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Next week the Champions League round will start 1. With many of the new ones American casinos with a permit You can also bet on sport. We have listed the best bookmakers for you.

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Group A

Ajax - Rangers Wednesday 6:45 PM

The first match of the Amsterdammers will be played in their own Johan Cruijff Arena against Rangers. You can find two teams with a rich history, an extensive preview of the match between Ajax and Rangers here.

Napoli - Liverpool Wednesday 9pm

Following the match between Ajax and Rangers, Napoli and Liverpool compete against each other under the Vesuvius in San Paolo. After two years of Europa League drought, Napoli is allowed to return to the group stage of the millions of ball. Just like in the last two Champions League time, Napoli encounters Liverpool in the group stage. In the 2019/2020 season, Napoli won in its own house and the team played a draw on Anfield. Napoli came on a pass from Di Lorenzo via Dries Mertens at 0-1. James Milner made the equalizer on behalf of The Reds in the second half. In Sao Paolo it was Mertens and Llorente who took care of the Treffers.

One year earlier the teams also faced each other in the Champions League group stage. Then it ended 1-0 in both Sao Paolo and on Anfield. It would be the season later in which Liverpool held up her sixth cup. Napoli was eliminated by Arsenal in the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

Liverpool is Light Favorite for the upcoming meetings, especially in its own Anfield. In the three games in Naples, Liverpool never managed to get further than a draw. If Liverpool has the match that at Jack’s An ODD of 1.92. Add a goal from Vedette Mohamed Salah (2.35) you get an ODD of 3.35. If you guess a result of Napoli, you can take it by putting a double chance with 1 or X, this has an ODD of 1.86 and you can easily combine with other games on Wednesday evening.

Group b

Atletico Madrid - FC Porto Woensdag 21:00

Los Rojiblancos compete against OS Dragoes in the first match. An attractive match with two teams with the southern European temperament. A gamble on yellow or red cards is not an unprecedented choice in this competition.

Ten times before the teams stood opposite each other, including last season. In Estadio do Dragao it became a kick in which Porto received two red cards. Atlético looked at a slight backlog in the card classification as only Carrasco received a red card. Porto also won 3-1 in the yellow card classification. The competition ended in favor of the Spaniards in 1-3.

It was no other party in the Wanda Metropolitano. Three yellow cards for Atlético and six yellow prints for Porto. At the end of the meeting, Porto was shown one more red card.

Club Brugge - Bayer Leverkusen Wednesday 9:00 PM

In the Jan Breydel Stadium, Club is taking on Bayer Leverkusen. The two teams were only opposite each other in history. That was in the UEFA Cup season of 2006/2007. The game was then played in Bruges and ended in 1-1. Bayer is the favorite for the victory for the coming meeting in Belgium. With a gamble on the Germans you get 2.16 times every euro back. Jack’s 3.1 times pays off your bet at a gamble at Club. A draw like in 2006 has an ODD of 3.95. A very boring match with 0-0 like final rash pays 17 times your bet.

Group C Champions League round 1

FC Barcelona - Viktoria Plzen Wednesday 9:00 PM

Barcelona will take on Viktoria Plzen in the first match of the Champions League season. The matches against PLZEN must be won if Barcelona wants to stay in the Champions League after the winter break. Group C may be called the group of death. Certainly for PLZEN. A victory from Barcelona will return you to Jack’s 1.10 times your bet. Twice earlier the two teams faced each other. Barcelona then won 2-0 and 0-4. Barcelona wins, PLZEN does not score and more than 2.5 goals have been scored a quotation of 1.52.

Internazionale - Bayern Munich Woensdag 9:00 p.m.

The other match, and more interesting for the neutral viewer, is played in Giuseppe Meazza where the Nerazzurri FC Bayern will receive. Bayern is one of the clubs that is written down every year in a favorite list of the possible Champions League win. This season is kicking off with a difficult away game in Milan.

In history, Inter and Bayern played against each other seven times before. The distribution is the same. Inter won three times, Bayern won three encounters and once it remained the same. It is striking that Inter did not win any match in Meazza. In 1989 it ended 1-3. Bayern won 0-2 in the 2006/07 season. And in 2011, Bayern won in the last minute after a goal from Mario Gomez on a pass from Arjen Robben. The only "home game" that Inter won is immediately the most important match between the two teams. The final in Bernabeu was won by the Nerazzurri. Diego Milito scored twice on behalf of Inter.

If Inter knows how to win for the first time in Bayern's own house, that yields a quotation of 3.7. Bayern has an ODD of 1.9. If the two teams distribute the points, you will receive 4.15 times your bet in return. You can expect a nice ODD of 2.33 if both teams score and there are more than 3.5 goals.

Group D Champions League round 1

Eintracht Frankfurt - Sporting Lisbon Wednesday 6:45 PM

Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt is playing her first game against Sporting. Both teams have never been facing each other before. Eintracht faced a team from Portugal six times before. Eintracht distributes the results proportionally with two wins, two equal games and two lost matches. Sporting, in turn, stood 28 times opposite a German team. Only three games were won. Six games ended in a draw and twenty games were lost.

For the coming match in Frankfurt, the home team is the favorite with an ODD of 2.25. Sporting Lisbon has a quotation of 3.15 and a draw will give you 3.6 times every euro used.

