Casinos in Nevada Back to Normal With Mandate Mandate

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The casinos in Las Vegas moved quickly after Governor Steve Sisolak announced the immediate end of Nevada's mandate for mouth caps on Thursday morning. Plates were removed that the guests reminded of it to keep their face covered.

“It's really an exciting day. It is hard to believe that it is almost two years ago that we started this process, "said Stephen Thayer, general manager of The Strat, on Thursday in an interview after the governor's announcement. "We are not yet out of the pandemic, but this is a good start to go back to normal."

Also in the Netherlands the rules are quickly relaxed, which is also good for the American casinos.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board followed the governor's announcement on Thursday. They gave new guidelines to game operators that players in casinos no longer have to wear a mouth mask.

"In accordance with the Emergency Directive 052 of the Sisolak government, which is in force with immediate effect, individuals are no longer obliged to wear masks in public interior environments in Message from the chairman of the control council, Brin Gibson. . "If a license holder is subject to the requirements of a local jurisdiction with regard to masks, the board expects complete compliance with licensees."

Good for tourism

The step to withdraw the mandate could give an immediate boost to tourism in the state, said Thayer, especially with the super bowl festivities in just a few days. And it should stimulate the return of large congresses and international journeys, he added.

The end of the mandate also means that employees no longer have to tell guests to set up their mask, something that according to Thayer comes as a great relief for employees.

"Nobody wants to be the mask police and tell people to put it on when they are enjoying themselves," said Thayer. "This allows our employees to concentrate on what we are good at here in Las Vegas and here at The Strat, with the emphasis on that customer experience and guest service."

Thayer also repeated the Governor's comments in his announcement in which he asked people to be friendly to those who choose to wear a mask in public.

“We want to meet and respect those who want to wear masks. Everyone has different expectations in what they like to do and we want to respect that, "he said.

In a statement, the Culinary Union Local 226 said, which represents around 60,000 catering staff in Nevada, that some employers still demand from employees to wear masks, and urged the public to respect those who wear them.

"If employees want to keep wearing their mask during work, it is their right and they must be treated with understanding and respect," said the trade union.

Other sources within the gaming and tourism industry responded positively to the announcement of Sisolak on Thursday.

"This is an important step forward and we welcome the governor's action," says Virginia Valentine, President and CEO of the Nevada Resort Association. “We are pleased to see that health statistics improve and recognize the importance of today's announcement as further progress in the direction of a return to the normality and full economic recovery of Nevada. As always, the resort industry will continue to meet all national and local COVID requirements and guidelines to guarantee the health and safety of its employees and guests. ”

Ook de Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority wogen mee.

"We appreciate the leadership of Governor Sisolak when working with his medical advisory team and analyzing data to enable the state to withdraw the mask mandate," said Lori Kraft, senior vice-president of communication at the LVCVA.

In a letter to the company's employees, MGM CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle announced that the company had updated its policy to indicate that masks are no longer required in his resorts in Nevada, Mississippi, Ohio, New Jersey and New York.

Hornbuckle wrote that there will still be masks available for those they still want to wear.

“Just like you, I am excited to see that things get normal again after more than two long years. I am also excited to see your faces again, as well as the faces of our guests. It has been too long."