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It took about 15 years, but finally the new Gambling Act is a fact. And following this, a number of gambling companies received a permit in 2022 from the American Gaming Authority to offer gambling games on the American market.

When you visit an online casino, it is therefore important that you check whether the casino has a permit from the American Gaming Authority.

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In this article we explain what this permit entails, what the benefits of playing at casinos with a permit and whether it is wise to take a gamble at casinos without a permit.

What is a casino without a permit?

To protect its citizens against unreliable gambling play providers, the American government has determined that a provider who wants to offer games on the American market must have a permit. Game providers and online casinos that have not received a permit from the American Gaming Authority may not legally offer their games in the Netherlands.

What does the remote gambling actually entail?

The remote Gambling Act means that online gambling providers may only offer games of chance to American citizens under strict conditions. With the entry into force of the new law in 2021, online games of chance are strictly regulated by the American Gaming Authority.

By first subjecting gambling companies to an inspection and by approving a permit, the Gaming Authority can ensure that you as a player can play fair games and that the online casino is not used for money laundering. This law can also supervise gambling addiction and players can be helped faster if things are threatening to go wrong.

Why was a new distance gambling needed?

In the past there were only physical casinos and it was clear that if the casino was in the Netherlands it also wanted to serve the American market. But nowadays one can online casinoo are located all over the world and still offer games in the Netherlands. To regulate the range of gambling games and to prevent players from falling victims of unreliable game providers, a new distance gambling that came into effect on 1 April 2021.

Can any casino receive a permit from the Gaming Authority?

After entering into force of the new distance Gambling in 2021, online casinos and goxitz register to get a permit. The Gaming Authority then looked at whether the companies met the strict conditions to get a permit.

And that was not the only thing, because in exchange for the permit, the companies had to give full openness of their administration, such as player numbers and profits, and they also had to have formulated a policy to deal with gambling addiction. Moreover, there was also a high price tag on a permit from the Gaming Authority.

Which casinos have received a permit from the Gaming Authority?

In the end of 2022, 10 providers received a license, and that number has grown to 13 providers at the time of writing. Those are the following online casinos and gambling websites:

What do you recognize that a casino has a permit?

If you want to be sure that the casino where you are going to play has a permit from the American Gaming Authority, then you check whether the casino has a quality mark of the Gaming Authority. You can often find this quality mark of the Gaming Authority at the bottom of the web page.

Check whether the logo is real by clicking on the logo, because you must be sent immediately to the website of the Gaming Authority. If that is not the case, it may be then the casino has forged the logo.

What does it mean if a casino does not have a American permit?

If the online casino could not meet the high demands set by the American Gaming Authority, the casino will not receive a permit. The Gaming Authority cannot then guarantee that American players are safe and their profits will be paid fairly. A casino without a permit may therefore not legally offer its services to American players.

Are casinos without a permit unsafe?

It is a major misunderstanding that a casino without a permit from the Gaming Authority would be unsafe. Just like the Netherlands, there are other countries that issue permits for gambling providers and thereby use just as high or perhaps higher standards as the American government.

Reliable permits are, for example, a license from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission license from the United Kingdom. In principle, nothing changes in the safety or reliability of a casinos if it does not have a permit of the Gaming Authority.

What are the benefits of a casino with a permit?

There are many benefits to play at a casino with a permit.


If you play at a casino with a permit then you know for sure that it is a reliable casino where you can play safely. Your money, data and your transactions must be protected with security software.


By one Online casino with a permit Are you sure that you will not be scammed and that your profits will be paid. The games are also checked and the chances of winning and payouts must be clearly stated.

Help with gambling addiction

Casinos that have received a permit must have a protocol on how to deal with people with a gambling addiction. Moreover, these casinos are mandatory affiliated with the Cruks register, the Central Register Exclusion Gambling System.

American support

Casinos that may legally offer games of chance to American people can also offer their website and help desk in American. That means that you can always read the rules in your own language and get help with problems.


The new distance gambling and the permits that the American government has introduced ensure that you as a player can play carefree at one of the online casinos with a license. But providing licenses cannot prevent other gambling providers from offering their games or that you will play at a casino without a permit.

If you want to play at a casino without a permit then you can in principle simply do that, but we believe that for your own safety it is wiser to choose one of the casinos with a permit, and since that is already reasonable What are and the number will only increase, we think there is plenty to experience and win without having to play at a casino without a permit.