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If the license application has been approved in the Netherlands, we will assess this online casino on strengths and weaknesses.

On the Bingocams website, as a player with an account you have access to a wide range of different types of games. As the name suggests, you can certainly go there for playing bingo.

In addition, table games are also offered such as roulette, craps, blackjack and baccarat or do you have the option to use money with your favorite slot machine. In some cases you can even have a chance to win an attractive progressive jackpot. Bingocams has licenses from the American government and the Malta Gaming Authority. For new players there is at least an attractive bonus ready, which can amount to as much as $ 100.

With this review we are happy to take you into our findings about Bingocams. We have done research into the platform and have been able to get acquainted with the games that are offered. We handle the assessment on the basis of a number of topics.


With bingocams there are different types Bonuses Offered to attract players. To begin with, a welcome bonus can be used that is made available for every new player. An account must be created for this and then a first deposit.

Bingocams gives a bonus on this first deposit that can go up to $ 100 maximum. You receive an amount equal to 200 % of the amount that you deposit. Conditions apply to receiving and retaining the reward, you will read more about that later.

In addition to the welcome bonus, other bonuses can also be earned from Bingocams. For example, there is the reload bonus, with which players can also get some of the following deposits as a reward. The reload bonus exists to an amount that is equal to 50 % of the amount of money that you deposit, with a maximum amount of $ 125.

In addition to these two bonuses, other smaller bonuses are also distributed. For example, there are rewards that are connected to specific elements, you can get a bonus if you have a friend register at Bingocams and there are jackpots that are given away as a bonus.

Conditions for bonuses

Attractive those bonuses, but what should you do for it? This is laid down in the bonus conditions that are clearly stated on the Bingocams website. This determines, among other things, what conditions you must meet in order to be able to free a bonus, how high the reward is maximum, which period is made available to free the bonus and what you have to do to keep the bonus.

A number of rules apply to the welcome bonus and other deposit bonuses. For example, a minimum amount must be deposited, about which you can get a certain percentage as a bonus.

You must then use that amount several times and reclaim it, so that it meets the play conditions. This often has to be a few dozen times, so that the chance is little that you will have something left at the end of the ride. If that is the case, then you can only keep the money and have it paid out. A certain period is set for this, within which you must meet the set conditions.

In addition to these requirements, various other conditions are also set. These are all clearly described on the Bingocams website at the bonuses that you can earn. It is wise to always read well what should happen before you can get and keep a bonus.

Supply of games

As a casino, Bingocams has plenty to offer for different target groups. There is collaboration with several developers and studios that ensure a supply of new games in different categories. Part of the offer consists of bingo and various versions thereof.

There are of course also table games available on the website. Then you can think of games such as craps, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. The offer also consists of Slots With different themes and in the most different versions. Jackpots are also available for some of these slots.


The range of games on the platforms of Bingocams is made available by various parties. Bingocams therefore has partnerships with several developers and studios. As soon as a new game is released, it will be made available via the Bingocams website.

It is not only possible to work with well -known names, small studios also get the chance to bring their games to the attention. The casino has collaborations with well -known companies such as Netent, Stakelogic, Scientific Games, Gameevy, Slingo Originals, Microgaming and Yggdrasil.

Bingocams safety

As part of our research, we also looked at the safety of bingocams. That is important for the data that is linked to your account. The casino has protected its website and platform in various ways. This is done to be able to protect data from players and to keep third parties out.

An important security that is used for this is an SSL encryption. This technology can be recognized by the lock in the address bar, for the address of the website that you visit. With an SSL encryption, your account will be included in the account and the money you have on it are protected against third parties. If you want to deposit money to play with, this is also possible with Bingocams only by using safe payment services.

Is Bingocams reliable?

Another important topic we have looked at is the reliability of bingocams as a Casino Games provider. The website shows that there are different licenses present that can be used by Bingocams to be able to offer its services.

