card standard so that you can get a bonus, but with payment methods such as Skrill and Neteller not.

Furthermore, your bonus can also expire if you get money from your account before you have met all the conditions. You then lose all your rights to the bonus.

Also remember that an online casino can always determine not to pay a bonus. This is in the small print. When the online casino suspects that you have not played fairly, that is a reason not to pay you out.