Tottenham Hotspur - Olympique Marseille Wednesday 9:00 PM

In North London, the kick-off will be kicked off on Wednesday for the meeting between Tottenham and Olympique Marseille. These two teams also did not meet each other in a European context. Tottenham is by far the favorite for the victory. In attacking respect, the Spurs seem a big size too large compared to Marseille. You will also receive your bet back in a victory from Tottenham 1.45 times. If Marseille knows how to stunt, it will yield 7.45 times your bet. A goal from Harry Kane has a quotation of 1.93.

Group e

Dinamo Zagreb - Chelsea Dinsdag 18:45

Tuesday evening the group stage of the Champions League kicked off with a match between Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea in Croatia. The Blues are of course the favorite in this competition. At this competition you can choose to put a virtual backlog on Chelsea. Chelsea -2 means that they need three goals to be a 0-1 lead in your bet. Chelsea -2 has a quotation of 3.5.

Red Bull Salzburg – AC Milan dinsdag 21:00

The Austrian champion takes on the Italian champion. Although Salzburg is allowed to play in -house, AC Milan is the favorite for the victory. You get your bet back with a gamble on the Rossoneri 2.1. Salzburg has a quotation of 3.45. It can just be a desolate match with little spectacle and goals.

Less than 2.5 goals, not both teams know how to score but one team takes the win has a quotation of 3.25. You can apply this bet if you think it is 1-0 for Salzburg or 0-2 for AC Milan, for example.

Group f Champions League round 1

Celtic – Real Madrid dinsdag 21:00

Two teams with a huge history compete against each other in the group stage. The first game will be played in Glasgow in the Celtic Park. Both teams were facing each other for the first time in 1980 and last. This was in the quarterfinals of the European Cup I. Celtic won the first meeting in Glasgow 2-0. Real therefore looked at a considerable backlog. But with a packed Bernabeu with 110,000 supporters, Los Blancos won 3-0. Real fighted back and was then eliminated in the semi -final by losing finalist HSV.

Logically, Real is the favorite for upcoming meetings. You get 1.55 times your bet back in a Real victory. Celtic triumphs in his own house, there is a quotation of 6 in return. A draw between the two teams yields 4.4 times every euro used. A goal from Benzema, more than 3.5 goal in the party and Real wins has a nice quotation of 4.6.

RB Leipzig - Shakhtar Donetsk DinSdag 21:00

In Leipzig, it will be kicked off against Shakhtar Donetsk. The Ukrainian team has lost a number of important players because of the Russian invasion and the European matches are forced to play in Warsaw. Given the circumstance, the expectation pattern for the team is also low.

The ODD from Leipzig is therefore a low 1.23 times your bet. A stunt from the visiting team is rewarded with a quotation of 12.5. A draw yields 6.35 times your bet. If you want to use this competition, it is wise to apply a handicap to Leipzig.

Group G Champions League round 1

BVB - FC Copenhagen Tuesday 6:45 pm

Borussia Dortmund will play against FC Copenhagen on Tuesday evening. Borussia can of course be called the favorite in this game. After five years of Europa League and Conference League, Copenhagen plays again in the group stage of the Champions League. Both teams faced each other twice before. That was in the UEFA Cup season of 2001/2002. Borussia Dortmund won both games 1-0.

Next Tuesday, those Schwarzgelben will have a quotation of 1.36 compared to the 7.5 times your bet you get back in a victory from FC Copenhagen. A draw between the two teams yields 5.8 times your bet. Borussia Dortmund wins and there are more than 3.5 hits in the competition has an ODD of 2.55.

Sevilla – Manchester City Dinsdag 21:0

Following the match in Dortmund, Manchester City and Seville kick off in the Pizjuan. On paper this is a very nice competition where, if Sevilla can offer a little resistance, many goals can fall. Both teams score and more than 4.5 hits have a quotation with Jack’s of 6.1.

Both teams faced each other twice before. City won both meetings in the 2015/2016 season. In the Etihad it ended 2-1 and in Pizjuan Manchester 1-3 won.

Group H Champions League round 1

PSG - Juventus Dinsdag 21:00

For the neutral viewer this is probably the most beautiful game of Tuesday evening. Paris Saint Germain takes on Juventus in -house. Two clubs of the same caliber. A lot of money has been put in a great team for years, but the big trophy is missing. The national prize cabinet protrudes from silverware, but the coveted Champions League is missing. Juventus naturally won the Champions League in the 1990s.

According to the Bookies, the home team is quite the favorite for the victory. With a American victory you only get 1.42 times your bet back. If Juve knows how to attract the competition, it pays off with a quotation of 7.4. So in itself a nice quotation to take with you.

Benfica – Haifabi Dinsdag 21:0

Benfica takes on Maccabi Haifa in its own house. The Israeli team plays in a very difficult group and will probably have to settle for a fourth position. With Benfica as the first competition, it will immediately become clear how the relationships are doing. On paper, these two teams are the two clubs that will fight for the third position, to which wintering in the Europa League is linked.

The odds don't lie. You get back just under 1.25 times your bet in Benfica's victory. If Maccabi knows how to stunt immediately, you will yield that at Jack’s 12.5 times your bet. A draw has a quotation of 6.3.