For example, the casino has a American permit and it may be active online for American players for some time. Another important license is that of the Malta Gaming Authority. These permits are only given to reliable companies that adhere to the applicable regulations and can prove that players have a fair chance of winning.

Helpdesk One Bingokamus

For help you can go to the Bingocams help desk. On the website of the platform you can find a large number of frequently asked questions, with which you can already get many answers. It is also possible to ask questions directly to employees of the Helpdesk. This is possible, for example, by sending a message via a form on the website. This allows you to get in touch with customer service via e-mail.

A simple way of is by choosing the live chat. With that you can immediately ask questions to an employee who can help you. It is also possible to ask questions via the pages of Bingocams on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Payment methods

If an account has been created at Bingocams, money can be transferred. Depositing money is needed to be able to play and to win prizes. An account gives access to all games of the platform and depositing money is only possible in euros. You can do that by using different payment services. The website explains what options there are and how you can deposit money. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use iDEAL, something that could be attractive for American players.

If you are logged in, you can choose to deposit money into the account. You then have the choice of different payment services. Other conditions can be set for transfer of money per payment service. In the table below we have put information about the services from which you can choose, the minimum deposit, the maximum deposit and the average time required for processing a transaction. On the website there is a complete explanation and explanation of the conditions and properties per service per method.

MethodMinimal depositMaximum depositProcessing time
VISA$ 10, –$ 1.000, –Direct
MasterCard$ 10, –$ 1.000, –Direct
Neteller$ 10, –$ 1.000, –Direct
Skrill$ 10, –$ 1.000, –Direct
Paysafecard$ 10, –$ 1.000, –Direct
Bank transfer$ 10, –$ 1.000, –3 to 5 working days

Pay money

If you have won money, you can also have it paid out in different ways. Just like depositing money into the account, there are various methods available. For each service there are conditions associated with having profits paid out, which are also clearly described on the website.

In the overview below we have listed the services from which you can choose to pay profits. You can see what amount you can have paid out, what the maximum height of a transaction is and what the average processing time is per transaction.

MethodMinimal paymentMinimal paymentProcessing time
VISA$ 25, –$ 250.000, –3 to 5 working days
MasterCard$ 25, –$ 250.000, –3 to 5 working days
Neteller$ 25, –$ 250.000, –3 to 5 working days
Skrill$ 25, –$ 250.000, –3 to 5 working days
Bank transfer$ 25, –$ 250.000, –3 to 5 working days

Bingocams in short

Online provider Bingocams has been active since 2010 in offering casino games and other forms of gambling online. To offer its services, the company has had a license from the Malta Gaming Authority since that year. For some time, Bingocams has also been active in the Netherlands and has received a permit from the American regulator. Players can access the platform on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with an account.

Final verdict

As an online provider, Bingocams does not yet have a well -known name and we would like to change that. We are enthusiastic about the offer on the website and the possibilities that you have as a player to be able to gamble. There is a large selection of games in different categories, so there is an attractive title for everyone. Due to the many collaborations, new titles are also added regularly. Opening an account to play with it went without problems and we can also easily log in to other devices.

In our opinion, a point of attention is still the way you can pay. That is possible in many different ways, which is of course very beautiful. If it is up to us, the possibility of using iDEAL may still be added. Furthermore, customer service is well in order and we actually have little to criticize on bingocams. We therefore definitely recommend that you take a look at this online casino and would like to enjoy Bingocams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read some frequently asked questions about bingocams.

How can you play at Bingocams?

This is possible by opening an account and by depositing money to play with. A deposit must be a minimum of $ 10 and can be a maximum of $ 1,000 per transaction.

Can the Bingocams games also be played on a smartphone?

The platform and the corresponding games of bingocams can be played on different devices. With an account you can access the provider on a laptop, smartphone, computer or tablet.

What permits does Bingocams have?

To be able to bend games and opportunities to bend, Bingocams has different licenses and permits. For example, the company is in possession of a American permit and has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.